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Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa giving Simar’s hand in Aarav’s hands and tells that Mata Rani’s blessings have saved their family from this big trouble. She says we shall complete the marriage rituals. Next day, Simar lights up the diyas and keeps them in the inhouse temple.

Badimaa comes there and folds her hands before Mata Rani. She tells Simar that she knew that she will find her here only, and says Simar can’t stay from Mata Rani’s temple. Simar takes her blessings and says happy Diwali. Badimaa says happy Diwali. Simar says today is the big festival and everyone is in their rooms,

seems like they have forgotten it. badimaa says everyone is scared about the recent happenings. Simar says I have an idea to cheer up everyone. She beats the steel bucket with a stick to call all the family members. They all come downstairs and ask what is happening. Simar says happy Diwali.

Giriraj asks if today is Diwali. Aditi asks if Diwali is today. Simar says we shall clean the house for Diwali. Gajendra says yes, nice idea. Geet smiles. Aditi says we shall do it. Vivaan says lets do it. Reema says I have small work, I will do it. Simar says di, same excuse before marriage and after marriage too. She asks her to do painting. Vivaan says we will do it together.

Reema says we will painting. Chitra says I had done chocolate manicure and pedicure, and tells that they shall hire someone to get their service. Simar tells that they shall welcome Lakshmi ji and cleaned the house themselves. Sandhya says yes, it will bring prosperity and happiness in the house. Badimaa says she will give special gift to the winner. Chitra asks her to give blue necklace.

Badimaa says ancestral necklace? She agrees to give it to the winner. Simar asks shall we sing and dance while doing the work. Badimaa agrees. All of them start doing dance holding broom, wiper etc. Aditi gives Geet to Badimaa. Kavya and Reyansh also sing and dance.

Reyansh asks Kavya not to do much work and asks her to take rest. He says he will do the work. He makes her sit and comes to Chitra. Chitra says you have made the floor dirty. She cleans it and calls Badimaa saying the floor is sparkling. Giriraj throws paint brush and the box by mistake.

Badimaa comes there and laughs. Chitra says I had cleaned it, and asks for the prize. Badimaa shouts calling Simar and asks if anyone deserve to be winner, as the house is messed up. Simar asks Badimaa to see the side of house which is decorated with flowers rangoli. Badimaa says just like Reema is beautiful, she has made the decoration beautiful.

She says it seems like she has put her heart and soul in the cleaning process and tells that Reema Oswal is the winner. Chitra scolds Giriraj and says you are the reason of my defeat. Badimaa gives Neelam necklace to Reema. Reema says OMG. Reyansh says they will keep this place as selfie point.

Simar tells Reema that she underestimate herself. Vivaan says my wife is Biwi no. 1. Reema tells that this is her first win due to Simar, as she motivated me. Vivaan lifts Reema in his arms. Reema smiles. She tells Badimaa that her gift will always be special for her and touches her feet. Badimaa blesses her for victory in all aspects of life.

Later Reema gets ready and wears the same necklace. Vivaan says she is sparkling. Reema says she is sparkling due to him. Everyone do the aarti. Later they burn crackers and celebrate Diwali. Badimaa tells that Simar has cheered up everyone. Aarav praises Simar and tells that they enjoyed cleaning too. Badimaa says Simar has defeated evil and has won happiness and peace.

She says she is blessed to get such a daughter in law. She gives him list and says she made this gift lift for all the family members, business associates etc. She says she didn’t write any thing for Simar, as he knows what she likes. She says Simar is different, so her gift shall be different. She says whatever you bring or her, it will be precious. He says I will buy gift for her in the morning. They all burn the cracker and enjoy Diwali.

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