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Swaran Ghar 14th October 2022 Episode starts with Nakul asking Swaran to do anything she likes. Kiran says yes, I m also with you, you have a full right to live. Vikram says I m not happy, but I m okay if you all agree. Swaran asks don’t you have a problem. Nakul says no, don’t worry for Yug, he will agree,

I will talk to him. She cries. Vikram says but Ajit came with a stick, did you see what he did. They all brainwash her against Ajit. Nakul says you should marry someone sensible, like dad, he was so sensible and sorted, someone like him,

like that Arjun Deol. She asks what. He says yes, he has helped us a lot, he faced troubled because of Ajit, Arjun solved our problems, he comes on your one call, he doesn’t get angry, he stays cheerful, he is sensible. She says no, this can’t happen.

He says I will ignore whatever Ajit did, but his children, they won’t accept you. She says no, Jai agreed. Vikram says Divi is mad. She says it will be tough to convince her, but I will talk to her. Nakul says you don’t need to convince her. She says Divi is Ajit’s daughter. He asks why do you want to take the hardships, Arjun has no children. Vikram says think, Arjun is better than Ajit.

Bebe comes and asks Vikram to stop the drama. She asks Nakul to show his wound, where did he get hurt. She says he didn’t get hurt by the stick, Ajit called me and told me the truth, they are fooling you, Ajit went to Swaran ghar with a stick, but not to beat someone, he just talked to them.

FB shows Ajit asking Nakul what happened. Nakul falls and gets hurt. FB ends. Bebe says Ajit got Nakul to the hospital, he didn’t do anything. She asks Kiran did I say wrong. Kiran says no. Bebe scolds her. She calls Ajit there. She scolds all of them. Vikram says its my duty to think good for Swaran and see her happy. Bebe says you don’t need to think good for her, she will think herself.

He says yes, I want her and Arjun…. Bebe says shut up, don’t come in their words, they don’t want your betterment. She says Swaran, that day, Arjun and his Bua came to ask for your hand, I refused to them. Swaran is shocked. Bebe says Goldie is a nice man, he agreed, Rajeshwari came with Swaran ghar papers, she asked you to marry Arjun, then she will give you the house papers.

Swaran asks what are you saying. Bebe says I didn’t like it and refused to her, your children are convincing you to marry Arjun, I m sure that Rajeshwari went to them with the same condition. Swaran says but they have the house. Bebe says no, they don’t have it, your sons have mortgaged the house. Ajit and Swaran get shocked.

Bebe says Nakul told this to me. Swaran says my Swaran ghar is mortgaged. She recalls Kanwal’s words. She asks them to say. Nakul says yes. Bebe asks how did you do this, that house was a sign of your parents’ love and togetherness, Kanwal made that house with love and hard work. Nakul says Vikram did this, I was in US. Vikram says Kiran was with me. Kiran says I don’t know anything. Vikram says I mortgaged the house to save the business, I didn’t know that Roshan is a fraud. Bebe says you cheated your mum.

Vikram and Nakul say we should think, how to get the house back, and how to rectify this mistake. Bebe scolds them. Nakul says I want the house, because it has mum and dad’s memories. Swaran cries. Nakul says Roshan threatened us that he won’t leave Nakul, I know Swaran can do anything for Aarav.

Bebe asks him to save the house, why would Swaran sacrifice herself. Swaran leaves. Ajit goes after her. They all argue. Swaran stops and says stop it, all of you. She says I will do what you want to get Swaran ghar back. Ajit asks what are you saying. She says if my sons think this is the only way and its right, then I will do this. She calls Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari asks did you call me to give me a lecture.

Swaran says no, I called to understand your conditions well. Rajeshwari says fine, come home in an hour. Swaran says done, anything else… Kiran smiles. Bebe asks what are you going to do. Swaran says the thing which you just heard.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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