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Swaran Ghar 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Nakul asking how are you mummy. Swaran thinks Nakul didn’t know, I want to tell Bebe first. He recalls Rajeshwari’s words. He says I want to talk to you. She asks him to say. Bebe looks for Swaran. Aarav comes and says I m little Hanuman. Swaran hugs him.

Bebe comes and says little Hanuman ji… Aarav hugs them and runs. Nakul says I wanted to talk to you since long. Bebe takes Swaran. Neelu says Shorvori is calling Swaran. Bebe says I have to talk. Neelu says its urgent, sorry. Nakul stops Neelu. Neelu says Shorvori is at the food stall.

Swaran goes. He says ask mum to come and meet me, tell her I m in some problem, please. Neelu says fine, I will tell her. Bebe thinks I have to find out, what Nakul wants to tell Swaran. Swaran says I have fixed this. Shorvori says its too salty, what shall we do. Swaran says potato is there, check now, I have to go,

Bebe is waiting, she wants to talk to me. Shorvori says you can talk to her at home. Swaran sees Bebe. Shorvori says you used to tell everything to me. Swaran says I talk to Tanha now. Shorvori says you got new friends now. Swaran thinks to talk to Shorvori, she can help her in telling Bebe and kids.

She says I will tell you everything first. Shorvori says then tell me. Nakul says mummy, I don’t know how to tell you, Vikram mortgaged the house, sorry, if we don’t pay the money to that man then Swaran ghar will get auctioned, sorry, please help me. He sees Bebe. She slaps and scolds him.

He says sorry, I didn’t know this, I will fix everything. Bebe thinks Swaran is putting her happiness at stake for them. Shorvori asks Swaran to say. Swaran recalls Ajit and smiles. The man connects the mic and tests it. Swaran says its about Ajit. Ajit comes there smiling. Shorvori asks what.

Swaran says actually… Nakul asks Bebe are you fine. She pushes him and says you don’t need to worry for me, your mum and this house’s respect, Swaran tolerates you all, how does she get so much courage. The mic gets on. Swaran says I didn’t think this would happen with me.

Shorvori asks her to say clearly. Everyone hears them. Swaran says Ajit told me that he wants to spend his life with me. Nakul is shocked. Swaran says I also realized, I never thought that I will be with someone else after Kanwal, but I also want to live my life with Ajit. Nakul says its mummy’s voice, right. Shorvori says you and Ajit, together, I m very happy, Ajit is a nice and kind man.

Swaran says people, society, the world won’t agree, but my heart has agreed that Ajit is my life partner. Bebe hears her. Nakul goes to Swaran and says enough, mic was on, mummy. He throws the mic. He says the entire world heard your love story. Swaran is shocked. He asks don’t you have any shame. He pushes the table down and goes.

Shorvori asks Swaran to come. Swaran walks ahead. The ladies taunt Swaran. Nakul cries. Ajit says Swaran. Nimmo, Kiran and the ladies insult Swaran. Vikram comes clapping and argues. He says it’s a big proud moment for us, right Nakul? He says when I made a small mistake, you had sent me to jail and lectured me,

what about your mistake. Bebe says right and wrong have different meanings in everyone’s lives, what’s wrong if Swaran wants this. Vikram asks what’s wrong? You both left the house, you have left the family values and have no concern of society, see her age, she has children, grandchildren, one of her son isn’t married, she wants to marry here. He asks aunty will you get Yug married to Sweety.

Lady says no, when his mum is having a love story here. Nakul says stop it, we can go home and talk, everyone is watching. Vikram says exactly, why did mummy do this, we will talk here. He argues with Swaran. Shorvori says she is your mum, have some shame. Vikram says someone else needs this lecture.

She says mic was on by mistake. Vikram says yes, its good that Nakul had switched off the mic, else our face would have got blackened by their chapters, it’s a day to burn the sin, mummy and her lover were ready to commit a sin. Ajit asks Vikram to stop it. Vikram scolds him. Ajit holds his collar. Nakul and Swaran stop them. Swaran says get back Vikram, stop it, you are crossing your limits. Vikram says you are crossing all limits of shame.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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