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Sherdil Shergill 27th October 2022 Episode starts with Manmeet doing Raj’s tilak and aarti. He smiles. His hand burns by aarti diya. She asks where is your focus. His imagination ends. Mishra says your training got over, why did you come. Raj says I came to get my belongings. He sings.

Manmeet says tell Mishra ji, he will send your belongings home. Mishra says just a pen and this paper. She says distribute these sweets to everyone. Raj removes his jacket. She asks what are you going. Raj shows RK Ka Swayamvar pic on his tshirt. Hussain asks is this a joke. Raj says no, I m getting married, someone told me to have Swayamvar, so I thought its right, girls started fighting for me, the one who wins will become my wife.

Manmeet goes. Hussain says you can’t be serious. Raj says I m serious, I m getting married. He asks Mishra to keep the pen. He hears Sharda asking everyone to come to the conference room, there are three days holidays from tomorrow. Raj goes to Manmeet. She asks what are you doing. He says I have gone mad,

what’s wrong with you, what’s your behavior. She says my meeting is going to start, you don’t work here anymore. He says you don’t care for me. She says I m still the same, I got kiddish in between, we are always colleagues. He says right, we have spent much time, I supported you. She says I will be thankful.

He says I thought we are friends. She says yes, but it had cost a lot. He asks her to understand. He holds her hand. She sees the staff coming. She begins the meeting. Raj looks at her. He brings Manmeet somewhere. She asks him to say, what is it. He says we were not just colleagues, we had become good friends, what’s wrong, I told you about my marriage, I thought you will try to stop it, you separated me from yourself, what happened, sorry, tell me the reason.

She asks him to answer her first. She asks are you in love with me. He recalls their moments. She asks again. He asks are you crazy. She says I m noticing it, you are calling me a lot, you came to office, no one invited you,

you are dreaming about me, I think there is a reason so I asked, do you love me, we are not teenagers, but mature adults, so I m asking you to deal with this maturely, do you love me. He pulls her close.

He says I look for you around and just want to be with you, talk to you, all the time. She gets away. He says you wanted to hear this, right, maybe you love me. She asks are you mad. He says we are best buddies, how did love come between. She says listen to me carefully, I m not blaming you,

I was foolish to take you to Shimla as my fake husband, all the problems started there, you and me are different, our family backgrounds and lives, we are becoming a hurdle in each other’s lives, I don’t know your Sydney dream to get any hurdle. Raj turns to go. She stops him.

She says say something. He asks why did you tear that paper, I thought we have become good friends, I m still the same, a rich spoilt brat, we are different, fine, I m going back in my world, you go back, don’t choose the path where you meet me again, bye, we won’t meet again. He leaves. Raj’s family talks to the matchmaker. Raj comes home. He says we don’t want your services, you may go, you will get your fees.

The lady leaves. Nirali says you said you are ready for marriage. He asks is dad at home. He goes to Bhairav. Everyone follows. Bhairav asks what did he do now. Nirali says he sent the matchmaker away. He asks Raj why did you do this. Raj says I don’t need any matchmaker, I m ready to marry anyone anytime you say, I have a problem, I don’t want to do Swayamvar, why to see six girls when I have to marry one, you might have seen many girls for marriage at your time.

Bhairav says what nonsense, I just got your mum’s alliance and married her. Raj says exactly, I m ready for marriage. Bhairav asks Murari to burn the crackers at the gate, its Raj’s marriage. He hugs Raj and says you made me happy today. Nirali says you thought of it well. Murari says I caught those goons, shall I get them. Bhairav says no, we will meet them after Diwali, keep an eye on them. He calls Gopal and gives the good news. He says I m keeping my son’s proposal for your daughter, you all come home tomorrow, we will wait.

Manmeet comes to talk to Ajeet and Puneet. Ajeet says I feel relaxed. Puneet says Raj came to office, right. He says Raj won’t come to office now. She says he came for work, Sharda told me. Manmeet says he came to take his belongings and left, tell me what do you want to know. Puneet says nothing, don’t get upset. Manmeet asks why did you call Sharda, you should have asked me directly.

He asks why did you call. Puneet says so what, I can talk to Sharda. Manmeet says I told you, he said he is going to marry, he is having a Swayamvar. Puneet asks what, didn’t you say anything. Manmeet asks what should I say, what shall I do, I m going to sleep, I have to make Laxmi puja arrangements in morning.

She goes. Puneet says she is strange. Manmeet and Raj recall each other. Raj says I told her good bye, why is she troubling me, its time to change my status on social media. He writes, time to stay single is over. He sleeps. Manmeet lies to sleep.

Its morning, Manmeet makes the Rangoli and thinks of Raj. Puneet calls her out and asks what’s the matter. Manmeet takes a selfie with family. Raj checks their pics. She says she didn’t check my status. Radhe comes and asks him to get ready. Raj says I will come. Everyone dances. Raj asks what’s all this.

Bhairav says you are going to see your would be wife for the first time, so its going to be special. Manmeet is with her family. Bhairav welcomes Gopal’s family. Gopal’s daughter Anisha comes. Manmeet recalls Raj. Bhairav introduces Gopal, his wife, his mom and his daughter. He says she is my would be bahu. Raj greets Anisha. She says I m Anisha. Nirali asks Raj to show the house to Anisha. Anisha goes with him.

She says the family wants us to have a talk. Manmeet says I have irritation in my eye. Puneet says it signifies a good or bad omen. Manmeet says its just vitamin D deficiency. Raj talks to Anisha. She tells about her Bfs. She says none was serious, more than good friends, I thought you will run away.

Raj says no, its normal these days. She asks did you have any serious relationship. He says no, I liked someone who was interested in my dad’s bank balance, you can ask Radhe. She says I have much money, don’t doubt me, I want to live my life well, I want to enjoy, live and laugh. He asks are you ready for marriage. She asks why, shouldn’t I, I came here to meet your family, your dad called me bahu so don’t you think,

you are also my type. He says then lets marry, you want to sit at home or come with me. She says we will go. Puneet asks did the eye get fine. Ajeet says don’t irritate her. Puneet says something good will happen. Raj gets Anisha home. He says she is Manmeet, my ex boss, my mentor, and this is Anisha, my would be wife. Manmeet is shocked.

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