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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th October 2021  Episode starts with Aarav coming in his car. Simar, Sandhya and Aditi look at him. Sandhya says Aarav. Aditi hugs him. Aarav says how can you think that I will let you marry the person who doesn’t respect you. He says I don’t know if I am right or wrong, but I will do what my sister and mother’s eyes are saying. He says I will take you to your aim.

Simar says only lucky persons gets such son and brother. They sit in the car. Roma prays that Lalit shall return home safely, seeing the thunderstorm. They reach Avinash’s house. Aarav asks Sandhya to go inside, and says he will wait outside. Gagan wakes up as the flower pot falls on the table. He hears door knocking sound and thinks who has come at this time? Avinash opens the door.

He sees Sandhya, Simar and Aditi standing. Indu also sees them. Gagan gets shocked seeing them. Sandhya and Aditi greet them. Avinash says what is the matter, you have come at this time. Sandhya says my daughter Aditi loves your son a lot and he also loves her. Indu asks them to come inside.

Reema tells Vivaan that she knows that he is not sleeping and asks him to look at her once. Vivaan turns his head. Reema says I have come to you, you wanted that we shall start our relation forgetting everything, then what has happened? Vivaan shouts and says yes, I wanted. I wanted you to be with me, I wanted to love you, and wanted you to be with me, wanted to fulfill all your dreams, wanted your happiness, but you didn’t want all this, as you used to love my brother. Reema is shocked. Vivaan says you loves my brother, right.

Rajendra gets a call and says ok. He tells Shobha that tents are taken out in the venue due to the storm. She asks him to ask the decorators to fix the tents again and says marriage will come tomorrow. He says I don’t want marriage to happen without Lalit. Shobha says tomorrow he will come. She says she wants nothing wrong shall happen here, and says it will be fun if something wrong happens at Gitanjali devi’s house.

Avinash asks what are you saying, I don’t understand. Gagan thinks to go out and face them, but thinks Maa and Papa will handle the situation. Sandhya asks Simar to have food. Sandhya says she can’t drink water of daughter’s home. She tells that they love each other a lot, and that’s why she brought her here breaking all house rules. She forwards her pallu infront of Indu and asks for her daughter’s happiness.

She asks Indu to accept Aditi and get her married to Gagan. She says I want her happiness, please accept her. She tells Avinash that she will bear whatever will be the result and will not let anything happen to them, says it is my promise. She shows the jewellery in the box and says this jewellery are from my mayka, think it as shagun and dowry and accept her. Indu asks Sandhya to sit.

She asks her to drink water. Sandhya drinks water and gets up. Avinash says don’t make us the part of sin, by talking about dowry. He says Gitanjali Devi will never agree for this, and I can’t take this big step and can’t upset her. Sandhya asks him to call Gagan downstairs. Avinash signs Simar to call him. Aarav gets a voice message from Badi Maa that some papers needs to be given to Rana ji before the bidaai, and this work shall be done.

Simar knocks on Gagan’s door. Gagan is standing in dilemma and sits on the bed. Simar goes down and says his door is locked from inside. Indu says he never locks his door and sleep. Avinash knocks on Gagan’s door and asks him to come out, says I know you are awake. Gagan comes downstairs. Sandhya asks if he is fine?

She says I will handle everything, and wants my daughter’s happiness, and her happiness lies with you, Gagan. Avinash says Sandhya ji brought Aditi to you, tell something. Sandhya says I am not afraid of my family members and the world and asks him not to be scared of anyone, we are with you and asks him to tell her once that he wants to marry Aditi, just once that you love my Aditi very much. Simar and Aditi ask him to say. Sandhya asks him to say how much he loves Aditi. Gagan says no, I don’t love Aditi.

Vivaan says you wanted to get Aarav bhai, and I was the way to reach here, and I was about to die for you. Reema says I never loved Aarav, he was my stubbornness. Vivaan asks her to stop lying. Reema says I married you to take revenge from your family, as I didn’t know what is love, and later after staying with you,

whenever I see love in your eyes, I realized love. She says nobody loved me like you, you made me realize love. Vivaan says such love talks don’t look good with your mouth, you are selfish and just love yourself. He asks her to stay away from him. Reema says I can’t stay away from you. Vivaan says I want to die and give my life. Reema says you will not do this and forcibly hugs him and says I love you. He tries to push her and break the hug. He says but I don’t love you, you are dead for me.

Gagan says I don’t love her. Sandhya, Aditi and Simar get shocked. Gagan says I am sorry Aditi, and aunty, but I don’t love Aditi. He says whatever Gitanjali Devi did with my Papa and sisters, I wanted to take revenge from her and used Aditi for my revenge. He says I wanted to humiliated Aditi and hurt Gitanjali Devi. He says I know this is wrong, but this is truth. I had used Aditi, never loved her. Aditi collapses and sits down on the floor. Sandhya holds her. Aarav comes there and holds his hand. He looks angrily at Gagan.

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