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Spy Bahu 9th August 2022 Episode starts with Veera dancing with Aarti’s skeleton. Sejal asks yohan to have strength and says the sight which you will see is very difficult for you. He asks her to tell something and says he can’t bear the suspense.

Sejal says Aarti Maa didn’t die with illness, but she was murdered. Yohan is shocked. Sejal says the murderer has kept her skeleton inside. Yohan asks what are you saying, are you in your senses? Mahira asks why are you giving her a chance to lie.

She says I don’t feel that we shall go inside. Sejal asks if you are scared that your and your sir ji’s truth will come out. She asks Yohan to get DNA test done. He asks who has done this. Sejal says come with me inside and see yourself. He says come. She takes him inside. Mahira thinks she has to save Sir ji anyhow, else she will be in danger.

They go inside and sees Veera doing aarti. Veera asks why did you bring Sejal here? Sejal says if I haven’t come here, then how your truth will come out. Veera asks what do you want me to become.

She says I was talking to my Didi, this is my Didi’s temple. Sejal asks if the temple or her grave. Yohan asks her to tell clearly. Sejal tells him that Veera Nanda is the one who manipulates the kids to become terrorists, whom he tries to save.

She says Veera Nanda steal the weapons from Nanda Industries. She says Farid bhai used to work for her, and she was always under cover, and that’s why intelligence doubted you. She says Veera always wanted to kill you and drishti. Veera says you are talking such things in Didi’s temple.

Sejal says this is a dangerous woman and she is not mentally stable. She says she talks sweetly and she had killed Aarti maa to take her place. Yohan asks what are you saying? Sejal asks her to move the chair and see. She says your Mummy Aarti’s skeleton is on the chair. Veera asks why you are not stopping Yohan. Yohan goes to the chair and moves the cloth. Fake Mahira comes there.

Yohan sees Aarti’s photo frame. He looks at Sejal. Mahira and Veera smiles. Veera says Drishti was missing Didi, so I thought to gift her portrait to Didi. She recalls seeing the red light blinking and says someone is coming. She then sees them coming there in the TV. Fb ends. Sejal says this woman have come to know that we are coming and hidden the skeleton somewhere. She says I will search it.

Veera asks Yohan why don’t he stop her, she is calling Didi as skeleton. Sejal goes to the wooden almira. Veera is shocked. Sejal opens it, but Yohan turns her and it gets closed. Veera takes a sigh of relief. Yohan gets angry on Sejal and says you are calling my childhood friend as imposter,

Abhishek as terrorist and Maasi as Mastermind. He asks why you are saying all this, when you know how much I love her. Sejal says how to prove my truth. She sees the locket there and tells Yohan. She asks for a last chance. She opens it and finds Yohan and Drishti’s pics in it. Veera and fake Mahira look at each other. Veera takes the locket in her hand and says there is no poison in it. Sejal says I don’t know.

Yohan says I had loved you so much and was blinded by your love. He says if you had said then I would have given a life for you, and calls her terrorist. Police comes there. Yohan asks who called them here. Mahira says I called them here and says I have sworn to get my farid bhai’s murderer punished. She says today my swear will be completed.

The Police officer tells Sejal that she is arrested for Abhishek’s murder. Veera acts. Mahira asks if you are fine. Sejal hugs Yohan and says I am innocent. She says I don’t care about the world, I don’t want to fall in your sight. She says we have faced death together, didn’t you see truth in my eyes and tears.

She says mind can be betrayed, but not heart. She cries as she gets arrested by the Police. Yohan cries. Sejal says I am innocent, and says all proofs are against me, but tell me once that you don’t need prove to trust me. She shouts asking him to believe her. She cries Veera instigates Yohan and acts to suffer heart attack. Fake Mahira asks him to hold her, and says she couldn’t bear the accusations of Sejal.

Yohan lifts her and takes her outside. Mahira asks Yohan to take her, while she informs the family. Sejal calls yohan and asks him to believe her, says I am innocent. Yohan doesn’t turn and goes in the car. Sejal is shocked. Mahira asks Constables to let her talk to her. She says you lied in desh bhakti and I lied in desh droh.

We are two sides of a coin, I proved my turn. She says Sejal, the real Mahira ends here, and says I will make sure that Yohan hates you immensely. She asks lady constables to take her and says bye. Sejal is shocked and is made to sit in the Police car. She recalls Yohan’s words.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
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