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Sherdil Shergill 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Manmeet going out and seeing Raj sleeping on the sofa. She covers him up. She sees Bua coming. She hides Raj. He wakes up and hears them talking. Manmeet makes an excuse.

Bua says we will sit here and talk. Manmeet asks her to come, they will sit in the garden and have tea. She signs Raj to go to room. Raj gets up and goes. its morning, everyone is seen enjoying the function. Manmeet helps Gunjan in selecting the dress. Gunjan hugs her and says I m so excited. Manmeet wishes her.

She hears Anmol crying and goes. She wakes up Raj. She says my relatives are coming, get up now. He says you have a big family. She says I said get up, thanks. He smiles and asks what did you say.

She says thanks for sleeping on the sofa at night. He says you sat over me. She says if you put the alarm, then get up on time, if Bua had seen you, then you would have answered her. He goes. Puneet comes. She asks Anmol to wear cap and come downstairs to see Gunjan’s marriage functions.

Manmeet asks what happened yesterday. Puneet says I slept in peace. Manmeet says you were going to come and take Raj. Puneet asks why, this room is big, you three slept comfortably. Manmeet says you know it’s a drama.

Puneet says yes, we are also doing a drama, you three have to dance for 2mins today, Gunjan will explain you. She takes Anmol and goes. Raj says I thought you are organized, you messed up the room. She says I forgot the diaper bag, just two diapers are left, how will we manage. He jokes.

He says I will get the diapers of any other brand. She asks him to stay here. She says I will go. He says okay. He hears the music and runs to the window to see. He laughs. He says you didn’t tell me about dhol, see my magic now. He goes and dances with everyone. Puneet asks whose idea was this, to tell everyone about Manmeet and your marriage.

He says Manmeet’s idea. She asks what’s the need, tell Manmeet when you lie to family members, we will be very happy if you are our son in law, have the hot Chole Bhature, I will send Ajeet to you. He says no. She goes. He takes the Bhature and turns. He sees Ajeet and stops eating. Ajeet asks what’s your size. Raj asks what. Ajeet asks shirt size. Raj says Medium. Ajeet says 42. Raj says 40.

Ajeet asks large? Raj says medium, why are you asking. Ajeet says Puneet said I have to get your sherwani stitched. Raj smiles. Tauji asks Raj to come. He says I asked Ajeet to question you, he won’t, you tell me about your family. Raj says I m from Mumbai, I m an architect. Tauji asks what does your dad do. Raj says he is a builder, he is very famous. Manmeet comes and stops Tau ji.

She says Raj is here for some days, talk to him later, we have to go to some shop. Bua stops them and asks them to come for dance. Raj dances in style. Manmeet also dances, and signs him to tone down. He pulls her in arms. They have a moment. They dance. Manmeet and Raj go out. Raj says they were trying to get my Kundali. She says I know, it was my mistake that I m leaving you here.

She gives the scooty keys and asks him to ride it. He says there were four Mercedes at home when I was born. She jokes. He asks her to come. They leave. Gautam’s mum gets the mehendi for Gunjan. She asks for Manmeet. Puneet says she went to market. The lady says we have come here to meet Manmeet, I know Ajeet is in tension that Manmeet didn’t get married. Bua and Tai ji look on. Puneet smiles.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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