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Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking Chitra, Ishita and Reyansh to wait and goes to badimaa. Badimaa asks what do you want to say? Simar says Reyansh bhaiyya is leaving the house.

Badimaa says even I want this to happen, what is the big deal? Simar says their marriage happened without our wish, may be it is Mata rani’s wish. Badimaa says people will make fun of us. Simar says they will forget soon.

She says if Reyansh goes, then the house will lose a son. She says Chachi ji will also not stay, and Chacha ji’s house will break. She says our family will break. She says Ishita wants to make him ghar jamai and Reyansh wants to go happily. Badimaa says let them go, I don’t want to keep him here forcibly.

Simar says I know that you are hurt and doesn’t trust Ishita. She says may be she is childish like Reyansh and her heart might be clear. Badimaa says she doesn’t have any qualities. Simar tells that a woman accepts her sasural values along with her mayka values. She says she wants a chance to mend Ishita and to bring out her goodness from her. She says I will tap on her activities if you let her stay here.

She says I want your permission once. Badimaa turns her face. Simar says I have a burden on myself for choosing wrong life partner for Reyansh and bahu for this house. She says I need your help to lower this burden. Badimaa looks at her. Simar comes downstairs, holding the aarti plate. Ishita signs Reyansh.

Chitra smiles. Reema and Roma keep the Alta plate. Simar does their tilak and aarti. Sandhya asks Ishita to kick the kalash and gets inside the house. Ishita kicks it with force and says oops. Everyone is shocked. Simar asks her to step on the colored water and come inside. Ishita is about to step with her sandal.

Simar asks her to remove her sandal and step on it. Ishita removes her sandals and steps inside. Vivaan asks Reema to come and says he needs to talk to her. Reyansh asks Ishita to come to their room. Ishita says she is very tired.

Aditi asks Ishita to touch elders’ feet. Ishita taunts her. Simar asks her to atleast folds hands before Mata Rani. Ishita says I was waiting for you to say and says now you said. She says I am very tired today and we shall do the rasams tomorrow. badimaa hears her and gets worried for Simar,

thinks she has taken difficult responsibility and asks God to support her. Reema tells Vivaan that she had gone there, to get popularity and not to attend their wedding. Vivaan says so much happened here, and you care for popularity.

He says I know your dreams are important to you, but I will not support it on family’s price and our marriage’s price. He asks if he had gone somewhere before going to Kapoors. Reema says I had gone to Rudra’s hotel room, to say him thanks.

Vivaan says you have crossed the limits for your ambitions. She asks what are you saying and asks if you spied on me. He says I know you very well, and can tell what is in your eyes. He says the dilemma in you is very obvious. Reema asks what do you want to say and asks him to come there.

Simar and Aarav decorate the room for Reyansh and Ishita. Aarav says it is beautiful. Simar thanks him. Aarav thanks him for convincing Badimaa and uniting the family. Simar says I have done this for myself and thanks him.

She says if everyone is happy then I am happy. She says the family looks good together and not broken. Aarav says he is lucky that she is his wife and Oswal family bahu. He says you have thought about Ishita and Reyansh, forgetting about you, these qualities make you Simar and that’s why I am bowled over by you.

He looks at her. Ishita comes there and says thanks for the beautiful decoration. Simar asks Aarav to go and says I will come. Ishita recalls telling that she will settle scores with Simar and will show the right place to Simar. She picks the flower and throws it on the floor. She asks Simar not to mind, and says I know you have decorated it with heart, but class doesn’t come with it.

Simar says prayers come from heart and says I have prayed for you. She gives her bouquet for her new start. Ishita throws it on the floor and shows the family portrait, in which Ishita’s pic is morphed on Simar’s pic. Ishita asks if she is searching herself and says you are not there, as it is my story,

here you have no work. She says Aww and says you shall feel bad. She takes back the morphed portrait. Simar says I understand. Ishita laughs and says you don’t have any option rather than understanding. She says good luck as whatever is going to happen with you, you need goodluck for that. Simar smiles.

Ishita says I hate your irritating smile and says I will snatch your smile from you, and says I remember your dramas and will take revenge from you. She says you will forget the boring words like sanskar, values etc and will remember only Ishita and her storm. Simar says I didn’t feel bad, as I can understand your mind,

you have become bahu of the big family and is nervous, and a person says this in nervousness. She says you must be worried thinking how everyone will accept you, and says you will get away with your fear, and will remember only love. Ishita says you have tried to divert the topic, but it failed like you.

She says Ishita tells on face and says it is a war. She says I hate you. Simar says it is a deep emotion, we don’t know each other. Ishita says her dynamic personality will overshadow her B grade personality.

She says I will snatch your house and family and will replace you in the family, even your name will not be here. Simar says your generation doesn’t think or observe, and just keep your thing. She says that’s how world doesn’t works and asks her to listen, bear, make position in heart and fulfills the relations.

Ishita says this time you have a war with a tigress as the tigress attacks. Simar holds her hand and asks her to cut her nails, and says if my family gets even a scratch then you will see my such avatar that you couldn’t think of.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone comes down hearing Ishita singing the bhajan. Simar finds earplugs in her ears. The ear plug falls down. Everyone looks on.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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