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Sherdil Shergill 25th October 2022 Episode starts with the man attacking Raj and leaving. The people see Raj and identify him. They call for an ambulance. Raj leaves in a cab. Manmeet comes home. She meets Ajeet and Puneet. She says Gunjan and I were stressed. Puneet says we had to give you a surprise. They say surprise.

Manmeet checks the door. Raj comes hurt. She gets shocked. She asks what happened. He says some men have beaten me up. He falls down. She holds him in lap. He says dad shouldn’t know this, promise. She calls out Ajeet.

Ajeet and Puneet ask what happened. Ajeet says I will call his dad. She says no, he said his family shouldn’t know. Ajeet says he refused in this state. She says no, try to understand, I will take him to hospital, I will call Hussain if I need help, you stay here at home.

Bhairav asks did Raj come. Nirali says no, I m worried if he will come or not. He asks why. She says he got to know about Nikki showing us the video. He says if he lied in the video, then he will come to us and tell us that he lied.

She asks if its true then. He says don’t start it again, I know you are upset. She says yes, I didn’t see Anmol well. He asks who is Anmol. She says our grandson, his nose is like Raj. He says babies look the same till few months. She says you have turned stone-hearted, I didn’t even hug Anmol, if he is our grandson, I will not forgive myself. She goes.

Manmeet gets Raj to the hospital. Radhe calls Raj. She checks the call. Murari tries to find Raj. Bhairav asks what happened. Murari says nothing. Bhairav says Raj will come. Radhe says Raj has sent a message.

He reads some wrong message. He says sorry, he messaged that he is working in office late night, don’t worry. Choti says we have to take tension, Raj never messaged anywhere, something is wrong. Bhairav goes. Manmeet talks to the doctor. He says we have to do some tests and check for internal injuries. She thanks him.

He calls someone and says I m sending Manmeet’s address, ask her if Raj is there, if yes, then go in and get Raj here. Nurse asks are you with Raj. Manmeet says yes. Nurse asks did you inform the police, it’s a fighting case, sign this form, its consent form, you are his wife, right, any problem, do you want to call someone else from family. Manmeet says no, tell me, I will sign. She signs the form and asks nurse to start the treatment.

She asks doctor is anything serious. Doctor says we got MRI done, he is fine, he will get conscious in some time, he can go home tomorrow. She thanks him. She says really Raj, what else will you make me do, my life was tough but never filmi, you ruined my sleep, and you are sleeping. She sleeps on the sofa. Raj wakes up and calls her out. She asks are you okay, can you see me and talk, tell me, what happened. He says pinch me first. She pinches. He screams. She asks why.

He says I was confirming you are here. She says yes, that’s why you are alive, I was so scared seeing you injured at my door, I want serious conversation now, tell me what happened, tell everything to Bhairav, how long will you hide. He says I will tell half truth, that some goons have beaten me and took away my stuff. She says right. He says some people don’t understand jokes, some praise and some beat. Bhairav’s men come to Manmeet’s house and ask for Raj.

Ajeet stops them. They argue and get inside the house to check. Puneet says Anmol is sleeping inside. The man says please let us check, then we will go. They don’t find Raj. Ajeet says we told you, Raj isn’t here. The man asks do you know where is Raj. Puneet says no. The man says please inform Bhairav, his family is worried. They leave. Ajeet calls Bhairav and says your men came to find Raj, he wasn’t here, its my turn to tell you something.

Raj wakes up smiling. He sees Ajeet. Manmeet is sleeping at Raj’s feet. Raj says I used to see Manmeet in dream and now even Ajeet. He gets shocked seeing Bhairav. He says I got much hurt, I m seeing even dad. Bhairav smiles. Raj touches him and gets scared. Bhairav holds Raj. Ajeet says careful. Bhairav says nothing happened to his shoulder, I spoke to the doctor, doctor said he can go home today.

He asks will you come to your dad’s house or Manmeet’s house. Raj wakes up Manmeet. She gets shocked seeing Ajeet and Bhairav. She says I asked you to stay at home. Bhairav says tell me what to do, if Raj had died, then would you call us in his mourning ceremony, tell me. Raj says I asked boss not to tell you,

so that you don’t worry. Bhairav says she would message about late night work, amazing. Manmeet says actually I was alone, I didn’t know what to do, I messaged to relieve your tension. Bhairav asks what sin did I do that you hid a big thing, thanks Ajeet for telling us, the list of questions is long, I expect you both to answer. Raj gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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