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Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23rd July 2022 Episode starts with Simar taking off the garland from her neck and thinks to check on Aarav. She goes to Aarav. Ishita tells Maddy this shall cover too, this wife and husband have troubled Reyansh and me a lot, specially this Simar and says now everyone will see how sanskari is oswals bahu and sons. Maddy and Ishita sign each other.

Vivaan sees Reema’s pic on the Cosmo magazine and goes to her, calling her hello gorgeous. Reema says it is very annoying. Vivaan says I am complimenting my beautiful wife, who is gorgeous and awesome.

She says she is fed up of compliments. He says may be they saw what I have seen. She takes the magazine and is about to throw it, when Vivaan asks her to see her dream.He says you are on the magazine cover page, my beautiful wife. Reema asks if this is me? Vivaan says now I understood why people are complimenting you. She says my dream fulfilled, all thanks to.

She recalls telling Rudra that she will not meet him. Gagan tells Simar that he has locked Aditi and Roma in the room. Simar asks Gagan to see Aarav, until she brings them. Ishita and Maddy laugh. Ishita says my Reyansh is best than them. Simar comes to the room and opens the lock. Roma asks if she is fine?

Simar says yes. Roma says something was mixed in the drink. Simar says how we will go home now. Two girls compliments Reema. Ishita compliments her and takes selfie with her. Maddy embarrasses Reema and indirectly talks about the depth of the relation. Reema goes embarrassed. Ishita and Maddy rejoice.

Aarav falls down drunk. Ishita and Maddy smiles. Simar is about to help him get up, when she sees Badimaa there. Aarav sees Badimaa. Everyone smiles vanishes seeing her. Badimaa looks at Simar and Reema. At home, Badimaa asks Reema and Simar what happened and asks them to bring lemon.

Sandhya asks Badimaa not to tell anything to Gagan, and says he is our son in law and will feel bad. Badimaa asks when we can scold our bahu, then why not damad. She asks Simar and Reema to make them lick the lemon, so that they can get rid of inebriated state. Aarav, Gagan and Vivaan lick lemon.

Aarav says we have done a big mistake. Vivaan also apologizes. Gagan says we didn’t know how we got drunk. Aarav says we were made to drink forcibly. Reema says we did a mistake. Simar says something was mixed in the juice which we had drank. Chitra laughs and says I know that you will blame others, hiding your mistake. Simar says none of us had drunk wine, we were forced to drink it.

Chitra doesn’t believe her. Giriraj asks Badimaa to ask them what has happened there? Sandhya says yes, it is a mistake. Gajendra says we didn’t give such an upbringing to our children that they stain the family’s name. Chitra asks Gajendra to leave her children and tells that they will go to the remaining functions.

Badimaa says this is not needed. Chitra thinks Badimaa will take responsibility from Simar. Badimaa says I have decided that this marriage will not happen. Reyansh asks what are you saying? Chitra asks how can you take such a big decision.

Giriraj says we have called many guests and asks what we will say. Badimaa says my decision is final. She says the shame which started from the start, is not ending and the Kapoor family made fun of the rituals, they care for internet rather than rituals and they have followers rather than relations.

She says Ishita is ready to risk the respect of the family. Chitra asks what did my Ishita do? Badimaa asks if I couldn’t understand the people seeing them, then I couldn’t build this empire. Chitra asks about Simar. Badimaa goes to Simar and says she can do anything, but can’t let our neck bent down, can’t harm our family’s respect and prestige. She says my Reema bahu is childish, but not shameless.

She says our bahus can do mistake, but not a crime, and whatever happened there was not less than a crime. She says my bahus character are more sacred than Gangajal and I will cut the fingers which raised on them.

Reyansh asks do you think that this is Ishita’s mistake. Badimaa says it was Ishita’s planned conspiracy to insult Simar infront of everyone, she made her drunk, made her touch her feet and showed on internet. She says when our children was drunk, she should have hidden this, but she publicly showed on net. She asks them to think what she will do, when she becomes their bahu.

She says I will never let her become our bahu, and tells Simar that this doesn’t mean that I have forgiven you, as you have done a big mistake and is responsible for all this. She says you have suggested this alliance and chose Ishita for Reyansh, which turned out to be wrong. Simar gets teary eyes.

Badimaa asks Aarav and Vivaan to go and handle media, and tells that she will give the official announcement to them that this marriage is cancelled. Chitra says Badimaa. Badimaa tells that her decision is final. Reema thinks to go and thank Rudra, thinks the drama doesn’t end here.

Chitra goes behind Reyansh and asks him not to let this happen. Reyansh says leave it, and tells that he has more girls in his pond, just need to woo them. Chitra asks him to listen and understand and says Ishita is the weapon against Simar, and tells that I can rule in this house using Ishita.

She says only she has the power to say against Simar. Reyansh says I understood, if this marriage doesn’t happen, then Ishita will be behind me, and if this marriage happens, then she will be behind Simar. He asks her to see how he stops this marriage from breaking.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chitra tells Giriraj that she will get Ishita and Reyansh married and will do what a mother shall do. Badimaa asks Giriraj what happened, why is he tensed? Giriraj tells that Reyansh and Ishita’s marriage is happening. Badimaa and others are shocked. Ishita is with Chitra in the bridal dress.

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Telecast Date:23rd July 2022
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