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Sherdil Shergill 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Ajeet asking what’s the matter, Manmeet would have told everything. Bhairav says yes, but I was mistaken that we know our children. Ajeet says Manmeet is my daughter, she won’t lie.

Bhairav says I have a proof, just come here and solve this. Puneet says we are coming, don’t worry. Manmeet asks Shah about the delay in construction. Shah says delay happened due to rains, we have doubled the labour now. Raj comes and whistles. She asks what’s this. He says I got to know you are here.

She asks what happened now. He says I handled the matter. She jokes. She says I was at office till 1. He says I woke up at 1, I came here to meet you. She asks why did you come here. He says come aside, listen to me. She says stay in your limits. He says sorry boss, I m asking for 5 mins. She asks what is it.

He shows the diary paper. She says yes, I remember your jail days. He says I didn’t cross since many days, I thought to put a full stop on it, you also got your diary along. She asks how did you know. He says I checked your desk. She asks how dare you.

He says stop this fake anger, I want to have our special moment, which we always remember, so please do what I say. She says I m busy. She also gets the diary page. They both tear the pages and throw off the pieces. He smiles seeing her. She looks at him.

Bhairav waits for Ajeet and Puneet. Ajeet and Puneet come home. Bhairav asks them to come. He introduces his family. Choti is shocked. Manmeet asks Raj to get down her car. She says I have nothing to tear it, do you want to have another moment. Raj recalls and says moment was made last night.

She asks him to say. He says I have seen a dream at night, you were asking me to have noodles and then talked strange things about my marriage, then I got bored and made you leave. She says its nonsense. He says it was my dream. She says you do something when you lie, come. She gets Gunjan’s call and asks how are you. Gunjan asks did you talk to mum and dad. Manmeet says no, why.

Gunjan says they aren’t answering my calls, even on landline, tell me if you talk to them. Manmeet says okay and worries. Bhairav asks Choti to show the video to Ajeet. She asks which video, you asked me to delete it.

He says yes, but you had sent it on your phone before deleting it, show it. He shows the video to Ajeet and Puneet. Puneet smiles. Raj and Manmeet are on the way. He says maybe they have gone out, their daughters are settled, maybe they are having privacy. She says stop nonsense, I m panicking.

He says I will get down here, I have my show. Ajeet says I can’t believe it. Puneet says believe it now, you said you trust Manmeet, she doesn’t lie. Nirali says Bhairav also said the same, Manmeet doesn’t lie. Puneet says I knew this is the real story, I have seen them together. Bhairav asks what’s the real story. Puneet says Anmol is your grandson. Ajeet asks why are you saying this.

He says we will call the children and ask them the truth. Puneet says you like Raj, you have seen how Raj takes care of Manmeet and Anmol. Bhairav says stop getting happy, Ajeet is saying right, we should handle this maturely. He asks Nirali to show the house to Puneet. Ajeet says go, men should discuss some matters.

Puneet goes with Nirali. Bhairav sends Choti and Murari. Ajeet says sorry from my wife’s side. Bhairav says no, its fine, mum thinks of children’s good. Ajeet says I think they are lying to save each other, Manmeet lied for Gunjan’s marriage, Raj lied to get rid of Nikki, I m an experienced lawyer, I know the truth. Bhairav says I was worried for this matter since yesterday, you solved this.

Puneet says children are confused these days, they have a child first, then they marry. She shows Anmol’s pic. Nirali says it looks like Raj’s childhood pic. Puneet says its Anmol’s pic, he looks like Raj, look at his nose and hair, and eyes are like Shergill family. Raj is at his show. A guy gets angry at Raj. Raj asks him to laugh and have fun in life. The guy leaves. Ajeet says you really have a big house.

Nirali asks so what did you men decide. Ajeet says we will sit and talk to the children, its better to not talk about it. Nirali says it means you have postponed the matter. She hugs Puneet. Ajeet and Puneet leave. Nirali smiles. Raj leaves from the club. The same guy who was at the club, hits on his head. Raj falls down.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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