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Sherdil Shergill 17th October 2022 Episode starts with Raj and Manmeet being on the way. She says we have to talk to your parents right now, I m really sorry, I shot that video for fun, I don’t want any misunderstandings between us, so I m deleting that video in front of you, really sorry. She deletes the video.

At Raj’s house, everyone discusses about Raj and Manmeet. Bhairav comes and asks Nirali to make food. He asks Murari to come with him. Murari says you are in tension, you should have called me. Bhairav asks what would you do.

Murari says I would have got the truth out, you would know the truth better, how can this be true that Prince is married and have a child, I had heard Mishra telling about Raj and Manmeet’s affair, is this related to Prince, I will find out the truth. Bhairav asks what truth, just two people know it, Raj and Manmeet, I also want to know the truth.

Raj and Manmeet land in Mumbai. He gets scared. He asks what truth will we tell them. She says don’t get scared, why didn’t you have the coffee there. He gets Nikki’s video message. Manmeet asks him to come. Raj’s nephew comes and greets them. Raj says he is my younger cousin, sometimes cousins are called Mama ji with love. The guy says I have to take you home, its Nana ji’s orders.

She says relax, we should go there. She calls Ashok and asks is Vidya with you, reach at this address. She asks Raj to come. Everyone is waiting for Raj at home. They hear the car horn and go out to see Raj. Nirali asks who has called Choti here. Bhairav says I have called her to take her advice.

A little girl gets down the car, and goes to meet the family. Choti and her husband come there. Choti hugs Nirali. Bhairav asks Nirali to come and talk. Choti says Manmeet is cheating us. He says talk with manners, she does business, she is making the huge building. Choti says she dances on your tune,

it means, she is your educated servant. He says whatever I have seen there, I feel the story is something else. She says the story would be something else, she has trapped our Prince, try to understand. Murari says Prince has come. Nirali asks did he come alone. Nirali says no, Manmeet and baby are with him.

Raj, Manmeet and Anmol come inside the door. Bhairav and everyone stare at them. Vidya comes. Manmeet asks Vidya to take Anmol. Bhairav says I was waiting for you, you both had a lot to tell me in Shimla, come here and tell me. Manmeet says I m going to tell you now. Raj worries. She says I want to apologize to you and your wife first. Choti says there are many people in this house.

Raj asks when did you come. Choti says don’t forget I m your elder sister. He says just 12mins. Bhairav says stop, just these two will do the talking today. He asks Manmeet to say. Manmeet says I m responsible for all this, Raj has no connection with this, whatever you had seen there was a lie, it was a drama, Raj is just a part of the drama. Nirali asks what. Manmeet says yes. Bhairav asks does anyone do such a drama and why. She says I had to do this to save Gunjan’s marriage, I have to tell this to you, because Raj did a big favor on me.

She says I had taken some decisions to become a mother, my parents didn’t accept it, I have got a child through IVF, without marriage, nobody understands this, if I had gone there with my child, Gunjan’s marriage would have stopped, so I had requested Raj to come with me and act like my husband, it was my plan,

its not his mistake. Bhairav says I agree, it was a drama, you could have told me. She says I was scared, I felt if you told this to Gunjan’s in-laws, then her marriage would have stopped, Raj was coming to tell you the truth, I stopped him, it was my mistake, its not his mistake. She signs Raj. Raj says Papa ji, its not Manmeet’s mistake, everything was going according to plan, you and mum reached there suddenly. Bhairav looks at him.

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