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Spy Bahu 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Sejal and fake Mahira coming to a shop. Sejal asks her to see the clothes and says she will come. She goes. Mahira looks at her, buys the clothes and comes out. Veera calls Mahira and asks her about Sejal.

Mahira says she went somewhere, I will be careful. A boy comes there and says something in Kashmiri language. The boy asks Mahira. Sejal comes there and says that way. She tells her that the boy was searching her brother and was talking in Mahira’s mother tongue which is Kashmiri.

She says you didn’t understand and asks what is your name? Mahira asks what are you saying? Sejal says I will tell Yohan about you and your mastermind. Mahira asks what are you saying and says I missed Farid Bhai and was reminiscing him.

She says she can talk in Kashmiri, shocking Sejal. Sejal thinks she knows Kashmiri. Mahira says don’t know why you don’t understand, I don’t keep my eyes on your husband. She hurts herself. Sejal tries to stop her. The ladies think Sejal is hurting her. The lady says this specs girl has beaten up this girl.

Sejal says I didn’t do anything. Mahira says she is my Apa, I will handle our personal issue. Sejal is shocked and says you knows well how to gain others’ sympathy. She says you knows well when the BP gets low, how to keep hungry for days for low BP. She taunts Sejal and asks driver not to tell anything at home, as she don’t want Cuckoo to think her wrong. Sejal thinks this girl is not showing her true colors infront of everyone.

Shalini comes to Sejal’s room to get the keys. She finds the keys under the blanket and thinks this is the same keys which Sejal got from Mom. She thinks his ancient keys is of which place.
Veera comes to some place and opens the lock. She makes the skeleton wear mask and says I take care of you so much, and that Sejal doesn’t take care of me, and snatched keys from me, I couldn’t stop. She says I will make Sejal yearn her with pain that she will forget the way to reach me.

Yohan talks on phone and asks Mahira if she got what she wanted? Mahira says yes. Yohan looks at her hand. Mahira hides her hand. He asks what happened? Sejal says I will say. Mahira says Yohan shall not think that you have done anything wrong. He looks at her hand and asks Sejal if she didn’t take care of her.

Mahira says I fell down unconscious and Apa came running and helped me. Yohan asks from where? I asked you to take care of her, where did you go? Mahira says it seems Apa wants to talk to you alone, I will go to my room.

Sejal stops her and tells a poetry. She says I had gone to a dargah to pray for Yohan and Mahira’s relation for every birth. She says you didn’t remember to go there, so I thought you are changed. She says you didn’t remember about Mahira and Cuckoo’s old habits. She says when you was buying clothes,

I was visiting dargah and doing the mannat. She ties thread on Yohan’s hand. Yohan says sorry. Sejal asks her to leave them alone now. Mahira asks her to give mannat thread. Sejal says you are having injury, how can you wear it,

I will keep it safely. Yohan takes her stuff to keep it in her room. Mahira says sorry for coming in her private time. Sejal asks her to keep her sorry safe and says you can’t come between us. She says fit one thing clearly in your mind, wherever Yohan goes, but he will reach his Sejal only.

Mahira thinks I will show her, where Yohan reaches. She sees dead cockroach on the ground and shouts Cuckoo save me. He comes running and asks what happened? Sejal comes there. Mahira hugs him as he lifts her. She says kill that cockroach. Yohan says as far as I know Mahira, she never talked about killing the cockroach and never saw her getting scared of such things.

He says I can’t believe that you are Mahira. Sejal thinks yohan has caught her lie. Mahira says I am not your Mahira, and says when Abbu and Ammu was shot, I was locked in the almari and heard Ammi’s screams and bullets sound. Sejal hears and cries. Mahira says I am scared of every feeling. Yohan says sorry and says whatever you saw,

if I have seen then I wouldn’t have been alive, I am proud of you. Mahira hugs him and asks will you not leave me? Veera sees Sejal sitting in a corner and crying. Yohan says yes, Sejal, I and my family are with you. Veera tells Yohan that here your Mahira is crying and here Sejal is crying. Mahira asks if you are fine.

Veera says Sejal feels everyone’s pain. Yohan asks Sejal if she is fine. Veera says I didn’t think that you will give place to Mahira in your life and will help her out the way, and will become her support. She tells Sejal that if any other girl would have been on your place, then would have felt insecure seeing her beauty and simplicity.

She asks from where do you get such maturity. Sejal says self confidence. She says Yohan and I have taken 7 rounds and our marriage validity is 7 births. She says he took 3 bullets for me, and I shed 55000 tears for him. She says their marriage is strong and nothing can harm their relation. She asks her to bless them for a more stronger relation.

She says bless us and bends down to touch her feet. Veera keeps hand on her head. Sejal says Mahira your story is really heart wrenching. She tells Yohan that Papa ji is calling you, and says Mummy ji will take care of Mahira. Veera says ofcourse.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
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