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Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th July 2022 Episode starts with Simar giving aarti to Badimaa and takes her blessings. She asks Ishita to give aarti to everyone. Badimaa asks Ishita to make her bahu understand, that she shall not pretend if she doesn’t know how to sing aarti. Chitra tells Ishita that there is nothing to worry if you are wrong.

She says you will become ideal bahu. Badimaa asks Chitra to make her attend Simar’s music class. She says it is difficult to become an ideal bahu. Chitra says you are scaring her, rather than motivating her. Badimaa asks Aarav and Vivaan to come with her. Reema thinks she can go now.

Ishita gets angry and thinks to teach a lesson to Simar, for this insult. She spills oil on the way. Chitra looks at her wrong doings. Simar is walking holding the aarti plate, when she slips and shouts Aarav ji. She is about to get hit on the ground, when Aarav comes and keeps hand on the ground to protect her head. The diya falls on Chitra’s saree pallu and it catches fire. Chitra shouts for help. Simar tries to set off fire with her hand.

Rudra asks someone to put his stuff in the car and tells that he is waiting for someone. Badimaa sees Simar’s hand burning. Aarav asks Simar to move back and throws gangajal water on Chitra’s burning pallu and sets off the fire. Chitra collapses and says I can’t see. She gets scared and says I am going up.

Badimaa says you are fine, Mata Rani has saved you and shouts asking her to get up. Simar asks if you are fine Chachi ji. Badimaa appreciates her for saving Chitra. She asks how did this happen? Chitra says whom you are praising, is responsible. Badimaa sees the oil on the floor.

Chitra says Simar tried to burn me. Ishita also blames Simar. Reema says why Simar will do wrong. Ishita says Mata Rani has saved her. Reema says nothing will happen, when Simar is here. She tells Vivaan that she will call doctor and goes out. Aarav takes Simar to apply ointment on her hand.

Chitra waits for doctor and asks if Reema went to bring doctor. Simar brings haldi lep for her. badimaa says Aarav has purify you in the morning and now Simar has brought haldi lep to purify her body. Ishita takes the bowl from Simar. Simar asks Ishita not to forget that the family members will be targeted by her. She thinks how to dip her finger in it. Simar says you have to do it, soon you will become Oswal bahu. She goes. Ishita says I will apply you lep.

Reema comes to the hotel and thinks if Rudra went without meeting me. Rudra comes there. Reema hugs him. Rudra says I told that I will wait. They sit in car. Reema asks driver to take them to airport.

Badimaa tells simar that the conspiracy was to hurt her, but it was backfired on Chitra. Simar says it can be an accident. Badimaa says Ishita had spilled the oil for you and says I couldn’t prove this, else today would have been last day for her. Simar tries to defend Ishita. Badimaa says she regards you as her enemy.

Simar says she will call me her well wisher one day and will understand this. She promises Badimaa. Ishita throws the bowl and gets angry, saying she couldn’t harm Simar. Chitra says I was harmed with your plan.

Ishita says it was an accident. She asks her to see how she hurts Simar. Rudra and Reema get down on the airport, when someone throws flower petals on them. Reema gets happy and says wow. Rudra asks her to close her eyes and then open it. Reema gets happy to see her hoarding and gets happy.

She hugs him again. A boy gives her a bouquet. Reema finds flight tickets in it. She says it is ticket to Mumbai. He says you always wanted this and says 1 hr 40 mins flight, it will take you to your future. Reema says but. Rudra says you will get everything whatever you want, I want to see you on top, I know you can do it, you have it in you and asks what is stopping you. Reema imagines winning the title of Ms India.

He asks what are you thinking. He says we met, made a bond and our relation came to this level, there must be some reason. He says flight will go, we don’t have much time, you have to take the decision now itself. Reema says she didn’t tell anyone, and Vivaan is at home. Rudra provokes her and asks her to take a big (wrong) decision which changes our life. He forwards her hand. Reema holds his hand and walks with him. Driver sees her going with Rudra and calls Vivaan.

They come inside the airport. The Security checks their IDS and let them go inside. Reema looks back. Simar, Vivaan and Aarav reach there in the car. Simar asks Vivaan if he is sure? Vivaan says driver told me that Reema agreed to go to Mumbai with Rudra,

and says I don’t like him. Simar says as far as I know, di can’t do this. Aarav says first we shall search her. Vivaan shouts calling Reema. Simar says Reema’s phone is off. Vivaan says even Rudra’s phone is off. Vivaan says Reema left me bhabhi. Simar thinks Reema di can’t do this.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar prays to Mata Rani to make her meet Di. She sees Reema shouting at someone and shouts di. Rudra asks Reema to come with her for her dreams and is about to take her, when Simar holds her hand and says don’t go. Vivaan gets shocked seeing Rudra taking Reema and gets teary eyes.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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