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Sirf Tum 29th August 2022 Episode starts with Suhani checking a patient. She checks her xray and asks how did this injury happen? The girl says she had fallen down. Her mother also says the same. Suhani says it doesn’t seems like it is the injury which happened due to fall down. She asks the girl to tell the truth, and then only she can help her.

Aditya checks the reports. Suhani asks the girl’s mother to answer her. Ranveer comes there and says you don’t need to do enquiry, Police is there for it and asks her to treat the injury. Suhani says it is doctor’s work to know how the injury happened and then doctor will report it. She asks the girl to tell the truth.

The girl says my husband has beaten me. Suhani says this is domestic violence case and you can file case. The girl’s father asks her not to taught her daughter to leave the house, and says if her husband leave then who will marry her.

Suhani says if the guy loves her, then he will convince her and will take her home lovingly. Ranveer hears everything and asks Suhani to come to his cabin right now. Aditya asks Suhani if she is fine. Suhani nods her head. Aditya tells Suhani that if Ranveer does something then they will complain to Dean.

Suhani says I know how to handle Ranveer. Ranveer hears and asks Aditya to go. Aditya refuses. Ranveer grabs his collar and reminds him that he is junior. Suhani says if this junior hits you, then you will live life in embarrassment and asks him to leave him.

Ranveer leaves him and goes. Suhani asks Aditya to go and says she will handle him. She says she will manage. Aditya says fine, go.

Dada ji tells Rakesh that they always wanted Suhani and Ranveer’s happiness, there is so much bitterness between them, and says if we don’t make them understand then who will make them understand.

Mamta tells Rakesh that they have to support each other, so that they can unite. She says we have to do this for their happiness. Rakesh says the matter is not about breaking or connecting the relation, the matter is about Suhani’s happiness, the way he insulted her and threw her out of the house.

He says if Ranveer comes here, apologizes to her, if she wants to go with him, then we will not stop her. He asks them to make Ranveer understand to apologize to Suhani. He says it doesn’t look seeing your faces, that he will apologize to Suhani.

He says why shall my daughter bear Ranveer’s misbehavior, like you have bear Vikrant ji’s misbehavior. Mamta says Ranveer loves her so much, that he will apologize to her. She says she will bring Ranveer to apologize to her.

Ranveer scolds Suhani and asks her to go out and do the social work. She asks if you did right with Aditya. He says you might be encouraging him, and acting to be professional. Suhani says you broke my Teej fast, didn’t let me sit, made me lift the heavy cylinder. She says you have tortured us, and says it is personal enmity.

She says you need to learn how to train the doctors. She says our enmity is about right and wrong, and says if you do wrong with Aditya, then I will not keep quiet. Ranveer says you knows well that I don’t raise hand on girl, if someone would have said this, then. He asks her to get out. Suhani goes.

Samaira asks Mamta, how she will do this? Mamta says I trust my Mata Rani and if they are destined to be together then will surely united. Ranveer comes there and asks Mamta how is she, if she has any pain or stress.

Mamta says no. He checks her and says BP is normal. He says it seems you are taking care of yourself. Mamta says she had a peaceful sleep in night, it seems everything will be fine. Ranveer asks what happened, that you felt this. Mamta says we had gone to Suhani’s house yesterday and Rakesh ji said, tells everything.

Ranveer is upset and says Suhani returned the stuff and made it clear that she don’t want to come back or keep this relation. He says I don’t want to see her face, leave about convincing her. Mamta asks why don’t you understand and is about to slip as she gets up. Ranveer holds her and asks if she is fine.

Mamta says we just want Suhani and you to be united, and wants to see your children. He says this is possible as you just loves Suhani. He says I don’t love her. Mamta asks her to throw her mangalsutra and agree that he don’t love her. She asks him to come with her.

Ranveer recalls Suhani’s words that if the guy loves then will convince you with love. He recalls Suhani telling him that if he gives respect then will get respect, Mamta’s words etc. He goes back and tells Mamta that he is ready to come to Suhani’s house. Mamta says I will call Rakesh ji and inform him.

Rakesh tells Suhani that Ranveer is coming here with Mamta ji. Suhani says I don’t think of returning to him, who is not feeling guilty and is unapologetic. Rakesh says I told her clearly that it will be your decision to go or not.

Suhani says how many times, I shall hurt Mamta aunty. Dadi says there is something wrong with Ranveer. Suhani tells Dadi about the patient and what she told her. She says I can’t return to him.

Rakesh says it is your life and you shall decide, we are with you in your decision. Sudha says if he loses his calm and misbehave with Suhani. Aditya says I am with Suhani, we will file case against him. He says I will not let anything happen to Suhani.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
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