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Sirf Tum 19th May 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer thinking Suhani went this way. Ansh asks the driver if he would locate the problem. Driver says he is checking. He finds the stick in the pipe and takes it out. He tells Ansh that the vehicle started. Ansh sits in the tempo and asks him to drive fast.

Suhani hears them and wonders if Ranveer could find her. They leave. Ranveer reaches there and calls Suhani. Suhani hears him while the tempo is leaving. She knocks on the tempo, saying she is here. Ranveer finds Suhani’s ring there. He asks the guy if he saw the girl, showing Suhani’s pic. The guy says no.

He then asks the lady, from whom Suhani had borrowed the shawl. The lady tells that she had taken her shawl, and then returned it. Ranveer thinks Ansh might have taken her to highway. Suhani finds the milk can in the tempo. Ranveer is riding on his bike. Suhani pours the milk out of the tempo, so that Ranveer can get a sign.

Ranveer sees the milk pouring out from the tempo and thinks if Suhani is giving him hint. Suhani hopes he understands her hint. Ranveer stops his bike infront of the tempo. Ansh asks driver to rammed the tempo on him. Driver refuses and stops the tempo. Suhani looks at Ranveer and smiles.

The driver gets down from the tempo. Ansh sits on the driver’s seat and is about to start, when Ranveer pulls him out. Suhani shouts that she is inside. Ranveer opens the tempo shutter and finds Suhani. Suhani says you have come to save your Suhani. He helps her get down the tempo and says until I am alive, I will not let anything happen to you. He looks at her hands.

Ansh gets shocked. Ranveer says Ansh has to give answer to your all wounds. He hits him and asks where you was taking her. Ansh says she is my wife and I can take her anywhere, and at anytime. Ranveer asks him to reply. They begin fighting.

Ranveer picks a rod to hit Ansh. Suhani comes infront of him and says once again, you have proved your love and concern for me. She asks why did you break engagement that day and returned divorce papers to this guy. Ranveer says I don’t want to be in the relation. He hits Ansh and brings him home.

Suhani comes behind them. Asha comes to Ansh and asks if you are fine? Dada ji asks Ranveer, what has happened? Ranveer goes inside. Roshni says what is this new drama. Ranveer brings Ansh’s trolley out and throws it on the floor. He asks Ansh to pick the stuff and leave. Asha asks what is the matter, that you are throwing us out? Ranveer says Suhani and you will not go out,

just Ansh will leave. Asha asks what did Ansh do? Ranveer says he has done something that he shall be jailed, but I left him thinking about you. He asks him to take his stuff and leave. He holds Ansh by his collar and pushes him out. Roshni says you have taken the right decision and asks him to ask Suhani and Asha to leave.

She says now you have called off the engagement, we don’t have any relation with Suhani. She says she will throw their stuff. Ranveer says they will stay here. Vikrant says Asha ji and Suhani will stay here, in our house with us, if anyone has objection then I really don’t care.

He recalls and a fb is shown. Vikrant comes to Ranveer’s room. Ranveer says today is my engagement with Suhani, I don’t want to spoil my mood. Vikrant shows him divorce papers and says I am going to divorce my wife and your mom. He says I am leaving her and freeing her from this relation. He says you can take her anywhere, I don’t have a problem. Ranveer checks the divorce deed and reads it.

He thanks him and says before you change your mind, I will give this good news to my Mother. Vikrant asks him to tell Mamta that once she goes, I will marry Asha and will make my relation legitimate with her. Ranveer says 100 evil people might have died, then you was born. Mamta comes there and asks if he don’t feel shame to talk to his father like that. Ranveer says he is feeling ashamed to think that he is the son of a cheap guy,

let his mother stay with him. Vikrant asks can you believe, he made our divorce papers ready. Mamta checks the papers and asks what do you want, that your mother get separated from her husband. Ranveer tries to wipe her tears and says your husband was talking about separation and I am thankful. He says he will take her far away and will keep her happy. Mamta says she will not hear anything against her husband and asks if he knows what will happen once she leaves.

Vikrant says I told that I will marry Asha and will fill sindoor in her maang. Mamta asks do you want my rights to be taken by Asha and your rights by Ansh. She says this is my house and only my dead body will leave from here. She tears the divorce papers and asks him to go and get engaged to Suhani. She goes.

Vikrant says Indian wives are emotional fools, especially your mom. He asks him to forget about marrying Suhani, if he wants her mother to remain married. He says he is indeed a very good businessman. Ranveer accepts his deal and says I have a condition, you will not ask Asha aunty and Suhani to leave from here. Vikrant asks for Suhani and Ansh’s divorce papers. Fb ends.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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