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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th October 2021 Episode starts with Simar asking Aarav to free her from their relation. Aarav is shocked and says Simar. Badi Maa says all the 7 vows which you both have taken during marriage, shall break them today in this mandap. Badi Maa tells that this is the end of your feelings, and connection with her so that there is no reason to look back.

She asks Pandit ji if Jaimala and Varmala is ready. He says yes. Roma is walking on the road holding her trolley. Rajendra asks Shobha what happened? Shobha asks them to not to defend illiterate Roma, and says she is mannerless, voiceless etc. She says dutiful bahu is Divya who brought so many gifts and jewellery, and asks if anyone can compete with Divya.

Rajendra says I can’t believe that whatever happened is truth or not, and says you are not ashamed and feeling proud. Shobha asks if Roma has done right. Lalit says Roma haven’t done the right thing today. Shobha says if you want then you can go to your sasural and stay. Lalit comes out and looks for Roma, but she is not there.

Indu asks Gagan if he has invited the kanyas for the kanyapujan. He says yes. Indu worries for Avinash and says I am worried for him. He doesn’t talk to anyone much, and stays lost. Gagan says I have noticed too, this has happened due to me, I will talk to Papa. He goes and calls Avinash. Avinash gets up in shock. Gagan asks are you fine? Roma comes there and hears them.

Avinash says yes, I am fine. Gagan says I will fix your specs in the morning. He says tell me, I will write. Avinash says I will write. Gagan asks what is he writing? Avinash says resignation. He says Dean sir called me and told that I got a bad image due to court and that’s why trustees don’t want me to work in the college. They ask me to write the resignation else I will be thrown out of the college.

Gagan says I will handle everything. Indu also says the same and says I will bring ginger tea for you. Avinash says I don’t want anything now. Roma is still standing and hearing them. Indu sees her in the mirror, but Roma goes away from there. Gagan gets Reema’s call and she tells him that Vivaan is in hospital and is in critical condition. He asks what happened? Reema asks him to arrange B negative blood and don’t tell anyone. Gagan says ok. Indu comes out of the house, looking for Roma and thinks if I misunderstood. She goes inside the house again. Roma is hiding behind the car and cries.

Simar and Aarav are seated for the reverse rounds. Badi Maa says the chandan woods which you got from your Narayan family for Aditi, today it is being used for you and says this is destiny. She asks Pandit ji to do the vidhi. Pandit ji tries to light the fire to the wood, but it doesn’t catch the fire.

Badi Maa is shocked, everyone looks on. Aditi tells Badi Maa that even God don’t want this, and says it is a sign of God that wood is not lighting. Badi Maa asks her to go and stand on her place silently. Simar pours ghee on the havan wood and surprises everyone with her sacrificing move. She then lights the match stick and burns the wood. The havan wood catches fire.

Simar says it is the destiny of ice to melt into water, and it is the destiny of wood to turn into ashes. Badi Maa is surprised and says now the reverse rounds will start. She says Pandit ji will tell all the vows one by one and Aarav and this girl will break it one by one. Aarav and Simar hold each other’s hands. They stand up. Pandit ji says now the bride and groom shall start the reverse rounds.

Aarav and Simar start taking the reverse rounds, while Pandit ji tells about the marriage vows. Aarav and Simar start to break the promises and vows one by one, with each round. Sandhya cries. Simar is about to break the promise, but Aditi stops her. Simar breaks the promise. Pandit ji also feels bad and asks them to start the 4th reverse round. Aarav and Simar break the 4th and 5th vows with the heavy heart.

Pandit ji asks them to start the 6 rounds. Simar breaks the vows. Chitra and Giriraj smiles. Pandit ji says 7th and last round. They take the reverse round for the last time. Simar is about to faint and falls. Aarav holds her. Badi Maa gets tensed and asks Maharaj ji to bring water. Aarav holds Simar. Maharaj brings water for him.

Aarav makes her drink water. Simar breaks the last vow and cries. Aarav with a heavy heart, tries to break the last vow. He drinks water from the glass, drank by Simar. Badi Maa gets upset. He says I, Aarav Oswal breaks this vow. Sandhya and Aditi cries. Gajendra feels bad.

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