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Sasural Simar Ka 2 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Gagan asking Simar if she is sure that Reema di is in this Mortuary. They come inside. The Constable asks them to check if this girl is her sister. Simar looks at the dead body.

Badimaa asks Vivaan to have medicine for her. Vivaan takes the medicine. Badimaa makes him drink water and asks him to rest for sometime. Vivaan rests on the bed. Chitra tells Badimaa that she will not let Reema come back after whatever she did with Vivaan and asks her to promise that she will not break Navratri condition.

Badimaa says she don’t want to give chance to anyone and say that we didn’t search our bahu and says she hopes that all troubles will go from over her children. Reyansh comes home and touches Badimaa’s feet.

Chitra says he has come to see his brother. Badimaa asks him to go like a guest. Kavya comes there, gets scared seeing him and goes. Simar cries. Aarav pacifies her. The Constable asks if she is your sister. Simar says she is not di. They come out of mortuary. Gagan asks Simar to handle herself.

Aarav tells Simar that Rudra’s all addresses are fake, even the Cosmo city’s office is fake. Gagan says where she can go suddenly, how she can vanish suddenly. Aarav says we shall go to the PS. Gagan says you are right. Simar says I will go to the nearby temple.

Simar comes to the temple and recalls Reema’s letter and Vivaan’s words that he saw her. She rings the temple bell and asks Mata Rani to give answers to her questions. She asks where is my Reema di, why did she do this with Dewar ji? She says please make me reach her. She asks God to show her the way.

Reema is shown outside the temple. Chaya is played. Reema picks up her dupatta and wears it. Simar senses her there and turns, but she doesn’t see her. The Mata Rani’s dupatta falls and flies in air. Simar runs to catch the dupatta and sees Reema through it. Pandit ji comes to give Simar’s mobile to her.

Simar runs from there, leaving her mobile with the Pandit ji. She shouts Reema di, thinks where did she go. Aarav comes to the temple and calls on Simar’s mobile. The Pandit ji gives him phone and tells that she ran out of the temple sometime back. Aarav says ok and runs out. Simar comes to the jungle and calls Reema.

She asks Reema to come infront of her. Reema asks her to come infront of her. She says you have to come infront of me. Suddenly a white smoke comes there. She sees Reema standing and looking angrily at her. She is about to hug her.

Reema says don’t come near me. Simar asks why you are looking different, what happened to you, if you have any problem then tell me, we will solve your problem, I am your Simar, your partner in everything. She sees the tree branches falling down and moves back. Reema asks who asked for help from you.

Simar asks why did you throw the note, in which you was asking help. Reema says I didn’t ask for any help. Simar says I know your handwriting. Reema says I didn’t write any note or didn’t ask for help. She asks her not to come behind her. Simar says you are my sister,

my Reema di, we are brought up together, have faced all the troubles together and says our sasural is one. Reema says yes, Reema and you have a heart connection, but I am asking you to leave and let me go.

Simar says please don’t go, di. She says without you, Dewar ji is like a lifeless body and asks her to come and apologize to him, else she has to leave her house, sasural and Aarav ji. She stops Reema and asks did you hear what I said, you can’t go like this. She asks her to share her problem and tries to hug her,

but go pass through her. She is startled and shocked. Reema says I told you not to come near me. Simar tries to touch her and Reema turns, swirls and become smoke and vanishes in the sky. Simar is shocked, faints and falls down.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji tells Simar that Reema will try to trap you and asks her not to fall in her trap. Reema’s soul punctures Aarav’s call. Simar gets down the car.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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