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Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st October 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa telling Simar that her heart is saying that this all is happening due to that statue and asks her to take it away from their lives. Simar says I will take it out tonight and asks her not to tell anyone, as everyone will get scared, specially Reema.

She says Reema can’t bear another jerk. Aditi comes there and asks if everything is alright. Badimaa says today is Bhai dooj and everyone forgot due to my accident. Aditi says I will change this house and says you don’t believe my competency, I can do whatever I want. She gives first aid box to Simar and goes showing her attitude.

Simar and Badimaa are shocked. Simar says what happened to her? Badimaa says she was looking strange and asks Simar to get rid of that statue somehow. Driver parks the car and hears the music coming from the statue’s musical instrument. He gets scared.

Simar ties rakhi to Gagan. Gagan gives them gifts cherishing their childhood memories. They get happy. He says you have everything so I thought to give childhood memories. They get happy. Reema and Simar give him a tshirt with the message written, world’s best father. He gets glad and hugs his sisters.

Next turn comes of Aditi. She applies tilak to Aarav and makes him have sweet. Aarav notices bangle in her hand and says is it the same which I had brought for Simar. Aditi says she liked it so worn it. Gagan asks her to return it to her. Aditi gets angry and says it is between Simar and me. Simar says you don’t need to ask me. Aarav says I had brought it for Simar.

Gagan asks Aditi to remove it and give it to Simar. Aditi asks don’t you dare Gagan. Reema asks Aditi why is she shouting? Aditi says if I shout or not, it is none of your business. She asks her not to interfere. Sandhya asks Aditi what happened to her? Aditi asks Simar if she can wear the bangle.

Simar says yes. Aditi then ties rakhi to Vivaan and Reyansh. Gagan asks Aditi to come home. Aditi refuses and says she wants to stay here tonight, in her house. Gagan says Maa and Papa must be waiting. Simar says I will inform them. She asks everyone to come to the dining table. Reema notices Aditi admiring the bangle.

Badimaa recalls the accident happened with her and gets scared. The driver brings the statue in the car and comes to the shop keeper who had refused to take the statue and suggested Aarav and Simar to break and throw it.

Gagan comes to Aditi and asks why did she talk to Reema like that. He says he don’t have money like her father and brothers, but still he tries his best to give her everything. Aditi says I don’t think of all this. She tells something. Gagan couldn’t understand and finds her behavior strange. She takes the baby in her hands and says I will return the bangle to its owner.

Reema tells Vivaan that she couldn’t sleep and wants to get info about that statue and the bangle. She says it is gold bangle and it has meena work. Vivaan says we shall sleep. Reema asks him to sleep and she gets up. The statue wakes up Aditi. Simar finds the statue missing and wonders where did it go? She gets shocked to see Aditi standing and asks if she is fine, what is she doing in the backyard.

Aditi gets angry and says I came searching for you, she asks her if she complained to Gagan about her. Simar asks why will I do? Aditi says since I took your kada, your brother has changed and says she can’t bear him anymore. Simar says I will sort out your issue in the morning. Aditi shouts asking her to go. Simar goes. The magical bangle get entangled in a wall loop. The statue is behind the wall.

Reema checks in her laptop and finds out that the bangle belongs to the rich Bengali Roy family. She sees a lady wearing it and thinks to get info about it. She thinks to check in old newspaper and magazines. She thinks to send the info to Simar, just then Vivaan holds her and she shouts scared. He says he don’t get sleep and takes her to sleep.

Aarav asks Simar why did she give bangle to Aditi, and says if she wanted, then I would have get another bangle made for her. She tells about the missing statue. Aarav says it seems like he s falling in love with the statue and the statue too is falling in love with him. Simar says she doesn’t like such jokes. Aarav sleeps. Simar hears the music and closes the door. The statue is shown with bangle in her hand. Simar checks Reema’s message about the bangle.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The Guru ji (Sadhvi ji’s Guru ji) comes to Oswal Mansion and tells Badimaa that the house is captivated by the magical evil powers, and says something big is going to happen. Simar asks Maharaj ji to search that statue and says it is the evil power. She searches for the statue and finds it in the basement room. She finds the statue wearing the bangle and just then she hears Aditi’s voice coming from statue.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
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