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Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th May 2022 Episode starts with Badi maa telling that she has seen something which made her restless. She says yesterday Aarav’s friend Dhami was standing in Aarav’s room wearing Simar’s clothes and this thing didn’t go well with me. She says I trust Aarav and his values, but I don’t trust the world, so I want Simar to return as our bahu.

Aarav says I thought to take strict action after last night and sent her back to US, and she might have reached back. He says he can’t make them worried. Simar smiles. Badi Maa asks Simar and Aarav to get ready to marry today itself. Simar says ok Badi Maa. Badi Maa says your bridal dress is kept in your room so go and get ready. Simar says ok and goes. Sandhya asks Aarav to go and get ready.

Aarav looks at Simar as they are going to get ready. He gives her flying kiss. She smiles. They come to the rooms and admires the clothes, thinking about each other. Ranjhana plays…..Simar gets Samar’s call. He says whatever you did today was not right, don’t forget that you have signed contract with me.

He says your husband will ruined your professional life. Simar asks her not to say anything against her Aarav ji. Samar says I have come to see what you can do. Simar turns and sees him standing in her room. Simar is shocked and says you are here. Someone (Dhami) is coming there. Samar says I can go anywhere to save you and will save you from Aarav. Simar warns him to go and says you have crossed all the limits. Samar says Aarav is not right to be her husband or lifepartner.

Dhami takes the rod. Simar says I am marrying Aarav ji, leave from here. Samar says this time, I will not let you marry him. Simar asks him to be quiet. Samar says I came to open your eyes and to tell you truth and you are asking me to be quiet. Dhami hits on her head, just before Simar could shout Aarav’s name. Simar turns to see her, but she goes. Samar comes to Simar and asks if she is fine.

Simar faints and falls down. Aarav is about to come to Simar’s room, but Reema and Vivaan take him from there. Gajendra teases Aarav. Sandhya says it is all your habits. Avinash says it doesn’t look like that. Vivaan asks Badi maa. Badi Maa says Gajendra is mischievous since childhood. Reema says we shall take family selfie. She takes the selfie. Simar is unconscious. Samar says I am sorry Simar, this is my helplessness, I am doing this to save you from Aarav, who is acting to love you.

Badi Maa gets emotional and one side Aditi is going to her sasural and Simar is returning back to her sasural. She says they will come her grandly. Sandhya says this sasural is of Simar only, she has handled the house well. Gajendra says only Simar deserves to be elder bahu of the house. He asks where is she?

Samar wraps Simar in the bedsheet and takes her from there. Aarav calls Someone, but Badi Maa takes mobile from her, and says nothing shall be important for you. Aarav thinks doctor must have taken Dhami by now. Badi Maa asks why Simar is taking so much time to get ready. Reema sees the bride coming and says she has come. Badin Maa looks at her, as Aditi brings her.

The bride comes and stands infront of Aarav. Aarav tells poetry to praise her and says he has been waiting for her restlessly. He says he wants to lift her ghunghat. Reema stops him and says don’t you trust my sister. She asks him to wait. Aditi says you have to see Simar bhabhi’s face all life. Vivaan asks him to wait. Badi Maa asks him to have patience.

Samar is taking Simar in his car. Simar gains consciousness and gets up. She asks where are you taking me, today is my marriage with Aarav ji, I shall be there. She asks him to stop the car and tries to make him stop the car. Vivaan asks the bride to put garland in Aarav’s neck. Sandhya asks Simar to make Aarav wear the garland first. The veiled bride makes Aarav wear the garland. Aarav makes her wear the garland. Everyone shower flower petals on her.

Simar tells Samar that he can’t separate her from Aarav ji, asks him to stop the car else she will jump off. Samar says why don’t you understand that Aarav will ruin you. Simar says Mata rani will ruin you Samar. She makes him stop the car and gets down from the car. She runs on the road. Samar gets down and runs behind her. Aarav and the bride sit for the marriage and start the rituals.

Samar runs behind Simar. Reema ties the ghatbandhan cloth. Samar catches Simar and asks her to understand. Simar pushes him and runs. He asks her to listen and runs again. Aarav and the bride starts taking the rounds.

Simar continues to run. Aarav is about to fill sindoor in the bride’s hairline, but just then light goes off. Dhami holds his hand and fills sindoor in her hairline. Aarav is surprised and shocked. Simar comes inside and shouts Aarav ji. Everyone is shocked to see her standing there.

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Telecast Date:4th May 2022
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