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Spy Bahu 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Sejal getting up from the bed and calls Minal. Minal picks the call. Sejal says don’t say anything, just show me the place near you. Minal shows the room. Sejal says camera is not here.

She asks her to hear her carefully and says Veera Nanda kept camera in our house and says may be there is a bomb too. Minal is shocked. Sejal says this is Veera’s way to make me scared and quiet.

Minal gets worried for Bamba. Sejal says when that imposter girl goes to PS with Yohan, tana ji and SK sir will handle her. She says I will search for the proofs against her and will not let anything happen to you all. Minal asks her to take care. Sejal goes back and sleeps.

Next day, Yohan goes with fake Mahira. Sejal looks at them going. She rushes inside the house. Veera looks at her and smiles. Sejal goes to Mahira’s room and checks in her room. Veera messages Mahira that Sejal went to her room, come back with Yohan. Mahira smiles and asks Yohan to take her home, as they have forgotten Farid’s pic.

Yohan says ok. Sejal is about to see chain and locket with Mahira’s stuff, when Mahira returns with Yohan and asks what did I do, that you are checking my stuff. She says it is good that I have forgotten Farid bhai’s pic here, else wouldn’t have known that your wife is spying on me.

Yohan asks Sejal what is she doing here? Mahira asks her to see her stuff and says you scratches my heart always and hurts me. Yohan apologizes to her. Sejal says my ring was here in this room. Yohan says it is embarrassing to check in her room. Mahira says she don’t want to be the reason for their fight and says she will leave. Yohan says Sejal don’t think bad about you.

Mahira says everytime I get humiliated here. Shera comes there. Veera asks him to come. Drishti sees him. Shera says I am sorry, I couldn’t share the sorrow with you. Drishti asks him to ask Abhishek to come.

She empties the bag which Shera had bought and asks her to play with it. Mahira says I will search my Farid Bhai alone. Yohan tries to stop her. Sejal thinks Veera Nanda is planning something. Yohan tells Mahira that Apa is doubting her. Veera asks where are you going?

Mahira says I don’t want to trouble Apa and wants to go from here. Drishti shows Abhi’s pic to Yohan. Sejal thinks now she will act and say that Abhishek was Farid Bhai. Mahira looks at the pic and says he is my farid bhai. Yohan says he was Abhishek. Mahira shows the pic which she had stolen from Sejal.

Yohan says it is difficult to say. Mahira says she has identified him. Veera asks Shera from where he had adopted Abhishek. Shera says from Kashmir. Mahira asks if he had birth mark. Shera says yes. Mahira tells Drishti you are my bhabhi. Drishti says you are not his sister, she takes the pic and goes from there.

Mahira acts and asks yohan where is my Farid Bhai? Veera says your brother is not in this world. Mahira asks what did you say? Veera says sorry. Mahira acts and tells Yohan that she is saying that my brother is no more. She says my Farid Bhai can’t leave me alone, and goes. She says how did he go?

Veera looks at Sejal. Sejal is teary eyes. Veera comes to Sejal and says I feel bad for you, you can’t cry for your brother’s death and now you have to see this day, when a stranger girl is crying for your brother’s death in your husband’s embrace. She says your brother was useless, couldn’t be any use to us.

Sejal says don’t take my brother’s name, and says he became terrorist because of you and his death became a joke. Veera says before you can tell Yohan that you are spy, I brought fake Mahira. She says it was her plan, to send her to PS first. She says she called Shera on time with that pic, and asked Mahira to come down doing the drama and then the blast.

She asks Sejal if she is hurt and jealous and says I have brought something special for you. She says I have brought white coffin for you, your and yohan’s love coffin, you will need it soon. She covers Sejal with it. Sejal throws it away and goes.

Mahira continues to hug Yohan and cries. She says now I am lonely and shall die. Yohan says your friend Cuckoo is with you and asks her not to feel herself lonely. Mahira hugs him seeing Sejal and throws her fake tears and smiles. Sejal looks at her. Later she comes to her room and says sorry to Yohan.

He says you behaves nicely with everyone, even with Shalini Bhabhi, but why you do this with Mahira. Sejal says I have hidden a fact from you, and says I ….Mahira. She says I am worried since Mahira came, and can’t see her with you.

Yohan says you…Sejal says I know that you love me very much, but the matter here is betrayal. She says I am worried that you shall not get betrayed for your goodness. Yohan says she is my friend and bua of Drishti’s baby. He asks her not to fear. He says I have called Commissioner for Abhishek’s death case.

He says that dupatta which was found on his body, that case shall be solved. He asks her to relax. Mahira comes there and asks can you take me to my brother’s shoot out. Yohan asks what you want to do there, and says he didn’t get anything there. She says she wants the touch the ground there and might get a proof which Police haven’t got. Sejal thinks what is going to happen.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2022
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