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Spy Bahu 22nd August 2022 Episode starts with Sejal/Paro asks yohan, why did he come here? Harsh says he came to take the interview. Yohan asks what is the reason to come to the exhibition. Harsh says she feels that she can’t live without us and that’s why comes along with us.

Sejal hits him. Babu ji asks them not to fight and asks yohan about his name? Yohan says some people call me lakkarbagga. Sejal says name is strange. Yohan asks if they thought of baby name. Harsh says Paro says that she will not think of name, before she sees the baby. Yohan says she seems not to listen to anyone.

Sejal tries to give him tea. He is about to take it, and the cup falls. The tea falls on her hand. Yohan wipes her hand with his handkerchief and blows on it. Sejal takes back her hand. Harsh takes Sejal to keep her hand in the cold water.

He says we will send tea for you. Ahana calls Yohan. Yohan comes out of the house. A lady calls Paro and says your reports came. She collides with Yohan and says you made all the reports of Paro fell down. Paro comes out and says no problem. She bends down to pick the reports. Yohan says leave it, I will pick the reports.

Sejal tells Kaki that she asked Doctor to give the report, but she said that she will give after thorough check. She tells that the heart beats faster when getting check up done. She asks yohan if he has kids. Harsh asks her to come inside,

holds her and takes her inside. Yohan thinks Harsh has taken his place in her life and thinks to go away from her life. He finds one of the paper from the report in the side. He picks it and checks the father name’s empty. He thinks why Harsh’s name is not written.

Babu ji comes out and says it is important paper. He is about to go back, when Yohan stops him and asks why father’s name is empty in the report. He asks what is Harsh’s relation with Paro? Babu ji says the relation of humanity and heart. He says we didn’t know her few months back. He says harsh had gone to a nearby river to help villagers and found Paro in it. He says Harsh and the villagers brought her here. He says don’t know what had happened with her, when she woke up, she had lost her memory.

He says Paro might be someone’s Lakshmi, wife and daughter. He says we tried to make her recover. The fb is shown, they take care of Sejal and she gains consciousness. Babu ji says she gained consciousness, but forgotten everything, then we made her our Paro. A fb is shown, babu ji reads gita infront of her, and makes her have food. Harsh makes her walk, and babu ji takes off bad sight from her.

Babu ji says it is a miracle that Paro and her would be baby were saved with the big accident. He says Paro didn’t know about her pregnancy, and she came to know it later. Yohan thinks this baby is of Sejal and me, it was my dream. Babu ji says don’t know how her family is living after losing such a girl.

Yohan gets teary eyes. Babu ji asks if you are fine. Yohan says hearing your Paro’s story, I got emotional. Lakshmi blesses Paro’s baby, and says your baby will never miss her father. Sejal asks Lakshmi to ask God to make this news reach baby’s father. Yohan thinks how to leave the baby alone with you, it is not just your baby.

Ahana thinks she is ready for engagement and yohan haven’t come. She thinks if Shalini is right that yohan will not marry me. She thinks she needs to marry him. She gets a call from a private number.

Yohan comes inside and says my car is not working, can I wait here till mechanic comes, and says I will take interview. Harsh says I have to leave for work and I can’t leave Babu and Paro, my precious two alone. Yohan says I am not a serial killer who will kill them. Sejal asks Harsh to go and says they will give interview.

She cooks food and serves to Babu ji and Yohan. Yohan asks Babu ji since when he is making jewellery. Babu ji says since his father was alive. Yohan tastes the food and thinks it has same food. Babu ji says they had gone to exhibition to earn some money, but there fire is caught and Paro saved the kids and also the flag. He says Paro is good at maths. Paro asks him not to praise her.

Veera asks Ahana, where is Yohan and asks you couldn’t keep eye on him. Ahana says I shall ask you, you are her mother and says you order people as Sirji. Veera asks her to pick her phone. Ahana bends down to pick the home. Veera smashes her hand with her foot and tells that she can smash her easily. She says yohan might pick my call. Veera goes. Ahana receives the call from someone and says I told not to call me.

Babu ji says we have come to Morbi after the exhibition. Yohan asks Paro, if she tried to remember her past. Sejal asks if this question is related to the exhibition. Yohan says no. Babu ji asks him to come and says it is time to do diya aarti. Yohan leaves. Sejal gives diya to Babu ji.

Babu ji hopes that the news will reach her family and they will come here searching her. Sejal feels the baby kick, and asks if he/she wants to hear mummy’s lullaby or Papa’s scoldings. She says your mummy will scold you on Papa’s behalf. Yohan knocks on the door again and says he needs her help to repair the car,

and asks if she can help him. Sejal comes out. He asks her to put water and says he will try to start the car. Suddenly he puts black cloth on her head. Sejal shouts for help, calling Harsh and Babu ji.


Spy Bahu 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan removes the black cloth from Sejal’s face. He asks Sejal to tell the truth. Sejal asks what? He says that you are pro to say lies, fools people etc and says this baby is mine. He shows her Sejal and his pics. Sejal is shocked.

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