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Spy Bahu 18th May 2022 Sejal says greh parvesh will happen. she enters the house and does her own greh parvesh. She steps her feed on the ground. Everyone looks at her in anger. Sejal says no one can stop me from coming to this house. Congratulations on welcoming your younger DIL.

Minal slaps her. Sejal is shocked to see Saras and Minal. Yohan brought them. Minal says who are you? Our Sejal can’t backstab her parents like this. These people killed your self-respect and you married here? You’re someone else who doesn’t care about us. Saras says Sejal why? Your mom kept saying I trust you blindly and you proved me blind. Minal says it was our mistake that I kept trusting you.

Why did you play this game with my motherhood? Why? When you were young I said I will get you moon, you were an eclipse to that moon. You’ve stained a mother-daughter relationship. She cries and recalls when she welcomed her. Minal says how can I leave you here? You’re my heart. My daughter. My anger is out, you made a mistake. It’s okay. We don’t accept this marriage. Let’s go. Yohan says yes take her from here. If she plays with fire she will burn.

Minal says you’re young, you made a mistake. Let’s go home. It’s okay. Let it all be. Sejal says I won’t go. Saras says let’s go. You can’t stay here. Sejal says enough. She shoves their hands. Sejal says stop this emotional drama. You’re neither my mom or dad. I am married. You’ve no right to take me from here. What have you given me? That small house in Jamnagar? You want me to live my life like that?

I know you’ve brought me up, I will pay you back every penny for it. I won’t keep a penny so you don’t come back to me with your right on me. Saras says what are you saying? Have they blackmailed you? Sejal says what you can get me, I will get double of that here. You make ghee halwa, they make almond halwa. I want to live a luxurious life, that’s why I became Nanda DIL. No more poor Kotariya. You were my parents. Now this is my family. Her hand bleeds.

Minal slaps her. Minal says you will pay back your mom? Pay and hit me back. Hit me. Sejal keeps pressing her bangle. Her hand keeps bleeding. Minal says we kept you like our princess. Minal cries and sobs. Saras says Sejal look at your mom. Sejal looks away. Saras says forgive us that we gave you simple food.

Our love was less. Sorry that we came here with a right on you. We won’t come again. He takes Minal from there. They both leave in tears. Sejal recalls her childhood. She is in tears too. Sejal sees them leaving. She runs after the car and cries. Minal cries and sobs in the car. Sejal falls on the road and screams. She says sorry mummy forgive me, please. What did I say.

Shalini says their middle-class drama made me emotional too but Sejal didn’t care. Veera says she doesn’t care about her parents, what can she do to us. Arun says to Yohan you married such a crude girl? Yohan says I said..

Sejal says I said I wanna say sorry for the hindrance in my greh parvesh ritual. Let’s take mummy papa’s blessings. She says sorry mummy Yohan isn’t in mood, we will take this blessing tomorrow. We have our whole life. She says you thought bringing my parents, you would get rid of me? I left them behind for you. He goes to his room. Everyone leaves.

Scene 2
Minal cries recalling what happened. Saras cries too. He tries to console Sejal. Bamba says mummy where is didi? Talk to me. Baa says will you ever leave your parents? He says no I will never leave my parents. Baa says that’s the difference between own and outsider blood. Saras says stop it.

Minal says Saras did we make a mistake by making her our child? Saras says no it’s wrong. It’s not about blood. Kids make mistakes, it’s parents’ job to bring them on the right path. Minal says she doesn’t consider us our parents. Let’s go back to Jamnagar and we will think we have no daughter. Saras says no no. I won’t go back. I will find the truth out. I know she did it for some other reason. It can’t be money. I will find the truth, until then I won’t go back.

Scene 3
Sejal comes to Yohan’s room. Drishti says do you have no shame? This room was decorated for Yohan and Aleesha. Sejal says you know Yohan didn’t love Aleesha at all. He wanted to marry me. I am sorry I shouldn’t tell you but Yohan agreed to marry Aleesha because of you. She says I know that.

But I also know he didn’t marry you. If he made a promise for me, he won’t break it. Sejal says Yohan couldn’t find out that you love Abhishek. We feel like we know people but we don’t. You hid your love out of fear from him. He had a greater heart and he accepted Abhishek and you’re doing the opposite? You’re not accepting your SIL? You can understand our love. If you give him courage to accept our love he would. Will you talk to him.

Yohan sits outside and recalls everything. Drishti dresses his hand. Drishti says does it hurt? She says if someone can lie once, they can lie again. You lied to me that you’re marrying Aleesha by choice although that was dad’s demand. Are you hiding Sejal and your marriage because of some reason? You don’t have to hide your love. He says are you crazy. How can you even think I can love her.

Drishti says she left her home, family everything. I know how that feels. Why would I girl do it if she doesn’t have a reason? He says so I am lying. I don’t know what she wants or why she did it. You’re taking her side? She says I am with you. I want to understand you. He says that girl is lying. If you want to support me tell me how to get out of this mess? She says talk to her. Yohan says her? She says if she started it she will have a solution. Talk to her.

Sejal says I can’t waste a minute. Yohan texts her I want to talk. Come to the ground.


Spy Bahu 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yohan ties a thread tight on Sejal’s hand and says it’s painful right, this is exactly how I am feeling and now tell me what is the reason behind this marriage.

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