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Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th October 2022  Episode starts with Simar coming to haveli and asking Rudra to leave Aditi’s baby. She says have pity on the baby and his parents. She lights the candle and sees Damini’s pic. She gets shocked.

Reema thinks nobody is in the house, and calls Vivaan. Chaaya comes there and calls Reema. She asks whom you are calling, there is nobody at home, and says only we both are at home. Reema asks how did you come here and calls Simar.

She asks did you do anything with them. Chaaya thinks Reema didn’t know whatever happened with Aditi, it will be fun. She says she wants her body, life, family, husband and everything. Reema says this is all mine, this is my life and they are mine. She says this world God gave me and asks how can you think of getting it?

Chaaya shouts Reema. Reema says you can get my body, but you will never get true love. She says my Simar will never let you win, and says they are Mata Rani’s bhakt. She says this sasural is of Simar, Reema and you will never get place here. She runs towards the temple.

Chaaya stops her with her evil powers. She says nobody can stop me. Reema runs again. Chaaya holds her neck with her magical powers. Reema says this is not yours. Chaaya says I will snatch it and become part of this family. Reema says Simar and I will not let this happen. Chaaya goes inside Reema again.

Gagan asks Doctor if Aditi is fine. Doctor says the surgery is difficult, we can save either mother or baby, or none of them. She says we don’t have much time. Gagan gets shocked and walks back. Chaaya comes to the hospital. Gagan hugs her and cries. Chaaya says Aditi will be fine and asks where is Simar?

Simar recalls Sadhvi ji’s words seeing Damini’s pic. Kamakashi is sitting on the chair and says so you remember everything. Simar says this is not me. Rudra and Mayakshi come there. Rudra tells Simar that she is not her. Mayakshi says she is Damini only. Rudra says no. Mayakshi and Kamakshi says she is the one.

They appear infront of Simar. Simar says I don’t know what you people are thinking me, and says I am my parents’ daughter, Aarav’s wife etc and pleads infront of them to leave Aditi’s baby. Rudra says she is helpless and crying infront of her, if she was Damini, then she wouldn’t have sit like this.

Mayakshi says she has saved Aarav from you. She had stopped Reema and your marriage, and says you shall understand her powers. She says she is Damini. Simar says I am not Damini. Kamakshi says she has lost and her helplessness brought her here, and now she can’t save her family. Simar says yes, I am helpless, if someone has to die, then kill me, but leave the baby. She says whatever you want to do, punish me and leave the baby.

Rudra says you have spoiled our plans and now blaming us, and says whatever happening with your family is because of you. Simar says ok, harm me, but not the child. She says I will surrender myself, punish and kill me, but leave that baby. She sits on the floor. Kamakshi says kill her, if she is insisting so much. Rudra sets fire around Simar to make a magical circle.

Simar looks at him. Damini’s frame is shown. Damini’s chain pendant comes out of the frame. Kamakshi says this is Damini’s locket which came out after 100 years, as she is here. She says we all know that Damini’s all powers are in this locket. Rudra says we will become powerful like Damini and will become immortal, then nobody can defeat us.

Simar says I am not Damini, if I was Damini then I wouldn’t have come here, and saved my family with my powers. She says the lady in the pic looks like me, but I have no relation with her. She says I am not Damini. Kamakshi says you was one chosen in the Yaksh’s world, and I wanted to get your powers and that’s why killed you,

due to which I have to be caged 100 years, away from my kids and you are saying that you are not Damini. She says look at this locket, and remember who are you, so that we can kill you again. She asks her to look at the locket again. Simar looks at the locket again.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rudra says I will leave that baby’s life for your life and attacks Simar. Baby makes sound. Doctor says it is a miracle. Aarav reaches there and hits trishul on Rudra. He then saves Simar.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2022
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