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Sherdil Shergill 12th October 2022 Episode starts with Raj saying its okay, I m not so bad as you think. Manmeet gets away. Raj smiles. He wipes her tears. Puneet looks on and smiles. Manmeet goes to Ajeet. She cries and hugs Anmol and Ajeet.

Raj says now I will start a new drama. Puneet asks you have to go now? Raj says yes, Manmeet isn’t with me, so I have to handle everything. Puneet asks Manmeet to say something. Manmeet says this meeting is really imp, we can’t cancel it, Raj has to go. Puneet asks what will I answer the guests.

Manmeet says our relatives met him, they won’t ask. She asks Raj to go and do the packing, else he will miss the flight. Raj goes. Puneet goes to Ajeet. He asks what’s the matter. She says Raj is going to England for work, I feel Manmeet is forcing him to go, stop him. He says its their matter. She says just stop him. He goes to Raj.

Raj packs his bag. Ajeet comes. Raj says Mr. Shergill, you… Ajeet says then I should call you Mr. Yadav. Raj says no, I have to leave for an imp meeting. Ajeet says Puneet will be hurt if you go, if she is happy with this misunderstanding, then what’s wrong, she didn’t keep any relation with Manmeet and Anmol because of me, but when I hugged Anmol today, I realized what we missed in these two years, she will be happy.

Raj says I won’t go, there is no meeting. Ajeet says since two years, Manmeet and I didn’t talk, I feel you have filled my place there, thank you very much, for supporting her and taking care of her. Raj takes his blessings. Ajeet hugs him.

Ajeet says don’t tell Manmeet that I came here to stop you, take care, I m sending a Jodhpuri, wear it. Raj smiles. The sangeet starts. Bua and Tai ji dance with Gunjan. Manmeet asks Raj what are you doing here, how will you go to Chandigarh. Raj asks why, the party just started. She asks did you go mad. He says you wanted me to come here, when things got fine, you want me to leave from here, no way, I will enjoy.

She says dad stopped you, right. He asks whose dad, oh, Ajeet, no, I want to attend this wedding. She says listen to me, this is on you, I suggest you to leave, I m not responsible if anything wrong happens. He says I didn’t attend a function since long. Roshan’s mum says our special guests will be coming, wait here, I will talk to Puneet. Manmeet, Raj and Anmol are called on stage. Gunjan worries.

Manmeet says you were going, we didn’t do any rehearsals. Raj says we will dance, come. Gunjan says there is a big problem, please handle. She tells everything to Puneet. Puneet is shocked. She asks why didn’t you tell me that time. Gunjan says my Sasumaa asked me to stay quiet. Puneet goes. The guests come. Roshan’s mum asks what, they have a child also, you are saying you didn’t know.

Puneet says we didn’t know it. Roshan’s mum gets worried. She drinks some water. She says Gunjan had also hidden this, what will I tell them, it will be a big loss, that man wants to open a big hotel and make Roshan’s dad a partner. Ajeet says we have a misunderstanding. She says his name is Bhairav Singh Yadav. Roshan’s dad welcomes Bhairav and his wife.

Bhairav comes in the function. Roshan’s mum says he is the biggest builder of Mumbai, he rules on half of the city, I got his only son Prince’s alliance for Manmeet, you google it then you will know what you lost. The man says hero and heroine jodi is coming in front of you, with a little hero. Manmeet,

Raj and Anmol dance on the stage. Bhairav and his wife Laali are shocked to see Raj dancing on the stage with Manmeet. Laali recalls Raj’s lie. She asks did we come to Shimla or Goa. Manmeet sees Bhairav and is shocked. She turns Raj towards them. Raj is shocked.

Bhairav asks the man about Raj, who is he. The man says he is the bride’s Jija ji. Bhairav is shocked. He asks who is the girl with him. The man says she is bride’s elder sister. He asks and that child in her arms. The man says he is their son, the bride’s only nephew. Bhairav and Laali are shocked. Raj and Manmeet see each other. Bhairav leaves.

Laali says listen to me once, did we come to Shimla or Goa, what is Prince doing here. He says we will go to hotel room and talk. Roshan’s dad goes. Bhairav says I don’t want a drama here. Ajeet says marriage is tomorrow morning, let it happen then we will see. Roshan’s mum asks how will I tell them. Roshan’s dad says come fast, Bhairav got upset, he is leaving. She goes.

Ajeet says Gunjan, when you knew it, then why didn’t you tell us. Laali sends the guards. He says ask Roshan’s mum once, did you see Prince’s face, he was worried, but he has a son. Roshan’s mum and dad come. Roshan’s mum says trust me, its not our mistake, if we knew that Manmeet is already married and has a child, then I would have not got her alliance for Prince, they cheated us.

Laali asks what are you saying, our trust broke. Roshan’s mum says yes, but I didn’t break it. Laali says my own son broke my trust. Roshan’s mum says no, he isn’t related to this. Laali says he got married, he has a child also. Roshan’s mum asks did he also get married, did he call and tell you.

Laali says he was dancing in front of everyone with Manmeet, she works with Bhairav in Mumbai, Manmeet and Raj got married, they have a child, I sent gajar ka halwa for her, I didn’t know she will show this day. Roshan’s mum coughs. Roshan’s dad says it means that guy is your son Prince. Laali says yes.

Roshan’s mum says he is your Prince. Laali says yes. Roshan’s mum and dad laugh. She says sorry, we have got the alliance for them, they are already married, they have a child also, marriage would have happened 2 years back. Bhairav asks Laali to come. Tau ji gets angry. Puneet says you should have told this before. Bua asks who is Bhairav Singh Yadav.

Ajeet says he is some rich man from Mumbai, Gunjan’s Saas got his son’s alliance for Manmeet. Manmeet and Raj look at each other, shocked. Ajeet says they didn’t know that Manmeet already….Raj coughs. Manmeet says calm down. Puneet asks are you fine. Ajeet says Bhairav’s son is Prince.

Manmeet asks did Prince’s proposal come for me. Ajeet says yes. She says you are talking about Prince, he is sitting in front of you. Puneet asks where. Manmeet says meet him, Raj kumar Yadav aka Prince. They get shocked. She says everyone calls him Prince with love, Bhairav and Laali are his parents, who left in anger. Puneet says it means Rajkumar is that Prince, why didn’t you tell us. Bua says leave it, I told you,

Manmeet sit here, their jodi is beautiful. Manmeet asks Bua to relax. Raj asks did you see my mum and dad. Ajeet says I will see. Roshan’s dad comes and says Prince, you have grown up, you look handsome. Roshan’s mum says you were young when we came to your house, tell me once that you are Prince.

Raj says wait. He shows his pic with his parents. They get happy. Roshan’s dad says now my hotel dream will get fulfilled. Roshan’s mum asks DJ to play the song. Puneet and Bua ask Raj did his parents know this. He goes and gets angry. Manmeet thinks he got an electric shock. He says no, I have a shock, I m frustrated,

mum and dad came here and saw me. She says I m very sorry. He says you know where my mum would have gone. She says they came from groom’s side. He says you know I lied at home to come here, mum and dad saw me dancing on stage as your husband and Anmol’s dad. She says I understand. He says this happened because of you. She says please relax, we will fix this.

He says this happened because of you. She says you wanted to get rid of your GF, you got after me, you said you will come and do acting, I asked you to go, you wanted to stay back, all this was your plan, listen, I m sorry, I got much angry, we will go and think, I promise, we will come to a conclusion. He recalls her reaction and doesn’t hold the partition. Puneet says we should go and meet them, else they can get a heart attack. Ajeet worries. Bhairav recalls Manmeet. Laali talks to her daughters. She says it’s the limit of lies. Her daughter asks her not to cry, did Prince say anything.

Laali says your dad didn’t let me talk to Prince, he is in shock, he is drinking a lot, I m worried, anything can happen to him in this age. Bhairav asks who, nothing will happen to me, don’t worry, you talk a lot. Laali asks her daughters not to tell anyone. She ends the call. Bhairav recalls Raj. Laali asks are you fine. He checks pulse and says its fine, I m breathing also, I feel I m alive, do you doubt.

She goes. Manmeet says they will fix everything and come. Raj asks why did your parents go to talk to my parents, I should go. She says no, please, I don’t understand what to tell them and how much to say. He says they are my parents, I have to tell them the complete truth like we told your parents, I m going.

She says I don’t know what Gunjan’s Saas will do. He says I don’t care, I m going to tell them. She asks him to listen. Ajeet says we will go in and tell them the truth, remember this, Raj is a nice girl, he got trapped in Manmeet’s drama, we will tell them that Raj isn’t married, Raj isn’t at fault.

Puneet says no, don’t say this, if Gunjan’s Saas knows that Manmeet became a mother without marriage, then she will break the marriage. He says we have to lie today because of children. He rings the bell. Laali opens the door. He asks who are you. Puneet says we came to say that, we are also a part of the sangeet incident. Bhairav holds his chest. He asks them to come inside. Manmeet says I beg you, don’t go to them. Raj shouts enough, I will tell this truth to the entire world. She is shocked.


Sherdil Shergill 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raj says to his parents, I want to tell you truth, I know you have lots of questions. Manmeet walks to them and says I have to say something Mr. Yadav.

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