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Sirf Tum 19th August 2022 Episode starts with Aditya coming to the isolated place and sees Suhani. He blames Ranveer and asks if he is a man or devil. Ranveer says this is a problem of junior doctors, who wants to reach to conclusion without knowing anything.

Suhani tells Aditya that some goons had kidnapped them and brought them here. Aditya blames Dr. Ranveer. Suhani asks him to relax and says Dr. Ranveer needs our help now. Aditya says you are hurt and sitting in this isolated place, and talking about helping him. Suhani insists. Aditya tries to check his leg.

Ranveer pushes him. Aditya helps Suhani get up. Ranveer tries to walk holding the stick. Suhani says you can’t walk. Ranveer says I can walk, you think about yourself. Aditya lifts Suhani in his arms. Ranveer gets angry and hits him. He asks how dare you to touch her, she is my wife. Aditya is shocked.

Ranveer hits him again. Suhani says I was your wife, but not anymore. Ranveer looks shocked. Aditya says I don’t care about her past, she was my friend, she is my friend and will always be my friend. He says I have come here for Suhani, my friend and not for someone else. He holds her hand and asks her to come. He tells Ranveer that he is taking Suhani, but will send help for him. He taunts him and takes Suhani from there.

Suhani tells the Police that Dr. Ranveer didn’t kidnap her. Rakesh says driver said that Ranveer took you in car. Suhani says he didn’t take me to hurt me or kidnap me. Sudha says you are lying, you are having so much injuries, and defending him. Suhani says some guys were drinking while we are on the way,

and they had fight with Ranveer. She says after that…they kidnapped us. Rakesh says this all happened due to his anger, if anything had happened to you, then who would be responsible. He asks inspector to do the enquiry and save his daughter. Suhani says we shall end this right here, and tells Inspector that she don’t want to file any case. Inspector asks why did he take you out in the car. Aditya says Dr. Ranveer is her husband. Inspector asks Suhani to tell if she wants to file FIR. He leaves.

Ranveer reaches home and breaks the things. Vikrant holds him. Mamta asks what happened to you and gives him swear. She wipes blood from his hand.

Ranveer says I can bear Suhani’s hatred, the pain given by her, but can’t bear to see anyone getting closer to Suhani. He says Suhani is mine and will always be mine. He says if she walks towards someone else, I will end her life and will destroy everything. Vikrant, Mamta and Samaira are shocked.

Aditya bandages Suhani’s foot. Suhani says sorry, says I know you came to know about me, this way. He says you don’t need to give explanation, it is your personal life. Suhani says you are my best friend and you shall know.

She says Ranveer was my life’s that phase, which has only pain and you used to share happiness with me. He says I knew about your pain, but never ask you. He says I couldn’t give you trust that you shall tell you. Suhani says it is not like that. Aditya says when that guy is torturing you in the hospital, you didn’t think to tell me.

Suhani says it was difficult to talk about him, that doesn’t mean that our relation is not weak. She says smile look good on your face. Sudha hears them. She goes to Ishaan and asks him to drink milk and sleep for now. She asks him to watch all the shows with Dadi tomorrow. Dadi says we will binge it. He goes to sleep.

Sudha tells Dadi that she heard Suhani and Aditya talking, and tells Dadi that if Suhani takes divorce from Ranveer and marries Aditya, then everything will be fine. Dadi asks if Ranveer will give divorce.

Ranveer vents out his anger in his room. Suhani asks Aditya to go to hospital. He says he has taken off. Suhani asks why you want to make your patients suffer. Aditya asks what is the use to go, when my mind, heart and thoughts will be here, will think about you. Suhani says I am fine, I am little bit injured.

Aditya says how to make my heart understand, that don’t worry for you, to stop thinking about you, not to love you. Suhani walks towards him and says I regard you as my good friend. He asks if I can’t love you, if I don’t deserve your love. Suhani says how to make you understand. He asks what is the matter, don’t you love me?

He says its ok, if you don’t love me, and says I want to tell you, that your best friend loves you a lot, and can’t express his feelings in words, and can’t live without her. He holds her hand and says Suhani, I love you a lot.


Sirf Tum 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranveer says you have seen my love till now and will see my hatred. Suhani hopes for the new start. Sirf Tum to exclusively stream on Voot from 22nd August.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2022
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