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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th October 2022 Episode starts Aarav talking to Vivaan on phone and asks what to gift Simar. Vivaan suggests him clothes, jewellery etc. He says Reema gets happy with the designer stuff. Aarav looks at the bangles worn by a statue.

Simar and Reema meet Sadhvi ji and tells that the flowers didn’t change their color even after 3 days. Simar says now we can stay in our house peacefully. Guru ji comes there and alerts Simar about her dream. Sadhvi ji takes his blessings and tells that he is her Guru ji. She has gained knowledge from him.

Simar and Reema take his blessings. The Guru ji asks about what they saw in dream. Reema and Simar tell that they saw a burning woman. Reema asks Simar how did you know, I didnt tell you. Simar says even I saw the same dream. Aarav comes to the shop and says he saw a bangle in a ladies’ hand. The shop keeper says they sell ancient stuff. Aarav says I want that bangle.

The shop keeper says I handle this shop alone and no ladies staff is here. Aarav turns to go, when he sees bangle in the statue’s hand. The shop keeper tells him that it is statue and not any lady. The Guru ji tells that if `spirit enters a human body once, then it makes way to other spirits and asks Simar to understand the warning and be careful.

Aarav says its ok, he don’t want. The shop keeper stops him and offers to sell the bangle for Rs 1 K. He tells that the statue is very inauspicious and no customer is ready to buy it. He says I will give you bangle. Aarav refuses to buy saying that the sculpture artist would have made this statue worn it with a thought.

The shop keeper takes the bangle out with difficulty and breaks the statue’s thumb. Aarav fixes the thumb and scolds the guy. The cloth moves away from statue’s burnt face and its eyes are shown staring at Aarav. He buys the statue and asks the seller to keep the statue in his shop as his safe keeping.

He asks him not to call the woman statue as ugly as no woman in this world is ugly, as they give birth. He takes the bangle and leave. The shop keeper says he had paid for the statue, but didn’t take it. He should have take it. He covers the statue’s face and goes.

Simar tells Maharaj ji about Govardhan mountain. Aarav comes there and tells Simar that he has surprise for her. He takes her from there. Sadhvi ji is praying at her place, when the flowers change its color and fly in air around Sadhvi ji. Sadhvi ji opens her eyes and throws them down. The flowers turn black and vanishes in air. Aarav gifts bangle to Simar. Simar likes it and tries to wear it, and feels pain.

Aarav says he saw it on the girl’s hand and took it. He then laughs. Simar asks about the other bangle. Aarav says it was just one. Simar says it is impossible as girls are possessive about their jewellery. Aarav says what about husband? They try to get romantic, when Simar’s phone rings. Sadhvi ji is on call and tries to alert Simar, but Simar couldn’t hear her. Aarav asks her to wear it.

Sadhvi ji thinks to do puja and feels that something bad is about to happen. She starts the puja. The shop keeper is in his shop, when something falls down. He picks it and senses someone’s presence there. He thinks his mind is burdened after working all day. He was attacked by the statue of the burnt woman and dies. The statue’s deadly eyes are shown.

Badimaa and others are excited and comes downstairs. Simar gets ready and picks the bangle. She thinks how can I forget the bangle given by Aarav ji. She again hurts her hand.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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