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Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th November 2021 Episode starts with Simar coming for the audition. She looks at Aarav in sardar disguise and says you. Samar asks if you have come for audition and asks her to come. Aarav says all the best. Simar says thanks and looks at him. Samar says if your hi and hello are done, then shall do the audition. Simar gives the audition and sings. Samar gets impressed with her singing.

Aarav looks at her as she sings. Aarav imagines dancing with Simar, and kisses on her hand. Samar says wow….tells that she has talent, dynamic, charming and she is award winning material. He asks Aarav to finalized her. Aarav says I knew that she has an X factor and asks him to go and sign her. Samar comes behind Simar and says you are selected and became voice of my new album. Simar asks who are you?

Do I know you? He says he is Samar Khanna and gives his business card. Simar says from which century you have come, in the times of web pages and internet, business card. She says I have no interest in working in your album. Aarav hears him. Samar says you are refusing ‘the samar khanna’. Simar says I am rejecting the person who judge the people for their clothes, hair style, if she has followers on social media etc.

She says she is not interested to work with him. He asks why did you come here, to talk in English. Simar takes off her googles. Samar recalls Simar asking for his autograph. Simar says English is not my mother tongue and that’s why I talk in English whenever needed. She says she is not on social media too, as believes on real relation.

She says people like you want to move forward by bullying us, and asks him to give equal chance to the talent without discrimination. She says I have come here on Yamini Devi’s sayings and says I don’t want to work with you. He asks her to think and says everyone is sold here, even artiste. Simar tells Aarav that she felt nice meeting him and greets him. She leaves.

Aarav comes to Samar and says you called yourself jeweller and says you couldn’t identify the real gem, which was sent by Yamini ji. He asks her to go and sign her. Samar says she refused and says what do you think that I will go and sign her. Aarav asks him to beg, touch her feet but convince her. He says if this girl is not here, then there will be no album. Samar says you are saying as if you know her. Aarav says think like this. samar asks him to go and get her, says he is just music composer.

Simar is walking on the road, while Aarav indisguise is following her from the other side of the road. Simar turns, but doesn’t see him. Song plays….The flowers fall down from the tree. Simar picks the flower and looks at it. Aarav looks at her. Simar keeps the flower in her purse and starts walking again. Aarav looks at her from far.

Later Simar looks out of the window and thinks I have a strong feeling that Aarav ji is here, but why he is not seen. Indu looks out of the window and sees someone (Aarav) going. She comes back to coming. Simar tells Indu that she felt as someone was walking behind him, but she didn’t feel scared. Indu says nobody was there and asks her to go and freshen up. She says they shall make preparation for Karwachauth as it is a big moment for the married woman.

Reema calls Indu and asks about karwachauth. Indu asks do you remember that you used to be happy watching filmy scene. Reema says it is our secret and asks her to tell the details. Indu says I will send every detail. Reema says I want to keep this fast with all the vidhi. She ends the call. Chitra comes there and asks Reema to leave, as nobody wants her to be here. She asks her to take her bag and join simar in Narayan house. She says you both can do nautanki there. She goes. Reema says I will not go from here, get habitual to me.

Simar looks at the bangles and recalls Chitra taking off her bridal bangles after the reverse rounds. Aarav holds Simar’s mangalsutra and looks on. Simar picks the bridal chunari and gets sad. Indu says since you came here, we couldn’t speak our heart out. Simar says what is the hurry, now I am here. Indu asks her to forget everything, whatever she has left. She says I know that it is difficult for you to forget Aarav and that home. She asks her to forget Aarav and that home. Aarav tells that if he forgets Simar then he will forget himself. Simar says I will forget everything slowly.

Samar comes to Yamini’s house and falls on her feet, calling her choti maa. Yamini Devi asks him to get up and tries to pull his ears. He runs and sits on the sofa. Yamini says you will not mend your ways.

She says I have sent Simar for your album. Samar says Saraswati Mata is in her neck. Yamini asks did you sign her? Samar says she cooks too with her words, and tells that she is arrogant, I got vibe of school teacher from her. He says she refused, and it is her loss. He says I will get 10 girls like her. Aarav comes there and asks him to search only 1 girl like her. He says she is an artiste and has self respect. He says I have decided that Simar will sing for my album. Samar asks him to go and convince her.

Aarav says I have hired you for this album and you didn’t do. Samar says you mean, I shall beg infront of her. Aarav says apology from heart. Samar says he bends down his head infront of his mother and infront of his Gurumaa. He says others don’t have the chance. He says I don’t bend my head infront of my father and says that girl is very far. Aarav asks him to say again. Yamini asks them to calm down.

She tells Samar that album is important for him and asks him not to forget this. She tells Aarav that he is making this album for his love. Aarav says you have to apologize to Simar. Samar says excuse me. Aarav says last two albums, super flop. He says producer lost 20 crores. He says your personal loss 15 crores. Samar asks how do you know? Aarav says you have home mortgaged in Mumbai. Samar says yes. Aarav asks what name to write on the cheque, Samar Khanna, or The Samar Khanna. Samar says Samar Khanna. Aarav writes cheque for 30 crores. Samar asks if he is doing this for Simar and asks if he has any past connection with her.

The Police team comes to Shobha’s house. The lady Inspector asks Shobha to tell what has happened? Shobha tells that Roma was troubling her a lot, and that’s why her son slapped her for her respect, and she really enjoyed. Lalit asks Shobha to calm down. Inspector asks did you throw Roma out and provoked her husband to beat her. Rajender says my wife has the habit of talking much. Inspector asks are you angry with your bahu for dowry. Shobha says they had given just some jewellery and insults her family.

Inspector asks Roma to say. Roma says this is truth. Inspector asks if that jewellery is with you. Roma says Shobha took just as she came here. Shobha says I am groom’s mother and have the right on it. Inspector asks her to be quiet and says you have done a crime and showing attitude to us. She says you will be fine, if gets beaten by the Police. Shobha says I am Gitanjali Devi’s daughter and keeps 10 officers like you in her pocket. Inspector asks her to make her meet those officers. Rajender tries to defend Shobha. Inspector asks Constables to arrest everyone. They arrest Shobha, Rajender, Lalit and Divya and take them from there. Roma looks on.

Aarav says Simar is a talented singer and I am a businessman. He says you can say 2+2 is 4. He says your stay and all the expenses will be bore by me, and asks him to go and get the talented singer. Samar says this album has become personal to me, I will do it and shall do it. Aarav takes the cheque back and says first apologize to Simar, and get her sign the deal. He says no Simar, no deal. Samar says there is first time for everything. Aarav says lets call her here, and thinks your dream will be fulfilled Simar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Samar dances around Simar in a market, gives her different things to make her say yes. Aarav watches them.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2021
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