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Spy Bahu 2nd May 2022 Shail says this was your plan? Your plans always fail. Sejal came back to this house. Yohan comes in and says all your plans were a flop. None of your darts hit the target. They’re shocked. Yohan throws her jewelry out.

He says I knew you both stole 20 crores. Only Shera knew about the person going to the locker room with a hoodie and he only told the police. But you said all this while accusing Sejal because it was actually you. You said everything was true. You both took money from Souds to get Drishti married to them?

You both provoked Abhishek and Drishti to elope and blamed Sejal. She kept saying she was rather stopping it but you kept accusing her. And that recording.. It had your truth. That I destroyed myself in anger. Thank you Shail for telling all this. I won’t repeat this mistake again. After marrying Aleesha Aarun Nanda would only listen to me and I will get you both kicked out.

Shalini says I am not two pennies Sejal that you can get me kicked out. Yohan says she’s not two pennies and it’s not difficult for me to get you both kicked out. Shail says you will fight your brother for a maid? He says I am fighting two dishonest people for an honest employee. Fighting a brother who sold his sister for 20 crores.

Have some shame and did you sell all your shame for your wife’s demands? Shail grabs his collar. Yohan shoves him and says one mistake and you’re both out. And change your locker password. Wedding anniversary. He leaves.

Scene 2
Sejal is confused. She says why did Yohan save me? A terrorist can’t save anyone. He can only kill people. He killed Sohail. Veera tells Aarun Kapoor called. Their guru ji will come to give Yohan and Aleesha blessings. Aarun says it won’t be easy. Yohan knows I will agree to all his demands. He took 20 crores for the same.

Veera says all this money is for our kids only. This wedding will bring a good time in his life. Sejal calls Yohan with a changed voice and says I know what you’re upto and your mission and I found about your other boys too. Yohan says who are you? Sejal says I know about Fareed too. Yohan says how do you know Fared? Sejal says I know you’re planning something big. The police have a clue.

Go and warn those boys before the police get to them. Yohan says I can’t take a risk. I need to save them and Fareed. Sejal says to Tanha ji we will follow him now. He says SK doesn’t even know. Sejal says we have to take this risk. We will find all the guys he hid in Dehli. Fareed is one of them. Tanhaji says don’t ruin this mission for your brother.

Aleesha recalls everything. She recalls Aleesha and how Yohan saved her. Shalini comes to her. She says you look stressed? Aleesha says why Yohan supports that maid so much? Shalini says even if Yohan took the money he could let the blame be on Sejal? Why did he shout and save her? You do this for your wife. Aleesha gets angry. Aleesha says you can’t compare that girl with me. Shalini says you have no comparison with her. You have to tell that difference to Yohan.

Scene 3
Saras arranges things for the wedding. Minal says what is this airpod? Saras says it’s just an earbud. She says Sejal would never get them. She used wired headphones. It’s very expensive. How will she get such expensive headphones? Is she on some wrong path? saras says she is the same innocent girl who came to our house. We hugged her and made her mine. Now she’s our Sejal. She will always do the best for us. Trust her. Minal says there is something wrong with her behavior. I need to find out. He says we are a bride-to-be’s parents. We have to take care of the preparations.

Sejal asks Yohan are you going somewhere? He says for some important work. She says I am your personal assistant. He says you only ruin things. Aleesha says I need to go to designers. Yohan says I am busy, later. Aleesha says designers are leaving for abroad. We have to go today. Sejal says what’s more important than the wedding. Yohan recalls the call. Yohan says let’s go. Aleesha says to Sejal let’s go we would need a maid too. Hold my bag. They come to the designer studio.

Aleesha shops for her dress. Yohan says in his heart I need to get out of here. Yohan says hurry up. Aleesha asks Sejal to try clothes for her. Sejal says I am not comfortable. She says you have to. Sejal comes out in the dress. Aleesha says take off this upper. Sejal says I am not comfortable. Aleesha tries to take off her upper forcecfully. Yohan says stop it Aleesha. If she’s not comfortable you can’t force her.

Aleesha says what’s the big deal? He says she’s my personal assistant, not yours. He asks Sejal to change. Yohan says let me help you choose the best dress. Try this. It will suit you. Sejal says thank you Yohan sir. He says Aleesha went to change. I am going to get the other size of her dress. He sneaks out.

Sejal was in his trunk. She says you can’t fool me like Aleesha. Aleesha comes to the studio and says Sejal and Yohan both left? How dare she? Yohan meets a guy. Sejal sees his back. Yohan says I told you we can’t work here. Our mission is something else. We can’t forget our mission Fareed. sejal says my Fareed bhai? Yohan says Fareed you have to be careful. We can’t take a risk. Aleesha calls Yohan. He hangs up. Sejal gets a call from Minal. Minal says come home fast. Pandit ji is coming.

Sejal comes in the shed and asks is Fareed bhai here? The goons are who are you? Did the police send you? She says no my car broke. My family is sitting outside. They put a gun on her. The guy says a girl like you came here without a reason? She says my car broke.. I just came to ask for help. Yohan says let her go. He stands in front of Sejal. The goons hit him. Sejal says I can’t go. I need to meet Fareed. Yohan fights with the guys. Sejal is scared. The goon comes to Yohan. Sejal makes him fall. He asks Sejal are you okay? Why did you come inside?


Spy Bahu 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan sees Sejal in tears and gives her his handkerchief.Yohan drops Sejal, Sejal returns him handkerchief. Yohan says to her, keep it you will need it, you still have to cry when your mother scolds you.

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Telecast Date:2nd May 2022
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