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Spy Bahu 10th August 2022 Episode starts with Yohan rushing Veera to the Hospital with Fake Mahira/Ahana. Sejal is brought to the jail, where she is called as murderer, terrorist by the fellow prisoners.

She is in shock, the lady constables push her in the lock up and locks her. Yohan recalls Sejal’s words that veera is the terrorist and is known as Sir ji. Sejal recalls swearing to be Spy and SK refusing to acknowledge her truth. Arun calls Veera and says I have returned. Veera acts to be unwell. He says I went away for few days,

and the house is ruined. He asks if there is nobody who can handle the situation. The doctor comes there and says Mrs. Nanda got the minor heart attack. Krish says she is healthy. Doctor says due to the situation.

Shalini blames Sejal. Krish blames yohan for giving chance to Sejal and says don’t love my mom, but don’t take her life. Yohan apologizes to Veera. Veera acts sweet and says I will be fine in a day or two, but the wound which you got. She says nobody will blame Yohan for my condition. Krish nods ok and says sorry. Doctor asks them to go home. Arun goes to do the paper work formalities.

Yohan, Shalini and Krish go out. Ahana says I have forgotten my phone and will bring it. She goes back to Veera and says I know you didn’t get heart attack. Veera opens her eyes and laughs. Ahana asks how did you do this, you fooled the doctors too. Veera says she got the heart attack really, but not really.

She tells her that she had injected herself to get heart attack. Ahana says if anything had happened. Veera says she knows how much dose to be given or taken. She says Yohan talked to me with respect, because of Sejal. She says yohan and sejal are both, under my feet. Ahana asks when you will smash both. Veera says very soon, just as I get the chance and asks Ahana to do the work.

Yohan is driving the car and thinking of Sejal’s words that everyone betrayed her. He comes home. Sejal is sitting in the lock up shocked. Yohan comes to his room and recalls Sejal’s words that she is innocent.

Ahana mixes a tablet in Yohan’s drink. A prisoner to Sejal and says she has done 14 murders and asks Sejal what she has done. Sejal calls constable and asks her to change the bulb.

The lady constable asks her to get habituated to it. Ahana comes to Yohan and says you might not like to eat food, but drink this juice. He says he wants to be alone for sometime. She says I will not leave you alone, I have right on you being your friend. Yohan says I was alone in darkness, before Sejal came.

Ahana asks him to move on and says I will help you to forget her, and may be even I can forget my pain. He says he can’t believe that Sejal can betray her. He says if it was all fake, then what is truth? He says the world is such, fake and selfish. Ahana says if you don’t take care of yourself, then who will take care of Drishti.

She asks him to drink for Drishti’s sake. She thinks I will take advantage of your unconscious state, that you will not have any option left than to bend down your head infront of me. The lady prisoner gets up in the night. Yohan takes the glass to drink the juice and drops it on the stairs.

He says this broken glass is my life now. The lady prisoner attacks Sejal. Sejal pushes her and shouts for help. The lady prisoner attacks herself with blade to blame Sejal. The lady constables come there and believe the prisoner, rather than Sejal. They tell that they will shift her to high security jail. The lady recalls getting hired by Veera’s employee to attack Sejal.

Veera calls Ahana and says Sejal is proved as dangerous prisoner and is being shifted to other jail. She asks if you know what to do? Ahana says yes. Drishti sees the dream and shouts, asking Abhi to help. Yohan comes there. Drishti tells Yohan that some people are taking Sejal and she is in danger.

Yohan says you can’t meet her. Drishti insists to meet her and says she is in danger. Yohan calls the Police and asks if they can meet Sejal Nanda. The Inspector says your wife is getting transferred to high security jail and you can’t meet her. Sejal is taken in the Van. Ahana is waiting outside and says last thing, Sejal’s death and Mahira’s win.


Spy Bahu 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ahana attacks the Police Van when Sejal is shifting to big jail, and drives the Van towards the valley. Yohan sees the Van and says Sejal is inside. Drishti says yes. Mahira/Ahana sees Yohan and thinks to hide. She jumps off from the Van and the Van falls down from the cliff in the valley. Yohan finds the van falling down and burning. He gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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