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Spy Bahu 4th August 2022  Episode starts with Sejal asking Saras and Minal to cut the bomb wire. Veera checks them in her mobile and thinks the video is blurred, it must be Sejal’s cleverness. Saras cuts the wire and diffused the bomb. Sejal thanks Ambe Maa. Saras appreciates Minal for her trust on Sejal.

Sejal asks them to hear carefully and asks them to come to Delhi. She says my family is safe, I shall tell Yohan about Veera Nanda’s truth today itself. Yohan comes there. Sejal hugs him and cries. She says she wants to tell him something. He breaks the hug and shows the pic in which SK’s officers are taking Sejal from the spot.

He says this pic is of the place where Abhishek was murdered and you was wearing that blood soaked saree whose piece was found from Abhishek’s body. He asks what do you want to say about that. Mahira comes there and asks Yohan if he saw the scattered stuff. He looks at it and finds the bomb parts.

Mahira asks if we are in danger, what you are doing with the bomb stuff. She acts. Yohan asks Sejal if she was making bomb? She says I was not making bomb, I was…He says don’t say that I don’t know what you are doing. He says it is the bomb which is made at home. Sejal says I was saving my parents, where bomb was fitted in the house.

Yohan says you have answer for everything and asks her to tell the truth behind the pic. Sejal says I had gone there to save him, I wanted to save him, but…She says I will tell you everything. Mahira says you had blood stains on your saree, when the bullet was shot, you was there.

Veera, Krish and others come there. Mahira says you had gone to kill him, you are his murderer and the proves are infront of you. Sejal asks her not to say nonsense. She says I didn’t kill Abhishek and was not making bomb. He says I trust you fully, which shocks Veera and Mahira. He says I want to know the truth. Mahira says again you.

Yohan says nobody will say between us. He asks why didn’t you tell me? Sejal says I had written my truth in the letter but was changed by them. Yohan asks what was you doing there, Abhishek went for secret mission and you was about to come and meet me. Sejal says no, you don’t know his truth, and tells that Abhishek was a terrorist who killed himself. She says I am not just your wife,

but a spy sent by Indian Intelligence. Krish asks what? Sejal says a spy who came to spy in your house. Mahira asks how dare you to call my brother as terrorist and asks yohan how is he hearing? She says you are blaming a person who sacrificed his life for the nation. Sejal says this girl is lying and says he was not her brother, but mine. Yohan asks her to come with him. Krish asks Veera what is this? Veera acts. Shalini says what is talked about.

Yohan asks Sejal to tell him the truth and says he is ready to hear. She says I am really a spy, and swears on him. Everyone comes there. She says 6 months back, Indian Intelligence officers SK and Tana ji gave me this mission,

and I have diffused Jam Nagar bomb sitting here. She says how can I do the thing which an ordinary person can’t do. He recalls Sejal transferring the money in company’s account etc. She says my reason of marriage with you, that intelligence was doubtful on you, and I had sworn to arrest you.

Yohan gets shattered and sits down. She says then I came to know during Mumbai attacks, that you are innocent. She says my intention was not wrong and I am sad that I didn’t tell you the truth. She says I thought to prove Abhishek as terrorist and then will tell you truth, after proving your innocence. Veera and fake Mahira look at each other. He thinks of his moments with Sejal. Sejal comes to him.

He says the reason for our marriage was spy. Sejal says it was reason, but I always felt that you are a good person. She says since I came to know that you are innocent, I had loved you so much. He asks how to believe. Sejal says this marriage is my life, I love you and asks him to trust her.

Mahira says don’t trust her, and says this pic is telling all. She says Drishti heard that my brother asked her to stay away from him. She says the person whose baby is about to born, why will he kill himself. Veera acts to cry. Mahira says if my brother was a terrorist then SK would have told. Veera asks Sejal why she didn’t think before killing Abhishek, and didn’t think about Drishti and her baby, and didn’t think of telling Yohan.

Yohan asks her to answer. Sejal says I didn’t kill him, I want him to surrender but he shot himself, thinking killing himself is better than surrender. Mahira says why will he kill himself when he was becoming a father. She says you didn’t tell him as you are a terrorist and my brother’s mission was you, and you killed him to save yourself.

Veera instigated Yohan and says Mahira is right, and says Sejal is trained terrorist. Krish says it is easy to say that you are doing this for nation and asks what proof you have. Sejal says I have proof. Shalini says during Mumbai terror attack, Yohan and Abhishek was shot, but nothing happened to Sejal.

Veera acts and asks if you supply Nanda Industries weapons to terrorists and that’s why you married. Sejal says I will give answer, and will initiate such questions which you can’t answer. She asks yohan to answer. Mahira says you are giving her a chance. Sejal reminds Yohan that he told that he will give her a chance to prove her innocence. She says I am asking you that chance today.

She says I will prove that I am a spy and says SK sir will tell you everything. Veera and Mahira get tensed. Sejal asks will you give me a chance to bring out the truth and bring real criminals infront of you. He nods yes. She goes to get her phone. She brings her phone and calls SK, but he is not picking the call.

Mahira asks if you was asking for a chance for this. Sejal says he must be busy being an intelligence officer. She says I will take you to such a place. Veera says I will come with you, I can’t let her go with the terrorist. Yohan says she is not a terrorist. Mahira says even my brother was not terrorist. Sejal takes Yohan to the place, where SK trained her, but finds a shop there. She gets shocked.


Spy Bahu 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sejal tells SK that she told truth to Yohan that she is a spy. She asks him to tell why he had trained her to send her to his house. SK asks what are you saying Mrs. Nanda. Sejal is shocked. SK says you are spy, it is not possible and says we don’t send any girl to someone’s house as spy. Sejal is shocked to see SK lying.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2022
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