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Sirf Tum 19th November 2021  Episode starts with Ranveer looking at Suhani’s half sketch which he made. John and other friend come there and says if warden sees this, then he will make us run. John asks what did you see in this girl? Ranveer says what I didn’t see in other girls, innocent face, it seems god made her with much time, and all the songs and poetry made for her. He says he didn’t feel such closeness with someone, other than his mother. He says I was just breathing, now started my life.

He says this medical career is my life and you are my lifeline. He says you are just in my life. Suhani is shown in her room. Ranveer asks his friends not to touch this painting even by mistake, else their medical career will end and they will get admitted in the hospital as patients. His friends agree and ask him to leave him, else they will be nobody in his baraat. John tells other friend that Ranveer’s studies will go now and the girl didn’t know.

Sudha comes to Suhani and asks her to drink haldi milk. Suhani drinks. Sudha reminisces her dream of becoming the doctor, looking at her doll and prays for her success Suhani asks her not to get emotional. Sudha asks her to sleep early. Suhani says you will wake me up. Sudha says how can I sleep, it is our dream.

In the morning, Sudha does the aarti while Suhani stands. She takes the aarti. Sudha asks Mata Rani to help Suhani. Suhani says exam will start at 11 am, and takes Dadi’s blessings. Rakesh tells that he will reach the site and will handle the client. Suhani takes his blessings. He asks her to make his head high. Rakesh asks Sudha to go to college with Suhani, as he has urgent work. Suhani leaves with Sudha.

Ranveer waits for Suhani to come to college. John asks him to have food. Ranveer says he has no mood to eat, and says entrance test is about to begin. Other friend comes there and says he got her number from Dean’s office. Ranveer takes the number. Suhani is in the bus with Sudha and is stuck in the traffic. Ranveer calls her and asks where is she, as entrance test is about to begin in 20 mins. She asks who are you?

He says your Papa gave your responsibility to me. Just then he hears someone telling that he is stuck in MG road. He ends the call. Suhani tells Sudha that he is strange guy and tells that they shall get down and take auto. They get down and start walking. Ranveer is riding on his bike to reach there. He stops his bike and looks for her. He finds her and calls her. Suhani and Sudha look at him. Ranveer greets Sudha and says I know you and tells that Uncle gave me Suhani’s responsibility.

He says he will give explanation later and asks Suhani to come. Suhani tells Sudha that he is that guy. He says lets go. He tries to start his bike, but it doesn’t start. He calls John and asks why you didn’t get petrol filled in the bike. John says I have forgotten. Ranveer says I will do your operation today itself. He sees the horse coming there and tells Suhani that he has an idea. He goes to the groom and congratulates him. He asks him to go and dance and give his horse to him for sometime.

He says if you go late then nothing will happen, but if she misses her exam then her medical entrance exam will be missed. He asks him to give the horse to him for sometime. The groom smiles and gets down to dance with the baraat. Ranveer asks Suhani to come, to give the exam. She asks on the horse. He asks do you have any more option. Sudha asks her to go and says I will help you. Suhani sits on the horse with much difficulty. He then sits on the back and rides the horse.

Sudha looks at them as they leave. Sirf tum plays….Ranveer asks her if she read all the syllabus and revised it. She says yes. They reach the college. Everyone looks on. He says I won’t let your dreams fail, you will fight and I will become your shield. He gets down the horse and helps her get down. Professor asks what is all this, this is not battlefield but college. He says he has to become khilji to clear the blocked road.

He takes Suhani to the entrance test hall and asks her to write exam well. Suhani thanks him. He then comes to John and scolds him. John says sorry. Ranveer asks do you know horse riding? John says I can’t even ride the donkey. Ranveer scolds him. Other friend says he knows. Ranveer asks him to give the horse back to the groom on MG road and asks John to die somehow. Ansh hears John and his friend talking about Ranveer’s love and responsibility Suhani.

He comes to the professor and tells that he wants to be volunteer in the exam. Professor appreciates him and says whenever Ranveer comes, he gives heart attack. Ansh says it is the students’ mistake to keep him on the bed. Ansh distributes the answer sheets and question papers to all the students. Professor says time starts now. Everyone starts writing. Ranveer offers water to Suhani and asks her to answer well. Professor and Ansh see him. Ranveer asks her to have sandwich and glucose water. Suhani says I don’t want anything. He insists. She takes it. Ranveer asks Suhani, how is the paper? Professor says if you come again then this girl will come in problem and I will cancel her paper. Suhani gets worried.

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Telecast Date:19th November 2021
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