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Swaran Ghar 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Arjun saying Tanha show is special today, because of a special guest. Jai asks why did dad message us and ask us to hear this show today. Ajit introduces himself. Jai and Divi hear him.

Ajit says I have two lovely children, I have given them mum and dad’s love after my wife passed away, I want to talk to them, they are my life, my life is nothing without you, things are fine if you all are there, Sukhi had made mixed pickles at dhaba, think what I recalled eating that. Jai and Divi say result day.

Ajit says I know Jai and Divi understood, we used to have Chole Bhature with pickles on the result day, I want to taste that same life moment tomorrow, its my result day tomorrow, the result is in your hand, you will decide if your dad will pass or fail. Ankita asks what does he want to do. Jai says we will know it tomorrow. Ajit thanks Arjun. Arjun says I hope your message reaches everyone.

Ajit says I had to talk something else, Swaran… Arjun says I m happy for you. Ajit hugs him and leaves. Arjun sits and recalls Swaran. Rajeshwari comes and asks are you crying for Swaran. He says its okay, she isn’t in my fate.

She says she has kicked her fate by rejecting you. He says now everyone knows about Swaran and Ajit, they are upset, I wish I could do something. She hugs him and says I wish I could do something for your happiness. He says we can’t snatch love and happiness, its okay, I m fine. He goes. She says I can snatch anything from anyone for my brother’s happiness.

Its morning, Swaran asks Bebe are you fine. Bebe says yes, but you don’t appear fine. Swaran says life is giving me a chance again, but my family isn’t happy, Vikram and Nakul are so sad and upset, Ajit is going to talk to his children, even they will say the same, now I feel like maybe this is wrong, I have lived my life, I got what I had to get, its time for children to live now, I m becoming a hurdle for them for my happiness, no,

I feel really selfish. Bebe says don’t think this, when you get old, who will take care of you, your children are useless, they will not care for you, I won’t let you sacrifice your happiness, your mum wants to see you happy, agree for my sake, I couldn’t gain courage for you, but I want to fight for you. Swaran asks what are you saying. Bebe says yes, I never told you, many years ago, Kanwal’s dad got remarried.

Swaran asks what. Bebe cries. Swaran consoles her. Bebe says so I couldn’t say anything to anyone, I had just tolerated it, I used to think what would the people think, just fight for your happiness, promise me. Swaran nods and hugs her. At the dhaba, Ajit meets his family. Divi says you wanted to talk to us. He says yes,

I will make the food today, Jai is also coming. Neelu comes and says Vikram left in anger, he took a hockey stick, he said he is going to Jai’s office. Swaran worries and leaves. Jai talks to Ankita and says tell dad that I m coming. Vikram comes there and scolds him. Jai asks what happened, did you get mad.

They argue. Vikram says Ajit is dreaming of marrying my mummy, he forgot all the shame, ask him to change, else… Swaran comes and stops Vikram. She asks else what. Divi says I don’t want to wait and have food, tell me the matter, else I m going. Ankita says Jai isn’t answering. Ajit asks Divi to have Chole Bhature.

She asks the matter. Swaran stops Vikram. She says you vent anger on me, ask me, I will answer. Ajit says you may feel bad, me and Swaran… we have decided to unite. Divi and Ankita are shocked. Swaran says its tough to tolerate but I have chosen Ajit, it doesn’t mean that you beat Jai. Vikram says I will get peace by beating Jai. She says hit me. Jai gets angry on Vikram. Swaran says enough, stop it.

Jai scolds Vikram and says you will hit your mum, shame on you. Vikram leaves. Swaran apologizes and says you got to know this in such a way, sorry. Divi shouts on Ajit. She asks how did you think of this, what will I tell my inlaws. Ajit says I understand but… She says you don’t understand, I had a doubt yesterday itself.

He says I wanted to tell you the truth. She says enough, I m ashamed, you feel Jai will agree, no, he won’t agree. Jai comes and says I have no objection, if dad wants to start his life again then I have no objection. He says yes dad, I accept your and Swaran’s relation, I m with you. Ajit cries. Nakul asks Vikram do you want to jail again. Kiran asks what’s the problem, leave all this, I have a solution for every problem, even of Swaran. Swaran asks really, did Jai say that.

Ajit says he has no problem with our relation. She says you are lucky, Jai is your son, he is so sensible. Vikram asks what. He sees Rajeshwari coming. She says I m the solution for your every problem. He asks her to please help. She says so I have come, I will get your house back, you don’t need to pay, but you have to convince Swaran to marry my brother Arjun. Vikram asks what.

Nakul asks what’s this. Kiran says idea is not bad. Rajeshwari says I will sign the cheque, give it to Roshan. Nakul asks why are you doing this. She says I love my brother a lot, he is unfortunate that he loves your mum. Kiran says I don’t find it wrong.

Vikram says you mean we get our mum married to Arjun then you will get us rid of Roshan and the loan. She says yes. Nakul says mum won’t marry in this age. Vikram says we will convince her. Ajit says Yug is sensible, though young, we should talk to him. She says yes, how will we convince Divya. Vikram says deal done, we will convince mum, trust me, its our work now.


Swaran Ghar 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Swaran asks Vikram, you need your mother, really? Vikram says yes me and Nakul, we need you and I want to talk about what happened yesterday. Ajit hits Nakul and warns him, Nakul falls down and hits his head.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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