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Sherdil Shergill 18th October 2022 Episode starts with Bhairav says we should have not gone there, we made a mistake, look at his courage. Raj says no, I mean… Manmeet says I know Raj since the last three months, he came to the office on your saying, you have seen my child, how can this get possible in three months, are you understanding.

Bhairav cleans his shoes. Raj and everyone get afraid. Manmeet says ask me if there is anything. Bhairav says I m listening, you can tell me. Choti says I have a question, we understood your sister’s marriage was at stake, what was at stake for Raj, Raj should answer this. Bhairav removes his shoe. He starts beating Raj. He scolds Raj.

Nirali and everyone try to stop Bhairav. Manmeet looks on shocked. Nirali says forgive him, it was a drama. Bhairav asks why did he do this drama, ask him. Nirali asks Raj to say. Manmeet says because of you and your upbringing. Everyone looks on. Puneet calls Vidya and asks where is Manmeet.

Vidya says she has come here, Raj’s house. Puneet smiles and says Manmeet has gone to Raj’s house. Ajeet says she told me, she will go there to clear the misunderstanding, end this, Raj is just her friend, Anmol isn’t Raj’s friend, there isn’t anything between them, don’t argue about this again.

Manmeet says you have raised him so well, he couldn’t see my helplessness, I didn’t wish to say this, but my sister Gunjan tried to commit suicide, I just had this plan, can you trust me, Raj just came there to help me, he brought me close to my family again. Nirali cries and says you should have told me, we got so much worried, we knew you can’t do this. Manmeet says please forgive me, I had no intention to trouble you, I won’t give you a chance to complain again,

my son Anmol is waiting for me outside, I will leave, I m very sorry for the last time. She signs bye to Raj and leaves. Bhairav looks at Raj. Hussain calls Manmeet and asks how is Shimla. She says I have come back to Mumbai, I will come back and tell everything. He jokes about Bhairav. She says don’t joke again. He says Nikki came here and asked me about you two, I wished to tell her everything but didn’t see, Raj isn’t simple as he looks. She says I m much tired, I will talk to you later.

Manmeet and Anmol come home. She asks Vidya to feed Anmol. Raj thinks of Manmeet. She also thinks of him. Bhairav comes to Raj. Raj gets up. Bhairav asks why didn’t you have food, come, sit.

He says until you don’t become a dad, Lord gave me a right to beat you. Raj says it means you believe that this was a drama. Bhairav says I didn’t think this will be true, I was worried, its good Manmeet explained it in detail, you remove the shirt, I will do the aid and wash my sins.

He says I was scared that my son has become a father, you can’t understand the importance of being a son, your mum was 42 years old when you were born, we had prayed a lot because we wanted a son after two daughters, then that day came, Choti came out, I didn’t know that there are twins,

I was worried, doctor called me and said have patience, one more is coming, after much waiting, you came. Raj says but how does this connect to my story. Bhairav says I can’t let you become father of anyone this way, I will find a girl from our community and keep the marriage well, apologies. Raj hugs him.

Anmol cries. Manmeet asks Vidya to give Anmol’s red toy. Vidya says its not in the bag. Raj gets Anmol’s red toy and says its Anmol’s fav toy, how did this come in my bag. Manmeet says I think its left in Shimla. The door bell rings. Manmeet goes to check. She sees Raj. He gives the toy. He says I had Anmol’s toy, I thought he is worried. She says you are becoming a problem solver for me, I will give this to Anmol, he is crying.

Raj enters the house. Manmeet gives the toy to Anmol. She goes to Raj. She asks is everything fine at home. He says yes, beating then aid. She says sorry, I tried a lot. He says its okay, its not a new thing for me. She asks would you like a cup of coffee. He says of course, why not. She goes to make coffee.

She looks for him. Raj falls asleep. She calls him out to wake him. She smiles seeing him. She covers him with a blanket. She switches off the lights. She goes away and looks at him. She recalls their moments. She sleeps on the sofa.

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Telecast Date:18th October 2022
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