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Spy Bahu 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Sejal reading the letter and thinks it is changed. Yohan asks what is she reading, after writing it yourself. He asks her not to think anything and says Mahira was my past and you are my present, don’t think whatever everyone is saying, we have began our life today.

Shalini comes there and says Mahira is calling you. Yohan goes from there. Sejal cries and thinks Yohan didn’t know my truth even now, and says destiny betrayed her again. She says she is getting trap in this lie.

Veera tells Aarti’s skeleton that just like smile faded from your face, all truth which reveals Sejal to be Mahira is lost. She says there is no proof that Abhishek was farid, a terrorist. She says I have stolen Sejal’s identity and gave it to someone. She asks the skeleton to wish her that she shall do such things in future.

Sejal checks for the proofs in the laptop and finds DNA report and Farid confession deleted. She says Veera Nanda didn’t leave any proof to prove that girl wrong. Veera is in the car and thinks I have changed your destiny in one moment. The employee is seen changing the letter. Veera recalls giving the proofs to the fake Mahira whom she calls Ahana.

Ahana says you have taught me everything and didn’t teach me to do mistake and asks her to trust her training. Veera says Sejal will die. She reaches home and thinks Sejal if you are ready to get destroyed in your saas’ hands.

Yohan asks Mahira how is she? Mahira says she is fine. He asks her to drink soup and take medicines. She offers him 100 Rs and says for now, I have 100 Rs only. She says she don’t want to take his advantage and says Sejal didn’t like my presence. He says I know my wife, it was instant reaction and asks her to drink soup.

She says I thought that you will give this place to me, and says I feel hurt seeing someone else on my place. yohan says when I promised you, we were kids and didn’t know about love. He says when he understands love, he loves Sejal more than he understands and says truth is that, you are my past and Sejal is my present and future.

Mahira says who has seen the future, and says my Ammi used to say this. She says she will pray that they shall stay happy and says I will not come between you both. Yohan thanks her for the understanding and asks her to drink soup. She dips her hand in the soup and shouts. Yohan gets worried for her and blows on her hand. He asks Jagdish to bring ice.

Sejal comes there and sees Yohan caring for fake Mahira. Veera says I have brought ice here, and says now the ice shall be kept on burns. Sejal says yes Mummy ji. Veera says Shalini told me about Mahira, and asks Yohan to keep ice on her burn mark. Sejal says I will do that, and applies ice on her hand, says you are very delicate to get burn by the soup. She says small incidents happen, but if you don’t get the help then? Veera says yes. She thinks you will yearn for help and people will not help you. Mahira and Veera look at each other.

Krish comes to Shalini. Shalini tells that Sejal was shocked, when Yohan held Mahira in his arms. She says she pretended to be sanskari bahu, but she didn’t get anything, let Sejal be sanskari bahu. Krish says I missed you bhabs. Sejal calls SK, and says pick the call. Yohan comes there and asks whom you are calling.

Sejal thinks how to tell you, my truth as someone else stole it. She says I was calling Pappa. She says I want to talk about Mahira. Yohan says Mahira used to matter in my life. Sejal says she is lying to be Mahira, this is part of a conspiracy. He says you are saying as if you are Mahira. He says whatever she said, only Mahira and I know about them. She says whoever she is, she can’t take your place. Song plays….He hugs her.

Veera comes to Mahira’s room. Mahira says you had told truth that it is not easy to take Sejal’s place in Yohan’s life. She says she has thought of strategy which she implemented on Muscat guy. She says she will act as helpless and weak girl. She says I will act to be stupid infront of him. Sejal thinks until when she will be saved, truth will come out eventually. Yohan asks Sejal what happened? He says you trust me, right. She nods yes.

Veera asks Mahira to remember one thing and says Sejal is very clever and will try to expose you. She asks her to start her work and attract Yohan so that Sejal doesn’t get time. Mahira says she has come here for her Cuckoo.

Yohan brings Drishti to the dining table and asks what she would like to have, sandwich. She says yes. Mahira comes and is about to sit on Sejal’s place. Drishti stops her. Yohan asks her to sit at different place. Mahira sits at other place and pretends to cry. Shalini asks what happened? Mahira says she missed her Farid Bhai seeing Yohan and Drishti together. Sejal brings tea tray there.

Yohan sits on sejal’s chair and tells Mahira that he will search Farid, and until he finds him, she can stay here as the family. He asks her not to take tension and holds her hand. Mahira holds his hand and thanks him. She looks at Sejal. Sejal stays calm. Shalini says Mahira 1, Sejal 0. Mahira says I am sorry Sejal ji, I got emotional and held his hand, didn’t do it intentionally. Yohan goes back to his place and asks her to sit. Sejal says I am not thinking you wrong. Mahira asks can I call you Apa.

Sejal says ofcourse and asks her to call yohan as bhaijaan. Krish says Mahira 1 Sejal 1, lets see who wins. Yohan says Sejal. Sejal says even she is worried for Mahira, and was thinking to take her out for shopping. Veera says just like you think right. yohan says she is weak. Sejal says I know she is very delicate. Shalini says Sejal is not getting effected by yohan and Mahira’s friendship. Veera thinks what she is upto?


Spy Bahu 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sehal calls Mahira and asks her to tell what is her name and what has brought her here. She says she will tell everything to Yohan and about the real mastermind.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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