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Shakti 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Daljeet telling DIG to get his dad’s body found and tells that Harman and Soumya have killed him. The Senior Police officer asks Inspector to bring Harman and Soumya to the PS and asks Parmeet to take care of herself. Parmeet says they have destroyed my life due to the misunderstanding. Harman asks Virat, what are you saying, though this video is of Sant Baksh. Virat says you are lying Harman Singh, I know you are involved. He says due to a misunderstanding of Heer, you are behind my family and asks him to say where is his Dad?

Harman says do you think Heer’s death is a misunderstanding. Virat asks why are you saying this, don’t you love Heer, we will search her. He asks where is my Dad? Soumya says you are blinded in Heer’s love, but see the truth atleast from our eyes, even our heart gets hurt when we have to make you believe that Heer is not with us and we have to search her body to her do her last rites. She says we are helpless and your family is responsible and snatched her last rites from us. She says Heer supported you when your mental condition is bad, and says now she will leave you leaving a letter. She asks him to ask his heart, and says his family is acting with him and Heer is not coming infront of him as she is dead. Virat recalls old man coming to his house and lying about Heer. He recalls going to the bus stop and checking the CCTV.

Inspector comes there and says we have come here to arrest Harman and Soumya in Sant baksh’s murder case. Harman says we have heard that law was blind, today saw it. Inspector says what do you mean? Harman says we came to PS to ask for justice of our daughter and today you are asking us to come to PS. Inspector asks him to come. Soumya says we will not go and asks if he has any proofs. Harman asks him to bring proof or DSP’s body. He says what the video will prove. He says you said this thing in Heer’s case and says same thing applies in DSP’s case too. Chintu claps and says wah. He tells Inspector that Soumya is a smart criminal and killed my dad infront of 100 people, then also standing here, and gave the reason as self defense. He says my mother is in trauma or shock. Inspector asks who is he? Chintu says he is Angad Singh and the owner of the house. He says don’t know how they killed Virat’s father secretly. He says I will give you proofs and says I heard them saying that their Heer will get first justice. He says they have killed DSP and says I am the proof and will give statement against Soumya and Harman Singh. Inspector asks Harman what he wants to say, as his own family member is giving statement against him.

The DIG tells that they can’t stay peacefully, until they find the culprit. Just then courier guy comes and says Sant Baksh sent this courier. The DIG asks who has given this? The courier guy says Sant Baksh gave it to me. DIG finds the black rose and a letter. He reads the letter in which Sant Baksh wrote the suicide note and shows to Daljeet. Daljeet says this handwriting is of Dad. Parmeet recalls doing the same thing and thinks Soumya and Harman did this to take revenge. She says he can’t do this, someone did this forcibly. The DIG says how can you say this, it is clear in the suicide note that he committed suicide.

Preeto tells Inspector that the law is blind and asks if he will believe the drunkard guy who is drinking since morning. Harak Singh says a drunkard’s statement is not valid. Chintu says I am in my consciousness and will give the same statement tomorrow too. Inspector gets a call and tells Virat that he got a call from DIG and he has found a suicide note, says your dad committed suicide and we have to close this case. Chintu says she is mastermind criminal and asks Inspector to take Soumya. Preeto gets angry. Soumya asks Preeto to handle Chintu with love. Virat sits down. Chintu breaks the wine bottle and goes.

Virat asks Harman if Heer is really not alive. Harman says it is hard to believe, but now we have to live with this truth that Heer is not with us. Virat goes out shocked.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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