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Spy Bahu 23rd August 2022 Episode starts with Sejal shouting Babu ji, Harsh save me. She pleads and says remove cloth from my head. Yohan removes the cloth from her head. Arun asks someone to get info about Yohan.

Veera asks Arun, where is Yohan, guests might be coming. She says he has to come before the engagement, else we will say. She says this is the chance for us, to save our respect after whatever Sejal did.

Sejal asks Yohan where did you bring me? She pleads infront of him to leave her. She calls him bhaisaheb. He calls her Sejal and asks her to say truth. Paro asks she is Paro. He says you are Sejal kotharia, who is pro to lie and betray people. Sejal asks which lie, and says she don’t understand.

She says you are misunderstanding me. Yohan asks what is your plan, why are you lying to the villagers. Sejal says you are liar to bring pregnant woman like this. She asks why he has no sympathy. He says you are heartless to separate me with my child. Sejal says you can’t be my husband.

Yohan says I knew that you will not believe me, and that’s why came with all the preparation. He shows her, their pics. Sejal asks if I was your wife before the accident. Yohan says yes, Sejal Nanda and says you are even now my wife. Sejal says the person I wanted to meet, and was thinking always that my husband’s love kept me alive, and says you are my husband.

She says you have kidnapped me and brought me here. She says your behavior is bad. Yohan asks what about your behavior towards me and my family. He says I would have met you with love, but you made me bitter.

He says neither I can live nor I can die. He frees her hands and makes her get up. He says our lives were beautiful. Sejal asks why your eyes are closed in our marriage pic. She asks if you didn’t want to marry me? He says I used to ask you the same question, but you never replied. He says this marriage, you have betrayed me.

Babu ji tells Harsh that Paro is missing. Harsh says where did she go? Babu ji hopes she is fine. Harsh says I will go and search her. Sejal tells Yohan that she will not believe him and pushes him. He falls on the wall and gets hurt. Sejal tries to run, but stops. Harsh sees Paro’s anklet and finds her another jewellery. He thinks Paro left it intentionally.

Sejal comes back to Yohan and asks if you are fine. Yohan says I am heartless and a stranger. Sejal tells that humanity shall be above hatred. He says I told this thing to you and says you are acting to have a memory loss.

Sejal says I don’t know where I heard this. Yohan says I told you this. Harsh comes there. Paro says Harsh. Yohan holds Sejal’s hand. Harsh asks him to leave her hand. Yohan says we are not yet over. Harsh says she is our village’s daughter. Yohan says she is my wife and my would be baby’s mother.

Harsh sees the pics. Yohan asks Sejal to come with him to his house, as the baby will be born and brought up infront of him. Paro says my baby is not a thing which you will keep it. She asks him to express with his behavior that he is her husband, and not by words else she don’t believe him. She asks Harsh to come.

Shalini tells Krish that she has won the bet and shall wait for European cruise tickets and it shall have unlimited champagne package. Krish says if the marriage breaks due to Yohan. He says I didn’t lose yet. Ahana comes back and asks where is Yohan? Arun says I have cancelled your engagement.

Shalini says Yohan is an expert and asks where did you go? Arun says if Yohan had come, then we would have to search you. Ahana says I had gone for a walk. Shalini says Krish thought that you have eloped. Veera says Mahira is already tensed. Arun says I will meet Yohan just as he comes. Shalini tells Krish that he has lost and asks him to book the tickets. She thinks where did she go?

Babuji applies ointment to Sejal’s hand and says that guy was lying. Sejal tells that he had shown her pics. She says if he is the real father of this baby then I don’t want to snatch this right from him. Harsh says he enquired about him and says he is a big business man Yohan Nanda. He says there is no news about his wife or her accident. Yohan says I didn’t let any news published about her.

Harsh says it is difficult to hide. Yohan says anything can be done with money. He shows pics to babu ji. Harsh says this is not the proof. Yohan says Sejal is afraid of darkness, she gets hiccups when I am near her. Harsh says why she is not getting hiccups now. Yohan says Sejal has a mole behind her ear.

Harsh asks how to believe that you had kept Paro with love. Yohan thinks to make them believe that he loves Sejal, to take her from here. Harsh says he has no answer and asks Paro to come. Yohan tells Sejal that he loved her truly, when he saw the jeep falling down the cliff, he wanted to die, but he had his sister’s responsibility.

He says I was saddened by your death and your ashes were given to me. He regrets his last night doings and says I thought you left me and started afresh. Sejal says I am not understanding. Yohan asks babu ji to believe him. Babuji says decision will be taken now itself.


Spy Bahu 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :babu ji asks Sejal if she wants to give a chance to him. Sejal says yes, I want to give a chance to this relation.

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Telecast Date:23rd August 2022
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