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Sherdil Shergill 28th October 2022 Episode starts with Raj saying Anisha is my would be wife, we have come here to see the top floor, we are going to shift here after marriage, we thought to meet you, do come in our engagement, will you come, boss. Ajeet says it got fixed suddenly. Raj says I had told everything to Manmeet,

we shall go. Manmeet says come in, you came to our house for the first time on Diwali, I insist, please come in. She asks Anisha and Raj to sit. Raj says we don’t have time, we have to go home. Manmeet says just relax, you run from office, why are you running from home. Puneet says he has to go,

he will come later on. Raj says yes, we have Diwali celebrations at home also. Manmeet says we will give her shagun, I m not Anisha’s boss, don’t be formal, when did you finalize the marriage. Anisha says just half an hour ago, we know each other since an hour ago. Manmeet says you said yes so soon. Anisha says yes.

Manmeet says Raj is a nice guy. Anisha asks how is he, you are his boss, tell me, I have time to say no. Manmeet says he is unpredictable, I was joking, he has many qualities in him. Raj says I will just come. He goes and says it was not needed to come here.

Puneet says you are going to marry, you didn’t tell us anything. Raj says it happened in haste, I told Manmeet, but she removed me from her life, its okay, aunty ji, its too late. Puneet says I felt glad when you called me mummy ji in Shimla, call me mummy ji. He says okay. She says you don’t want to do this marriage.

He asks why would I get Anisha here. Manmeet says I went to Paris last month and shopped for perfumes, our fashion sense is same, you might like this. Anisha likes the perfumes. Raj jokes. He asks Anisha to come. Manmeet hugs Anisha. Raj and Anisha leave. Raj says I thought to make you meet Manmeet.

Anisha says you are hiding something, something is going on between you two. He says she is my ex boss, there is nothing, she is rude boss, she challenged me that I have no courage to marry, so I made you meet her. Puneet says Raj doesn’t want to marry. Ajeet asks did he say. She says no, they both are upset, but pretending happy. He asks her to sleep. She asks why don’t you understand,

just listen to me please, we will stop his marriage. Anisha says if I was in your place, then I would have married her, I like her. Ajeet says no, I don’t want to spoil relations with Manmeet, Bhairav sent goons to our house when Raj went missing. Raj jokes on Anisha. Manmeet recalls Raj.

Its morning, Hussain asks what’s this, I got the same box in my cabin. She gets the gift box. She gets the invite letter for Raj and Anisha’s engagement. He asks don’t you want to say anything. She says its about time, we start our work. He says sure. He goes. She recalls Raj. Choti does tilak to Raj.

Nirali gives him the shagun envelopes, and says I won’t help you next year, I got to know you lost your wallet, your wife will help next year. He gives the envelops to them and hugs. Choti sends the servants. Murari says you have to come with me, we found out the goons, you identify them. Raj asks where.

Murari tells about the tea stall. Raj calls Manmeet. She disconnects. He calls Puneet. He says I wanted to talk to Manmeet, when she comes home, inform me, don’t tell her, thanks. Puneet thinks. Anisha calls Raj and asks are you busy. He says yes, its our engagement tomorrow. She says we won’t have this freedom tomorrow, I want to enjoy a lot today, can we meet today, we will go to Kuku’s club, I heard standup comedians come there, shall I book a table there.

Raj is shocked. He says no, actually, I don’t like standup comedy, we will go somewhere else. Choti takes her husband aside and says I got a great idea to burn crackers after Diwali. He says you can’t do anything now when the guy and the girl are ready to marry. She says you trust me, you will know anything. She calls someone and says you are in Mumbai, right, come to the address which I m sending, meet me there. She thinks my dear Raj, now it will be the real blast.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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