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Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th October 2022 Episode starts with Vivaan asking Aarav to sit. Aarav says I am fine. Simar gets upset with him. Aarav says it was a small dare. Reema says Aarav has done it sportingly. Aditi says they will watch the video.

Simar says she can’t see Aarav ji kissing any girl. Aditi watches the video and says statue opened its eyes, when Aarav kissed it. Nobody believes her. Reema says it is like ugly statue becoming princess with Aarav’s kiss.

Simar is about to see the video, but Aarav takes back his phone, says they all shall go and sleep. Kavya comes to Simar and says Sadhvi ji called her, and then her phone was off so she charged it. Simar tries to call Sadhvi ji, when guard comes inside and tells about Sadhvi ji.

They all come out and see Sadhvi ji dead. Simar recalls her words and cries. She asks Aarav if Sadhvi ji is fine and says she had met her today. Reema cries and tells that she had met her today. Vivaan says it is shocking and asks her to calm down. Inspector asks who is Simar Oswal? He says last calls were made to Simar, it seems she wanted to reach her. Simar says she had called and she was tensed.

Reema says she had said that our family is safe. Simar asks Inspector about the accident. Inspector says it is not an ordinary incident. Simar sees burnt mark on her neck and hand and asks Inspector. Aarav asks what did she say? Simar says Sadhvi had called to alert them when that fire incident happened at home.

Reema says it means that negative energy came back again to our house. She asks her to check her phone for the message. Simar checks and hears Sadhvi ji saying that she came to know what is that black effect and the recording stops. Reema says she couldn’t bear this and gets worried. Vivaan says we are together. Aarav says nothing can break us when we are together.

Badimaa is sitting in the inhouse temple, when Simar and Reema come there. badimaa asks what happened? Simar informs her about Sadhvi ji’s death. Badimaa feels bad and says that’s why my heart was restless. Simar says you had sensed about it. badimaa says she has kept us safe. Simar says she has done so much for us and showed us way in troubled times, and gave us courage.

She prays for her soul peace. Badimaa says it seems like her Suraksha Chakra has gone from their house. Simar says until we trust Mata Rani, nothing wrong can happen, we have to face all the troubles together. Badimaa holds Simar and Reema’s hands and says Mata Rani’s two tigress are with us and asks will you protect us. Reema says surely. Badima says she trust them more than herself.

The statue is shown, playing the veena. Aarav is sleeping and walks in sleep with his eyes closed. Simar wakes up. Aarav goes to the storeroom and hears the music while his eyes are closed. Simar comes there and finds the room locked. She opens the door and couldn’t see Aarav there.

She thinks Aarav ji is not here and covers the statue with a cloth. Chandelier is about to fall on Simar, Reema comes there and the chandelier goes back to its place. Simar tells that Aarav ji is not here. Reema asks did you check in bathroom. They come back to room and find Aarav sleeping there.

Simar says he was not here. Reema says may be he was in bathroom. Simar asks why she didn’t sleep. Reema says she is scared since she heard about Sadhvi ji. Simar asks her to sleep else Dewar ji will get worried.

Reema asks why you went to storeroom for Aarav. Simar says leave it. Reema goes. Simar plays Sadhvi ji’s recording and hears just about the evil reflection coming to the house. She checks the video in Aarav’s phone and finds the video corrupted. She thinks Mata Rani what is that negative energy?


Sasural Simar Ka 2 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badimaa has kept puja at home and asks Aarav to return the statue, she couldn’t get off the thoughts of the ugly statue since she saw it. Maharaj ji keeps the statue in the car. The statue’s evil energy pushes Badimaa from the stairs and she falls down. Simar gets a call and gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
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