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Spy Bahu 29th July 2022 Episode starts with Yohan telling Sejal that he didn’t know that there is so much strength in sindoor and mangalsutra. Sejal says very much. He says he needs proofs. He asks about 55000 tears.

She says it was 56000 tears, I told round figure. Yohan says you are showing love infront of everyone, and says isn’t weird. She asks if I go to mayka. He holds her closer and jokes. She goes. Shalini comes to Sejal’s room.

Sejal comes there and shouts. Shalini shouts and says you scared me Sejal. Sejal says you have stolen my stuff. Shalini says I had stolen something and came to return it.

Sejal says you are stealing my stuff. Shalini says what is in your stuff and says she came to keep Mom’s key. She says nothing opened with it, not even the locker and says she was protecting it as if there is a treasure, but nothing was opened. She handovers key to Sejal and goes. Sejal thinks this key is for Veera’s secret.

Arun and Yohan talk about the gun, whose parts can be dismantled. He says terrorists will take advantage of it. Yohan disapproves the gun. Arun tells Veera that company’s MD rejected her idea. Yohan asks what do you mean?

Veera says I saw it online and thought we shall manufacture. Sejal says even you don’t want to support the terrorists, and asks her not to feel bad about Yohan’s words. Veera says no. She says she is going to night school and will take the kids to library. She asks Sejal to make raj bhog today.

He asks if there is any reason to make Sejal do hardwork. Veera says Drishti had seen the pic of a thaali, and says she will get happy if her bhabhi made it. Sejal says she will make it. Veera thinks how you will follow me, now roll the rotis. Sejal rolls the rotis in the kitchen and talks to Minal. She says no lock opened with that key,

and it is protecting Veera’s secret. Minal says surely it might be of some use. She says no wise people keep key and lock in the same place. Sejal says night school. She says she will call her later. Someone keeps spy cam in Minal’s house. Sejal thinks to go to night school.

Sejal comes to the night school and jumps inside through the window, while the watchman is sleeping. She knocks on the walls to check for door. She looks at Veera’s photoframe and sees locket on it. She touches it and the door opens. She gets inside. Veera gets a message on her mobile, about unauthorized entry.

Sejal tries to open the lock of the door with the key. She tries the key and thinks Veera Nanda changed the lock. She tries to open it with the pin and puts ATM card between the doors. She manages to open the door. Yohan calls Sejal and finds her phone, out of coverage. He calls Sejal. Sejal sees Aarti’s pic in the room and gets inside holding the canteen. She sees the place dark and falls down. Veera comes there, talking in Man’s voice and asks if she wants to die with the knife, foolish Sejal.

Sejal says I know Veera Nanda is Sir ji and asks who are you? Veera laughs and says I am Sir ji, you came to know it and reached my secret den. She says now hear sir ji’s voice. She presses a button and changes her voice into male’s voice. She asks if you will have phafda. She says Didi is asking this.

Sejal asks what do you mean? Veera says Yohan’s mummy. Sejal sees the skeleton and shouts. Veera says Didi is sleeping and says if you shout then she will wake up. Sejal says how she can be aarti maa? Veera asks why? Sejal keeps the recording on in her mobile. Veera asks if face is not matching, and says I will apply more kajal next time. Sejal asks how did she come here?

Veera says mazedar true incident. She pretends to talk to skeleton and says she wants you to stand like this. She holds the skeleton and says I am your sasumaa, aarti nanda. She says when I was of your age, I used to love Arun, and he used to love money. She says then I got unwell and Veeru behen understood my pain. She says she gave me mukti by suffocating me to death.

A fb is shown, Veera suffocated aarti with the pillow and kills her. She asks her not to worry and says she will take care of her husband and kids. She acts and goes to inform Arun and cries. Arun comes to Aarti and asks her to open her eyes. He cries. Fb ends. Veera says I killed my sister this way.

Sejal says you have killed Aarti Maa. Veera says yes, with this soft hands. Sejal says you will not get less punishment than hang punishment for killing your sister and for terrorists attacks. She says I will make you get this punishment. Veera asks if you have recorded everything, when I was telling. She says what will I do now? She closes the door and laughs. She says neither this recording will go out nor you.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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