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Spy Bahu 29th August 2022 Episode starts with Shalini telling Krish that he has lost from her. She asks him to bet with her again and says Sejal is acting so that yohan brings her back home. Ahana asks Veera if Sejal is feigning memory loss, and says she might tell my truth to him. Veera says she couldn’t do anything then?

Sejal asks Shalini about her room. Krish says that side. Ahana says I will see her dying infront of my eyes. Veera says Yohan himself brought her back in pregnancy, if we do anything then it will provoke Yohan, which I won’t let it happen. Sejal asks Shalini about Aarti’s photo frame.

Shalini says your real mother in law, yohan’s mother. Veera asks Ahana not to do anything. Ahana injures her hand and swears on her blood that she will not let Yohan go away from her hands. Krish takes Sejal to her room. Sejal looks at Yohan and Aarti’s photo frame there, and thinks there is no memory of hers in the room.

She opens the cupboard. Yohan asks what you are searching in my cupboard. Sejal says I went from here 6 months back, but there is no memory of me here, neither my photo nor my clothes, why? Yohan turns his face. Sejal asks why I am feeling that you have wiped my identity from this house.

Arun asks Veera why is she drinking today. Veera says she is stressed and asks him to throw Sejal out of the house. She says then my stress will end, and says she is a terrorist, she is Abhishek’s murderer. Arun says I can forgive Sejal’s 100 murders, as she is carrying our heir in her womb.

Sejal asks Yohan to tell the truth and asks why you said that I betrayed you that day. Yohan recalls her words and says I got warm water for you with salt in it, to relieve your feet pain. He is about to go. She asks where are you going, so late in night. She thinks he is surely hiding something from me.

Yohan is at the wrestling ring and gets beaten up by the wrestlers. He recalls Babu ji and Sejal’s words. Sejal comes there and calls Yohan. She hears the men telling that they bet on him, and says even a boy will win.

Sejal asks Yohan to get up and come home. She asks when you can beat him, then why you are getting beaten. Yohan gets beaten again and spits blood. Sejal shouts scared. All the men seeing the wrestling leave. Sejal comes inside the ring and helps him get up. She asks what did you do? Yohan says you have followed me.

She says you went from home in anger. Yohan asks her not to touch him, else his wounds will get greener. She asks him to be quiet and says she will apply medicine. She cleans his injuries. Yohan looks at her upset. She wipes his face with her pallu. She then applies bandage to his forehead.

She cries and says come home. He asks if you are done, go home and leave me alone. He says I don’t want to see your face. He says I will be fine, if I don’t see you. Sejal says why you are talking to me like this. She asks why shall I go home? He says go home and says he don’t want to see her face.

Sejal asks why you are doing this with me, betraying me. Yohan says you came in my life with betrayal and even now with betrayal. She says all your talks, beautiful face, and your doings are all betrayal. She asks what did I do? Yohan says you are feigning memory loss and was hiding with my baby. He says I have learnt to betray, by getting betrayed by you. He says I acted to believe you, and brought you here. Sejal says if you hate me so much then why you brought me here.

He says I have my baby here. He asks her to give baby to him, and go and betray whoever she wants. He asks her to stop drama of memory loss, until she is here. He says then we will go our ways. Sejal says you did wrong with me. She cries and faints. He holds her and then lifts her.

Shalini comes to the dining table and greets good morning to Ahana. She says I will help you and cut the apple. Ahana asks what is this drama? Shalini says magic, and says I prayed to Kanha ji and asked him to cut your connection from this house, and don’t know from where Yohan brought Sejal. Ahana gets a call. Shalini asks her to pick the call and says this phone guy will be helpful to you only. Ahana goes.

In the room, Yohan sees Sejal shivering while sleeping and takes out a blanket from the cupboard. He thinks of Bamba saying that Didi didn’t get sleep without covering with it. He thinks Sejal couldn’t stop herself seeing it and her reaction will be prove to him that she didn’t forget anything. Veera calls Yohan.

Yohan says I will take bath and come. He goes to Veera later. Veera says I understand that you are going to be father, but how did you forget that she has accused me. Ahana says she had killed my brother and you took her out for outing rather than throwing her out. Yohan asks her not to have misunderstanding.

Veera says Sejal is dangerous and murderer, and asks shall we forget her as she is pregnant with your child and has forgotten everything. Yohan says she didn’t forget anything and I am sure about it, will prove this soon.


Spy Bahu 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan asks Sejal what is this stubbornness. Sejal says that she is still Paro. Arun scolds Yohan and says sorry to Sejal, asks her to come for puja. Ahana plans to harm Sejal during dahi handi. Arun asks where is Sejal? Sejal gets ready.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
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