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Sirf Tum 24th June 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer asking Ansh if they showed their true colors, just because they called Asha ji as nautanki. He tells that this is the marriage for humble people and not for illegitimate people.

Ansh asks Ranveer to think why three mandaps are here. He says I forgot to tell you that even I am marrying today. He asks won’t you congratulate me. He says you are marrying my ex wife and then also I am congratulating you. He congrats him.

He says today he will get her mother, the rightful place. Asha comes to Mamta and says this is the same red dress, which a woman wears for her marriage, which makes her get the respect from society and love from husband.

She says it is not for outsider woman, but for a wife, and tells Vikrant that it is the same bridal dress, wearing which I had taken rounds with you, around the fire. Mamta is shocked and says you had married her? She says I used to think that she is other woman, and asks Vikrant if this is truthful.

Ranveer gets angry. Suhani holds his hand. Asha says I told that I will return, I have returned to take my and my son’s rights. Mamta asks Vikrant, what nonsense this woman is talking about? Ranveer says Ansh, you are making the sacred place dirty, and asks him to leave else he will kill him. Suhani stops him and says this is what Ansh wants and that’s why he is doing this. She says we will take rounds today itself.

Mamta asks Vikrant, why is he silent, when this woman is talking nonsense? Asha says I am asking you infront of this world, will you accept Ansh and me? Ansh asks Vikrant to say. Vikrant says I will accept Ansh and you, both.

Everyone is shocked. Vikram smiles. Vikrant says you are my wife and will always be. Asha turns and looks at Mamta smiling. Vikrant says today I am giving our relation, a name. He says you will be known as Asha Vikrant Oberoi. He asks her not to hide anything from anyone now. Ansh removes his turban and makes Vikrant wear it.

Vikrant holds Asha’s hand. Mamta and Ranveer are shocked. Asha goes to the mandap with Vikrant. Vikrant asks Pandit ji to light the havan fire. Ansh goes to the altar and gives sindoor to Vikrant. Vikrant fills Asha’s maang with sindoor. Asha smiles. Mamta ia shocked. Asha gives him mangalsutra.

Vikrant makes Asha wear it. Ansh claps. Asha smiles victorious. Vikrant announces that he wants everyone to meet his elder son, Ansh Oberoi. Mamta goes to the stage and says we have many years of togetherness, I always supported you and you are doing this with me. Vikrant says I should have done this before.

He says Asha and Ansh’s relation are big than yours, and I don’t want your drama. He says your dear son Ranveer or your devimaa can do anything. Mamta holds his face and says don’t do this. Vikrant says don’t forget that you have left your husband to support your son, which I couldn’t bear and that’s why today I took revenge.

He says their relation proved to be real than your relation, and says you have betrayed me. He asks the band guys to play band. They play the band. Vikrant, Ansh and Asha dance.

Vikrant says enough. Ansh says I want my parents to take 7 rounds, before my marriage so that it is proved infront of the world that their relation is legal and not illegal. Vikrant says I have accepted her as my wife, and says now his sons will marry. Ranveer says nobody will marry her here now.

He throws the flower petals basket and comes to Mamta. He asks Mamta to come and says we will not stay here even for a moment. Mamta says no Ranveer, today is Suhani and your day and I will not let anyone ruin this day for any situation. Ranveer says your life is ruined today.

Mamta says I am very sad about the betrayal which I have today, but his pain is nothing infront of your happiness. She says Suhani had waited for you on the mandap before also. She says this time you shall marry her. Dada ji asks him to see that Suhani wants to fight for him and asks what is her mistake with the happenings here. Suhani says we know Ansh well, and knows that he has defeated from you always, and that’s why he leaves no chances to hurt you.

She says don’t give him a chance, and you have promised me that this marriage will happen today. She says so whatever happens, this marriage will happen. Samaira says he (Ansh) is a bad news, and asks him to think about his happiness. Rakesh says not only Suhani, we all believe you Ranveer.

Dada ji says they have chosen this day to do this drama. He asks Pandit ji to do the arrangements. Asha stops them from going to the marriage altar, and says you are forgetting relations, and says first elder son Ansh Oberoi will marry in this mandap. Vikrant says Asha ji is right, elder son shall marry first. He asks Ansh to come. Dada ji says Vikrant, what are you saying?

What is this drama on Ranveer’s marriage day. Vikrant says I have come here to attend my sons’ marriage and says a father blesses his sons. He asks what is the problem, if Ansh marries first. Just then a girl comes there in the palanquin and gets down from it. Asha says my bahu came, Honey. Honey gets down from the palanquin and starts dancing. Everyone looks at her.


Sirf Tum 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mamta asks Suhani to kick the kalash and gets inside. Honey tells Suhani that she likes her kalash and wants it, says please. Ansh asks her not to say please and take it, says you have first right on this house.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2022
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