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Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd May 2022  Episode starts with Simar lighting the diya infront of Mata Rani and prays to her that Badi Maa has accepted her with open arms and hearts, and she trusts her fully, respecting her she will tell her everything and will make her understand about music being a part of devotion to God.

She says it is not easy, but if you are with me then I will cross this hurdle too. I will talk to Aarav ji and will tell her everything. Suhani comes there and says Mata Rani listens to everyone’s prayers. Simar smiles and hugs her. suhani says I am happy to see you. Simar asks where did you go? Suhani says she has returned, and the glow on the face is of happiness, tells that she is with Ranveer now.

Simar says she is very happy. Suhani asks about the glow on her face. Simar says she got her Aarav ji and family and hopes this happiness stays forever. She prays that Mata Rani shall bestowed her blessings on them always.

Yamini and Samar listen to Simar’s song and are happy. Yamini says everyone will be mad about this song. Samar says song will be super duper hit. He says Simar haven’t come till now. Yamini says I want to tell you, and says she heard that Simar came to stay in Narayan’s house, and Aarav’s family has accepted her happily. Samar says Simar will not go from Narayan house. He says just like Gitanjali Devi was wrong for Gopi ji, and Aarav is wrong for Simar, and I will convince her.

Yamini says Simar will never agree. Samar says she will agree and gives her Gopi ji’s promise. Yamini says no, you shouldn’t have given me promise. She says I will support you. Simar comes there and calls Choti Maa. She asks what are you saying? She asks in what thing, will you support Samar? Yamini says first we shall talk about song and says I heard your song and praises her singing.

She says it touched the soul. Simar asks really and gets happy. She says I don’t want anything now. Yamini says my both students have become good artiste and blesses them. Samar and Yamini are about to take her blessings together, when Aarav comes and touches Yamini’s feet along with Simar.

He asks Yamini to bless him also. Samar backs off and is upset. Yamini keeps her hand on Aarav’s forehead blessing him. Samar looks upset and says this is work place, and not house. Aarav says I came to hear Simar’s song here. Samar says it needs much correction and tells that last time also, she was diverted due to you and the sur got wrong.

Simar says just now choti maa said that song was good. Samar says it was not good. Aarav says you can’t talk to my wife like this. Samar says she is my singer. Aarav says Simar is professional and devoted to singing. Samar asks him to leave and says this is work place. Simar says I have called my husband here to hear my singing and tells that it is not written in the contract that I shouldn’t call him.

She says I will make changes to the song. She hears the song. Aarav and Yamini come inside and hear the song. Samar gets up and stands on the way so that Simar couldn’t see Aarav. Simar sings the song and looks at Aarav. Samar holds her hand and asks her to focus on the song with no distraction.

Aarav gets upset. Yamini calls Aarav. Samar asks Simar to focus on singing. Simar goes behind Aarav and asks why did you leave from there. Aarav says what kind of behavior is this, and tells that he can’t tolerate. Simar says I want to tell everything to Badi Maa and don’t want her to know from outside,

and don’t want to ruin our relation. She says I don’t want to lose her trust and love. Aarav says this is the right thing to do. They sit in the car and leave. Samar comes there with Yamini and tells her that Simar left due to Aarav, and I know how to take out this thorn from my way.

Aarav and Simar reach home. Badi Maa says she missed Simar and she came. Aarav asks about the decorations. Badi Maa says she will tell. Gajendra and Sandhya come there. Gajendra says everyone is ready and house is also ready, and asks her to tell what the matter is? Badi Maa looks at Avinash and Indu with Gagan. She says your samdhis have come. Avinash and Indu greet Badi Maa.

Badi Maa welcomes them to the Oswal Mansion. Gagan takes her blessings. He then meets Simar, Aarav and Vivaan. Indu says we have brought the shagun. Badi Maa says she thought to get the rituals solemnized and send the kids to their home. He says Gagan and Aditi will marry today itself. Avinash says I couldn’t wait to take my daughter home. Badi Maa says two sharp mind think alike.

She says even magistrate saheb has come. Magistrate comes with Police. Badi maa asks Simar to bring Aditi. Simar tells Aarav that she likes to see him jealous and is sure that he will never make her go far from him. He says never. Simar says how we will tell this to Badi maa. Aarav says we shall share this thing with her, once the marriage is done. Simar says ok and goes to see Aditi.

Aditi and Gagan are standing to exchange the garland. Aditi makes him wear garland, while everyone shower flowers on her. Vivaan and Aarav lift Aditi. Simar keeps the table, so that Gagan can make Aditi wear garland. He makes her wear garland. Aditi smiles happily. Badi Maa asks Gagan to sign on the marriage papers. Aditi and Gagan sign on the papers. The Magistrate declare them husband and wife legally.

They take Badi Maa’s blessings and then others’ blessings. Badi Maa tells that she wants Aarav’s marriage to happen with Simar today itself. Everyone is happy. She tells Aarav and Simar, that their wish was to get their marriage done with elders’ blessings,

so take their blessings and complete the rituals. Sandhya says why this marriage is happening so soon, as it was scheduled for tomorrow. Badi Maa says I saw something which made me restless, and says Dhami was standing in Aarav’s room wearing Simar’s clothes. Everyone is shocked.

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