Swaran Ghar 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update


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Swaran Ghar 11th October 2022 Episode starts with Swaran saying Vikram, stop it, I m really feeling bad, I didn’t wish to hide this, I wanted to tell Bebe first, you might be thinking I m wrong, I also believed that this is wrong, but when life changes, a person’s thinking changes, I won’t do anything by doing against you,

but I have decided it by thinking a lot, you all and Ajit’s children will permit us. Vikram taunts her. He asks what’s your current status, can I call you mummy or Mrs. Lamba. Ajit gets angry. Vikram says when we have to print the marriage date, we have to tell Aarav, Anisha and your grandson, we will write, come in our grandparents’ marriage. He says I don’t know, I should cry now or in your bidaai,

you said sorry, but you have to answer. Nakul asks Vikram to come inside. Swaran says take him away. Nakul also scolds her. He says we never felt so ashamed, you should have thought of Bebe. Swaran says yes, just Bebe understands me, she is old but her thinking is new, she explained me,

so I realized that my life isn’t over. He says you should be scared of the world. She asks why shall I get scared when there is no sin in my heart, I just have this feeling that Ajit is with me, I m not alone, what’s wrong in it if this gives me courage, don’t insult my feelings. He says you are insulting Kanwal, your three sons. Bebe asks which sons, who never supported their mum, who always cheated her, you are ashamed now when she wants to hold someone’s hand.

Swaran says I never did anything to shame anyone, dirt is in your sight, not in Ajit and my relation, I don’t want anything from you, I have taught you to live life, you should give me a chance to explain, don’t blame me for disgusting things. Ajit asks her not to cry. He scolds Vikram and Nakul.

He says I always loved Swaran, but never said it, because I knew my limits, if you did your duty well, then I would have not come out. Vikram argues. Nakul stops him. Swaran sees Ajit. Nakul says Bebe, you said mummy was wrong. Bebe says I want to rectify my mistake now, I got to know the real meaning of life because of Swaran, Kanwal had permitted this long time back. Ajit recalls Kanwal’s words. Bebe says Kanwal handed over Swaran to Ajit before passing away, his thinking was much ahead, his soul will get peace when Swaran gets happy, when she isn’t alone.

Vikram says this is a sin. Bebe says its not a sin. She scolds Vikram and answers the people. She says sin is to cheat a mum, leaving her alone is a sin, evil will end, Raavan will get burnt today. She warns Vikram. She asks Swaran to come with her.

Swaran lights the arrow and shoots it at Raavan. The Raavan burns. Everyone looks on. Swaran says I chose the new path, but I promise, I will walk on it with my children’s consent. Vikram says you are dead for us. Bebe feels dizzy. She falls. Swaran and Ajit worry for her. Swaran says someone call the doctor.

At home, Swaran asks Bebe to take medicines and rest. Ajit says you take rest, don’t worry, I forgot to give something, I got bangles for you. Bebe laughs. Ajit says I thought I will give the bangles and then talk to you, you will agree. Bebe says I have already agreed, give the bangles to one who is upset with you.

Swaran smiles. Ajit and Swaran ask Bebe to rest. They go out. She says I m sorry, I didn’t know mic is on. He says you have shown courage, it wasn’t easy. She asks did you talk to Jai and Divi. He says no, they will not understand. She says we have to understand, they are our children. He says I can’t do this,

I will get angry if anyone says bad about you. She says you also take Tanha’s help, I was also tensed, Goldie is a good person, he will help. He says I will go now, you don’t need to worry about your age, you are my pind girl Swaran for me, innocent. They joke and smile. He says I got this dupatta for you. He gives it and goes. She recalls Vikram and Nakul’s words.


Swaran Ghar 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Divi says to Ajit, you never understand and I knew you would do something like this. Swaran is informed that Vikram has left with Hockey stick for Jai’s place.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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