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Sherdil Shergill 21st October 2022 Episode starts with Nikki says it means marriage didn’t happen. Manmeet asks how can’t it happen, I come from a small town, we had got married in a temple. Nikki asks why did you get separated.

Manmeet asks is Raj your first love. Nikki says no. Raj says Nikki… Manmeet says exactly, tell me, how is first love, it doesn’t happen for long, we had fights, Anmol was born, I was against the fights. Nikki asks why did he ruin my life. Manmeet says he can’t think right, he thought he loves you, he came to me and cried, he said he made a mistake, he doesn’t love you, remember how he was fooling you.

Nikki asks why didn’t he tell me the truth. Manmeet says he always lies and makes me lie too, I understand you, but the truth is, its too late, Raj and I have come back together, we are one. She signs Raj. Raj says I know I m not your first love, but I m sorry, Nikki. Manmeet says you can ask me anything. Nikki asks why did you call me Bua that day. Manmeet asks how can I tell my family about my husband’s GF, don’t jump down, ask me anything. Nikki says I m going to get my bag. Manmeet says sorry.

Manmeet and Raj send off Nikki. Raj goes to hug Manmeet. She stops him. He says you can become an amazing actor, I m a standup comedian, your lines were good, I had fun. She says now we won’t help each other, our contract ended. He says okay boss, keep this smile, I m inviting you to Kuku’s club, I will rock it tonight.

Nikki gets drunk and comes to Raj’s house. Everyone looks at her. Radhe says Komal… Nikki says no Komal, Nikki, your Mama ji’s GF, no ex-GF. Bhairav asks Radhe who is she. Radhe says Komal. Nikki says Bhairav…. And pats his arm. Everyone worries. Nikki says I will tell you, I know everything. She talks to them. Manmeet watches Raj’s show at the Kuku club. Nikki says Radhe told me about everyone, but didn’t say about Raj, its not his mistake, you all don’t know the truth. She recalls recording Manmeet and her conversation. She shows the video to them. Everyone is shocked.

Nirali cries. Bhairav holds his head. Raj cracks a joke. Nikki says he faked a love drama with me for 6 months, he was married and he had a child also, liar, useless. Nirali says shut up now. Nikki says you shut up oldie, I thought you both oldies will die in few years and this house will be mine, I will rule here as Prince’s princess, I had seen a dream of pent house on sky city, but I didn’t get anything, Manmeet ruined all this, Raj was going to get engaged to me. Raj finishes his show.

Nikki says my parents will get me married to a salesman. She falls asleep. Choti asks her to wake up. Radhe asks why are you all staring at me, I didn’t go to her, she came to me, she said she loves me. Bhairav says drop her home. Radhe says I don’t have her address, shall I ask Raj. Bhairav says no one will tell Raj,

let Nikki sleep in guest toom till she gets conscious, then we will ask her address. Raj asks how was my performance, I was good, right. Manmeet says you are irritating at office, you are entertaining on stage.

He asks are you flirting with me. She says I m settling the scores, you told me that day, that I look good when I sleep, same way, you look good when you are on stage. He says I m feeling hungry, can we go out somewhere to eat, there is a good restaurant nearby. She says sorry, I have left Anmol alone with Vidya, I have to go home, we can have food there. He says I have no problem. She says don’t get much excited.

Manmeet gives him the bowl of noodles and asks will you eat it, and just see it. Raj jokes. She says don’t eat if you don’t want. Raj says I will have it, why did you make it so late. She says its our speciality. She asks will you have juice. He says yes, get me a coke, sorry, I won’t have anything. She goes and drinks the juice. He looks at her. She comes back and sits. She says Rajkumar…

He says boss, I was saying, a lie has got many benefits, Gunjan got married, your patchup with family happened, I got rid of Nikki, its late and my family didn’t call, noodles are nice. She says you are strange. He says I think you are missing Nikki a lot, what would be she doing now. Radhe goes to see Nikki. Bhairav checks the video again and recalls Manmeet’s words. Nirali says they came from Shimla and told a long story, you said you trust Manmeet, she won’t lie. He says let me think. She says this won’t change the truth.

They all discuss about Raj and Manmeet. Choti says I will call RK. Bhairav says no, it will happen what I want. Choti asks can’t I question my brother. Nirali says no, go home. Choti gets upset. Nirali gets dizzy. Choti says I will stay back. Nirali says no, you go. Bhairav asks what’s happening. He asks Choti to delete the video. Choti smiles and sends the video on her number.

Raj comes home and asks what are you doing in guest room at this time. Radhe says I was taking something. Raj asks did Bua ji come. Radhe says yes, don’t disturb her. Raj calls out Bua ji. He sees the wine bottle. He goes to see Bua ji again and leaves. Doctor checks Nirali. He asks her to get ECG done at the clinic. He says I wanted to tell you something, Raj called me yesterday for his son, then he said its his friend’s son,

I found this strange, I think Nirali is worried for this matter, ask her not to worry. Raj gets drunk. He imagines Manmeet and a funny moment. They sing, dance and have a romantic talk. She asks will your family accept our relation. He says we will have a fake marriage. She says no, it will be real. He gets shocked and sees her in hunter style. She asks him will you really marry me. He gets scared. He asks why real, you aren’t real but a dream. He bites his hand to come to senses. He doesn’t see Manmeet. He says she left. He leaves.

Murari says Nikki woke up, she was trying to run, shall I get her. Bhairav says yes. Nikki comes. Bhairav asks about the fastest route to her town. He asks her to go home, get married and then send us your marriage pics. He threatens her. He gives her a cheque and says make sure that Raj doesn’t even come in your dream, leave the city forever. She goes. He says Raj is sleeping.

Murari says yes. Bhairav calls Ajeet. He says I have to talk something imp, you and Puneet have to come here urgently. Ajeet asks when. Bhairav says today. Ajeet asks why. Bhairav says you knew something which I came to know later, now I know something that you don’t know, don’t tell this to Manmeet.

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