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Sirf Tum 10th August 2022  Episode starts with Suhani and Aditya joining a hospital with Dr. Nisha. Dean asks them to sign. They sign. He asks Aditya to come at 8 am shift and asks Suhani to come at 8 pm shift. Aditya says but. Suhani says she has no problem. Dean asks her to go home if she wants. Suhani says she will see the hospital.

Dean says good and tells that she will report to Dr. RO and tells that his way of working is different, but he is the competent doctor of our hospital. Suhani says ok. He says hospital transport will pick and drop her. Suhani thanks him.

She comes out and sees Aditya and Nisha. Aditya says hospital is well developed, although it is rural hospital. Nisha and Aditya tell that they shall have tea and biscuit. Suhani asks them to go and have it. They talk about Dr. Shekhar whom they will be reporting. Aditya asks Suhani about her doctor.

Suhani says she is reporter Dr. RO in night duty. Nisha says his temperament is mad, and he is crazy. Suhani asks what is his full name? Nisha says don’t know. Suhani says may be people are making stories, if he is good doctor then he might not be a bad person. Aditya says tell RO that your Adi knows Karate Fu. Suhani says ok. He asks her to understand his emotions. Suhani laughs.

Later Suhani sees a queue of patients and asks peon why are they waiting? The peon tells that they are waiting to get treated by the night duty doctor, though his way of treatment is not understandable, but patients get fine fully. Suhani thinks to break her Teej fast till Dr. RO comes. Peon comes to her and says RO is asking you to come. Suhani asks him to go and says she will come. She starts the puja.

Peon comes back with an injury on his forehead, and asks her to come. Suhani asks what happened to you. He says he has thrown paper weight on me, and if you don’t come then might throw surgical equipment. Suhani says this is wrong and goes to RO. She hears RO scolding the Nurse and asking if he will wait for a junior doctor. He recalls Honey telling about Suhani’s revenge.

Suhani also thinks of Honey’s words. She tells Peon that she will bandage his head. Ranveer tells Suhani that she is just junior doctor here, and asks Peon to tell how the new doctors are welcomed here. Peon gives sweet box to him. Ranveer asks Suhani to open her mouth and have the sweet.

Suhani does open her mouth. Ranveer grabs peon’s collar and is about to hit him. Suhani tries to stop him. He pushes her and she falls on the wall and faints. Ranveer gets worried. He asks for water. Peon gives him water bottle. Ranveer sees blood on it, and asks Peon to stop blood first. He asks him to get lost.

Peon leaves. Ranveer makes unconscious Suhani have the water. Suhani gets up and asks how dare you to touch me. She says I don’t want to see you face, but want to meet you so that I can throw my marks sheet on your face. She says I have top in my exam and tells that she has made her own identity and came here with her own hardwork. She walks away from there.

Ishaan tells Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi that he is going to college. Suhani comes there. Sudha asks her to have breakfast first and then take rest. Suhani goes to her room.

Suhani tries to sleep and gets reflection of the happenings. She cries. Everyone hears her crying. Sudha says Suhani is crying. Suhani asks why Mata Rani, why are you testing my patience, I want to stay away from that man and you made me stand infront of him, why?

Ranveer recalls Honey’s words that Suhani wanted to take revenge from him. He imagines Suhani throwing her marks sheet on his face and laughing it off. He is driving the car and sees the truck coming from the opposite direction. He manages to turn his car and then stops it on the way. He takes the drink and drinks. He says you have done a mistake by returning and will repent a lot. He says I have waited for you since 4 years and now I will settle scores for every pain which you have given me.

Suhani cries. Dadi says we never thought that you have to face Ranveer again. Sudha says Dadi is right, leave the job and sit at home. Rakesh says it is not that easy, it is matter of her career. She has to work with Ranveer for a year. Sudha asks what are you saying, shall we send her to that hell to work with that man.

Rakesh asks her to understand and says if she leave the job then her licence will be cancelled, one year bond was signed. Suhani says Papa is right. Dadi asks if you can bear him for a year. Rakesh asks her to do what she thinks right and reminds her that she had taken decision that she will face Ranveer and will tell him that she don’t need him and will show his right place to him. He says we trust you, but do you trust yourself. He asks if you will run off from Ranveer and your hardwork too.


Sirf Tum 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rakesh asking Suhani if she will let her hardwork go waste due to Ranveer, else will face him. Suhani says she will fight and win. Mamta hopes Suhani returns home. Ranveer thinks his hatred will wipe off Suhani’s identity in the house.

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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