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Swaran Ghar 13th October 2022  Episode starts with Swaran saying we should keep trying, they have an objection with our age. Ajit says yes, we will try. Neelu comes and asks Swaran about Vikram beating Jai. She asks did you get hurt. Ajit asks what happened, tell me. Swaran asks Neelu to stop it.

Ajit asks what’s these marks, tell me everything. Nakul asks will we get mummy married to anyone. Vikram says he is the Arjun Deol, its good for mummy also, she can marry the owner of Deol industries than that dhaba man, if mum marries him, then maybe we get some shares in his company, we don’t get such deal again. Nakul says you were shouting on mummy, how will you asking her to marry.

Vikram says yes, I will ask her to marry, we have no other option, just Rajeshwari can fulfil our need, she kept this condition that we convince mummy to marry Arjun. Nakul says I m not in favor of mummy’s marriage. Roshan comes home and asks for his money. He beats up Vikram and Nakul. They try to explain.

Ajit gets angry. Swaran apologizes on Vikram’s behalf. He says fine, I won’t tell anything to Vikram. She says calm down, we have to convince Divi also. He goes. Neelu says sorry, I didn’t know that Ajit had come.

The goons throw the things. Aarav comes. The goons catch him. Vikram says we have no option, say yes, Nakul. Nakul says don’t do anything to my son, Vikram go and get the money, I accept the deal. Vikram says don’t do anything to them, I m getting your money. He asks Nakul not to worry, he will just come. He goes. Roshan catches Aarav.

Ajit asks why didn’t you tell me about Vikram. Jai says leave it. Ajit says you are my son, my life, I won’t let anything happen. Jai says nothing happened, Swaran came and didn’t let Vikram touch me, Vikram is a disgusting man, he was raising hand on his mum, but I didn’t let this happen, so I agreed for your relation, Swaran fought her son for my sake, it’s a big thing for me, you have given many sacrifices for us, can’t we do this for you. Ajit smiles.

Jai asks how did you know about Vikram’s matter. Ajit says I will talk to you later, I have imp work. He gets angry on Vikram. He leaves. Roshan gets the message of money transfer. He says you can stay well for two months. He leaves. Kiran says promise me, you will convince mummy for marriage, Roshan can do anything to Aarav. Nakul says no, I will find a way. She consoles Kiran.

He gets Vikram’s call and says Roshan left. Vikram says Rajeshwari wants to talk to you. Kiran sends Aarav to room. Rajeshwari says I m not here for charity, think of convincing your mum, else deal cancelled, got it. Vikram asks did you hear it. Nakul asks how will we convince mummy. Vikram says she will agree, we will go to her right away, I will see you later.

Ajit comes home and asks for Vikram. He scolds Nakul. He asks him to explain this to Vikram as well. He leaves. Nakul screams and faints down. Kiran asks what happened. At the market area, Swaran is buying veggies. She gets hiccups. Vikram comes to talk to her. She avoids him and goes.

He calls her out. He says sorry, I can’t see your love dividing. She asks really, do you want your mum, do you need your mum. He says I need you a lot. She says tell me what work do you have. She says Nakul… He says even Nakul needs you. Kiran calls Vikram and says Nakul got unwell, he fainted. He asks what, what happened to him, where are you. Kiran says new life hospital. Swaran asks is Nakul fine. He says no, Nakul fainted, they went to the hospital, please come.

At the hospital, Swaran asks what happened, how did he faint, Kiran say something. Kiran says let it be. Doctor asks Kiran to do formalities. Kiran says he had come home. Swaran asks who. Kiran says Ajit had come home, he was so angry, he would have killed Nakul. Swaran asks Ajit? Kiran nods. Vikram and Kiran complain about Swaran. Swaran asks Vikram not to change the meaning of the words.

She asks Nakul how is he. Nakul says please forgive me what we told yesterday. She asks about Ajit. He says he was in anger, a man can do anything in anger. Kiran asks him to have water. He says you have a right to think for yourself, we thought Ajit will take our dad’s place. She says no, no one can take his place. She hugs him. They sign each other and smile.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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