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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd June 2022 Episode starts with Simar coming to the room and recalls Badimaa’s words about Reyansh’s marriage. Aarav asks her, where is she lost? Simar asks do you need anything?

He says nothing, but I understood what is going on in your mind. Simar says yes. He says we shall go to lawn and talk. They go to lawn. Aarav says Badimaa is hurrying up for this decision.

Simar says whatever Badimaa does is for good, experience is behind her thoughts. She says I am afraid that if I will be able to do this duty. He asks her to think it as Badimaa’s blessing. She asks from where to start and recalling seeing reyansh’s mobile. He says he is feeling sleepy and needs to sleep.

Simar says I will bring water and thinks to plan from tomorrow. Reyansh is dancing in his room, playing loud music. He thinks Reyansh was sleepy sometime back and now hearing loud music, what is the matter.

Simar knocks on the door and calls him. He gets shocked and wears his clothes, and sprays mouth freshener in his mouth. He opens the door. Simar comes inside and looks at the messy room. She says you said that you are sleepy. He says he needs time to adjust and was hearing music.

Simar says she will clean the room. Reyansh says this is bachelor’s room. Simar asks him about the lipstick mark. Reyansh makes an excuse. Simar asks him to tell if he has any special friend. He says no. Simar says Badimaa decided to get you married and gave me responsibility to search the girl. He says marriage and says he can’t be with a girl all life. He says he is too young.

Simar gives him Aarav and Vivaan’s example and asks him to tell if there is any girl in his life. Reyansh says he has no girl in his life and stays away from girls in real life. Simar finds the girls’ hair clutch, and asks if you tie it in your hair, if it is your cool look. Reyansh says you are thinking wrong.

Simar asks what about the girl’s voice, whom I heard from outside. He says it was radio. Simar gives him two choices, to tell about the girl, or she will search the girl. She thinks she had seen a girl’s name on the mobile.

She thinks Ishita. Reyansh thinks Simar is very intelligent and thinks to use other family members to distract Simar. He comes to Chitra and says good morning. Chitra asks what will you have in food? Reyansh says just worry about my food. He asks if you are still my mother. Chitra says I am your only mother who loves you a lot.

Reyansh asks why Simar is searching bride for me. Chitra asks why? Reyansh says Badimaa gave her responsibility. He says you shall search girl for me. Chitra asks him not to worry and says only she will search the girl and not Simar.

Reema comes home talking to the photographer. Vivaan asks how did she get up early in the morning and went. Reema asks him to enquire like he enquired about her phootshoot budget, her clothes etc. He says he is just concerned for her. Reema says I am trying, without my husband’s support.

Vivaan says do you think that I don’t support you. He says you are getting audition calls, as I requested the producers and gave your portfolio. He says I requested them to sign you and that’s why they called you. He says I can’t help you get the work forcefully. She says she has talent and will get the work by itself.

She shows her pics and says what do you know by forcefully. Vivaan sys what work I have, other than looking at you. He says you are the most stunning woman of the world, but they don’t see you with my sight and told that your age is much. Reema asks are they blind? They think my age more.

She says she can’t believe. Vivaan says they are considering you for an Ad in sister’s role as you are Reema Oswal. He says I understand your dreams and hugs her. Reema asks him to stay away from her and asks him not to call any modeling agency or meet anyone for her.

Simar thinks how to access Reyansh’s social media friends list, as it is private. She asks Aarav, if she can check something in his phone. He says you are my wife and shall order. Simar checks in his phone and thinks Reyansh is not added. Vivaan says I just wants to see you happy. Reema says for that, I need to give a baby.

Vivaan says everyone have the baby. Reema says then he should have married an average girl. Reyansh hears them and comes inside. He says if I post your pictures, then will get proposals for you. Vivaan asks if you are brother or enemy. Reyansh says Reema can become model. Reema asks really. She goes with him.

Simar tells Aarav that Reyansh is not added to his account. Aarav asks her to make fake idea and send a request to Reyansh. She asks how did you know? Aarav says every wife doubts her husband, even if his intention is good. Simar thinks she has to do this to know him. She thinks whose help to take.

Roma tells Aditi and Gagan that they shall watch dramatic videos. They laugh. Gagan says you both are laughing aloud, both babies will fall down in the womb. He gets Simar’s call. Simar asks him to make fake id. He says ok, and asks why you want to do this. Simar asks him to update the profile with a model pic. Gagan makes a fake id and uploads the pic, and sends it to Simar.

Reyansh tells Reema that it is very difficult to select one pic of her. He says he wants a girl like her and praises her. Reyansh gets friend’s request. Reyansh tells her that Simar is her cousin bhabhi but searching girl for him. He says you shall search girl for me. Reeema says I refused yesterday. Reyansh praises her more and asks her to make the matter as her own matter. She says ok. Simar looks on worried.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar sends friendship request to Ishita Chadda. She meets the girl. Ishita asks if she send her friendship request on social media. Simar says we are searching girl for Reyansh, we asked about you, but he said that you are just a friend. Ishita tells that they are engaged, and shows the ring. Aarav and Simar are shocked.

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Telecast Date:23rd June 2022
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