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Swaran Ghar 12th May 2022 Episode starts with Amber saying Ajit about Kuch Kuch hota hai, its his love. Ajit asks her to stop the filmi gyaan. Amber says there is logic. He says my daughter will bring a storm if she knows this,

I have nothing such in my heart. Nehmat comes and says its not wrong to think about love, one sided feelings aren’t wrong, its a strong feeling. He asks them to go away. He says I should not think much. Swaran comes and asks about me.

He says you here, you came to scold me again, go from here. She asks why, its my house, you go. He says I stay here. She says you don’t listen to anyone. He says I m stubborn, talk with love sometimes. She says you were not in senses, you told everyone about our childhood. He says I just praised you, there was a reason that I stopped writing letters,

Suman passed away so I felt writing letters was wrong. She asks is it not wrong to stay here and give me your daughter’s dupatta. He says I gave it because your dupatta got torn, if anything happened to you. She asks who cares. He says I care. She says because of Kanwal’s promise, right. He says yes, and… She asks and…

She asks him not to think of any nonsense. He says I care for you also, I go mad seeing you worried, so I m staying here in this house, you are my Swaran. She says no, I m not your Swaran, Ajit. He says I know, school, college and marriage, then we kept writing letters, you went away and didn’t go away,

you have a place in my heart and will always have it, sorry, I don’t know what I said. She says I can read your eyes, so you turned away. He says fine, look into my eyes. He turns and doesn’t see her. He says it means it was my thought. He thinks do I have anything for her in my heart. Swaran says no, never, Ajit can’t think this, he knows his limits, he will never cross it, he knows the meaning of friendship. Micky says heart doesn’t know any limits.

Swaran says mind wins in the heart and mind’s fight, Ajit knows it, so he didn’t write letters to me after his wife passed away, Kanwal permitted me to write letters to Ajit. Micky says it was not Ajit’s mistake today. Swaran says some decisions the world takes. Micky says even if the world is wrong. Swaran says I m scared that Ajit’s family will shatter. Its morning, Swaran meets Shorvori.

Shorvori says Ajit did wrong, did your children do this. Yug comes. Swaran says I feel they didn’t do anything this time. Shorvori goes. Swaran asks Yug does he want something. Kiran asks for 20000rs. Nakul scolds her. Yug says I had come to give you something. Swaran opens the gate for him. Yug smiles. O re chanda….plays.. Yug says congrats, I heard you have won the first prize in the school competition,

I got our fav pineapple pastry to give you a treat. She asks will you scold me now. He says no, your thinking isn’t wrong, we did much wrong, I have to tell you something. Nakul asks how can you insult Swaran, you had spiked Ajit’s drink. Yug says Nimmo and Kiran spiked Ajit’s drink. Swaran is shocked. Yug says take care mumma…

He leaves. Swaran says I have to talk to Nimmo, I will explain Ajit first. Nakul asks Kiran to not forget she is also a woman, how can she do this. He says Swaran is my mum. Kiran says I came here for you. he says you came here for money. They argue.

She scolds him and counts his mistakes. She says you are staying in my mum’s house, give me the expenses. Nakul says dad was right about you, its no use to say now, you and your mumma did very wrong. He goes. She says how did Nakul know this, who told him. Swaran comes to Ajit’s room. She doesn’t find him. Ajit is in kitchen.

He asks Neelu for a cup of tea. Neelu says Swaran took it for you. Ajit says I don’t want to see her. Amber says because aunty scolded you, don’t worry, I will call Nehmat, she will keep an eye on Swaran. Nehmat comes to Swaran and says I have to ask you something, shall I have the tea. Swaran says okay, Ajit isn’t here, didn’t know where is he. Nehmat messages Amber. Amber says aunty is coming this side.

She messages Nehmat to stop Swaran. Nehmat stops Swaran and says I will talk to school authority, I will get the guest list to know who spiked uncle’s drink, I will file a case. Swaran says I will handle this. Swaran calls out Neelu. Ajit says give me a blanket to hide. Neelu says you will get caught. She asks him to go out of the window.

Ajit sits inside the fridge. Swaran asks did you see Ajit. Neelu says no. Swaran asks Amber to shut the fridge. Amber says its too hot. Micky and Ginni come. Amber asks them to come and see the cool aid. Swaran asks are you hiding something. Amber says no. She says I will find Ajit. Ajit sneezes. Swaran hears him.

Amber acts to sneeze. She says it was fun, Ginni got the first prize, it was your hardwork. Swaran says I have to find Ajit. Amber says you might be missing her. Swaran says it is not a joke. She leaves. Micky asks what happened. Amber says Ajit is scared to come in front of Swaran. Swaran comes back. She sees the tea cup and says Ajit is here, right. Amber moves aside. Swaran asks Ajit to come out.

Ajit comes out of the fridge and sneezes. Swaran says I want a clarification about yesterday’s incident. Ajit goes to her. He says sorry, I made a big mistake. She says I read in your eyes what’s going in your heart, so you have turned away, it’s the limit, everyone assumed us to be Ginni’s Nanu and Nani,

it was Ginni’s mistake and also Nimmo’s mistake, Nimmo spiked the drink. He asks what, was Nimmo there. She says that should have not happened, I was scared that people will misunderstand our friendship, I hope you will listen to me this time, please Ajit, go back to your home.

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