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Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st August 2022 Episode starts with Vivaan, Aarav, Reema and Simar coming home. Vivaan says if she had left him then don’t know what he would have done. Simar says even Reema di loves you the same and asks them not to be scared.

Vivaan says it is driver’s mistake, don’t know what he heard and what told. He says he will hit him. He says I know my wifey, she will not go anywhere. Aarav and Vivaan go inside. Simar asks Reema not to think about doing this again and tells her that Vivaan was searching her madly and says you are very lucky,

don’t refuse your destiny, and says it is difficult to reverse it later. Reema gets Rudra’s message, see you soon superstar, I will wait for you. Simar asks her to forget whatever happened, and says no need to tell anyone. She says the house atmosphere is already tensed due to Reyansh and Ishita.

She tickles Reema and makes her laugh. Reema laughs. She says Simmy and says nothing. They go inside. Sandhya tells Simar that Aditi is having achaar since 3 hours and asks her to handle her.

Simar says I will see. Gagan says how can a person eats so much achaar. Simar comes there and asks why are you troubling her, bhai. She asks Aditi if she would like to have poha. Aditi says yes with chutney. Sandhya gets happy with Simar. Chitra and Ishita hear and the latter smirks.

Aarav asks Vivaan asks Reyansh where was he last night? He says with friends. Aarav and Vivaan ask him to become responsible. Aarav says marriage means standing on your feet and says you have to join office. Vivaan says tomorrow, today you can party, but from tomorrow work. They go.

Ishita comes to Simar and picks the knife. She stares at it. Simar turns to her and looks on shocked. Ishita asks did I scare you? Simar says no. She asks why did you come here? Ishita says Mom said about first rasoi. She says whatever I said you yesterday, I regret it and don’t keep anything in heart.

She says it was accident whatever happened in the temple. She says I don’t want to harm you. She says now I have mend my ways and wants to learn things from you, wants to become ideal bahu like you. Simar says you wanted to replace me in the house. Ishita says again angry. Simar says you gave me another chance to doubt on you, may be you will become same again. Chitra comes there and praises Ishita.

Sandhya comes there. Ishita asks Simar to make her do first rasoi. Simar says first we will do Chula pujan. Chitra asks her to learn tasty poha from Simar. Ishita asks Simar to say and she will make Poha. Simar says surely. Sandhya asks Simar to give a chance to Ishita. Ishita and Chitra look at each other.

Ishita recalls making plan with Chitra to add medicine in the Poha to upset Aditi’s stomach. She asks Ishita to make Simar prepare everything and asks her to do just acting. Fb ends. Simar asks Ishita to cut the onion. Ishita sprinkles Jamaal ghutta on the chopped onion. Simar turns there and tells that she has made tea with Poha. Ishita thinks everyone will lower Simar.

Reema thinks of Rudra’s words that he wants to see her on top. Vivaan comes there and calls Reema. Reema says yes. He asks if she is having headache and gives medicine to her. Reema thanks him. He asks if you are missing your friend Rudra and says he might have taken your career to new heights, but hoardings and cover page pic is enough to kickstart your career, and I am there for you.

Servant comes there and says Simar called you for Ishita’s first rasoi. Vivaan says we will come. He tells that after so much happenings, Simar is making her do the ritual. Reema says yes and says kitchen is her favorite place. He asks really, I didn’t know. She says I will come and asks him to go. She thinks the dramas never end here, and my career will be sacrificed.

Badimaa comes to the dining table and asks what is all this? Simar says Ishita’s first rasoi. Badimaa says I said that no rasam will happen. Aditi says I wanted to have poha and that’s how Aditi’s first rasoi happened. Badimaa asks Simar to make something for her, and says she will not eat anything made by her. Ishita says my first rasoi credit goes to Simar bhabhi, she has made it and I helped her a bit.

She says I have learnt from her to adjust in joint family. She says family teaches the values and runs on values. She reads the dialogues from her hand and says I came to know from Simar, that a bahu comes after grah pravesh and goes after aarti. Simar says its arthi. Ishita says sorry and says I want to name my life for my husband and sasural family. Reema says you said right, bahus lives end after grah pravesh, their get chained by the responsibilities etc.

Badimaa says Reema bahu. Aditi says she wants to have it. Sandhya asks everyone to make the nek ready. Ishita serves to Aditi. Aditi says she wants more. She is about to eat, when badimaa asks everyone to pray first and then eat. Everyone pray. Aditi and others are about to eat, when Karan and Pallavi come there.

Ishita hugs them and asks how did you come suddenly. Karan says we came to know that you have made food for first time and that’s why came. Giriraj asks them to have food. Ishita says no. Simar asks why are you refraining them from having food.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Simar serves poha to Pallavi and Karan. Ishita shouts saying I said no, and throws the poha from the plate and it falls near Badimaa. Simar shows the video of Ishita and says it is clear what she is doing. Badimaa tells Karan and Pallavi that this is their daughter’s sanskar, and that’s why her heart is not willing to accept her.

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Telecast Date:1st August 2022
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